How the #MeToo movement is changing society

Since I revealed in one of my most recent posts, that I was a survivor of sexual harassment and assault, I wanted to thank all the women of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements for motivating me to come forward and tell my story. For the longest time all I wanted was change, a change in society and how others view Sexual Assault and Harassment. For the longest time, I wanted justice for myself and others who have suffered at the hands of men in power…and you know what? It finally happened. All because of one movement, called #MeToo.

The #MeToo movement was started by Founder Tarana Burke, a survivor of Sexual Assault. She is also the co-founder of an organization called,  Just Be Inc. that focuses on helping to improve the health and well-being of young women of color.

On why Tarana started the movement, she tells CNBC, “I had always wanted to do work around sexual violence in the community.” Tarana says, “As a survivor I started thinking about what that would look like and what I needed at that age. That’s when we came up with ‘me too’.”

Then, the words ‘Me Too’ started trending on twitter after ‘Charmed’ Actress Alyssa Milano had used it in one of her tweets in support of all the women who came forward to reveal that they  had been Sexually Assaulted and Harassed by Hollywood film producer, Harvey Weinstein.

A domino effect broke out. One by one. women of color, Actress. Mother. Daughter. Father. son. Sister. Teacher. Student. Co-worker. Co-star, domestic worker, Gymnast followed suit. every woman who had suffered at the hands of this powerful man in Hollywood, came out. A little known FACT: my father went to school with Harvey Weinstein (and his brother) & you know what he said when he heard these women telling their stories and what Harvey had done to them? “He was an asshole back then and he still is now.” Boom.

I believe my dad. and I believe every survivor.

I was not only heartbroken, but really proud of these women who decided to come forward and share their stories with the world. I started using the #MeToo hashtag along with them. Not only because of my experience, but because it has happened to women all over the world, to my friends and my mother who was sexually harassed as a young girl working in the fashion industry, the male managers would rub their genitals against the back of her chair, they would get her (along with her other female co-workers) to dress in skimpy outfits, like short skirts and dresses just so they can “have a little peak underneath” a peak? nah. they wanted to see everything.

I wanted to be apart of this #MeToo movement because I was raised to know that I could be a strong, independent woman. I wanted to be apart of a powerful societal change.

And that change has already begun. and will not end anytime soon.

The #MeToo movement has not only allowed women to come forward with their experiences, but also it has also brought about an awakening within women, an awakening that feels good, comfortable and SAFE.

By standing together in support of the #MeToo movement we are allowing ALL women to feel the deserved freedom to speak the truth.

It has also sparked some heated, but much needed long overdue conversations, such as; ‘Should you work (or not work) with someone who is a rapist?’


“What is the difference between Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault?”


 consensual sex vs non-consensual sex talk

(“does no actually mean no?”)


“when a woman wears ‘sexy’ or a ‘risque’ outfits does it mean that she wants to have sex?”


 “bad date’ or sexual assault?”

(when a man tells a woman to stand in front of a mirror and bends her over and asks her, “how do you want to be fucked?” and then makes her give him oral sex, while she repeatedly tells him she feels uncomfortable, she does it” ONLY BECAUSE SHE FEELS TRAPPED AND SCARED FOR HER FUCKING LIFE. )

“victim or crying wolf?”

These are the types of educational talks that were sparked from the #MeToo movement.

Although some of them seem a bit controversial, it’s important for us to talk about it and debate, argue, do whatever we have to do to ensure that this does not happen again. And that no survivor shall ever be shamed because of what happened to them.

Because we are not “victims”, we are survivors.

And this isn’t a “moment”, it’s a movement.

It’s changing how people view sexual assault and harassment, how people can shame women just because of what they wear the night they were raped unconsciously by a boy who didn’t know the meaning of ‘no’.

no means no.

Consent = saying yes and actually wanting to have sex with the other person.

non-consent =  rape.  it’s a violation of woman’s body, without their permission. they don’t want to have sex with you! no means exactly what you think it means. it doesn’t fucking matter if they don’t say it, if they are drunk, don’t have sex with them. if they are unconscious, don’t fucking have sex with them. simple as that.

Now because of the movement, men are definitely becoming more cautious, more compassionate about what women (including  men) have gone through. Maybe not Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey, or Dustin Hoffman, or Woody Allen, or Aziz Ansari, or Mario Batali, or Brett Ratner, or Matt Lauer, or Danny Masterson, or Steven Segal, or Jeremy piven, or Ed Westwick, Al Franken, Louis C.K., Larry King, Ben Affleck, Mark Schwahn and James Toback.

Not just because they are dirty, disgusting assholes who deserve what is coming to them, but because they silenced women. They violated women. They ruined their voices, and they ruined their souls.

But the #MeToo movement has changed all of that, women have become louder. They have made their voices heard throughout every news/media publication, women’s march and award shows.

That is exactly why the #Metoo movement is hear to stay. rage on my sisters!

In celebration of today’s women’s march i will post some photos of it below and also here is a look at a movie called ‘The light of the Moon’, It tells a brutally honest and powerful story about a young architect named Bonnie who is sexually assaulted on a night out with her friends in Brooklyn. The aftermath of the assault is obviously painful, but it brings about an awakening in Bonnie who begins to realize that she can’t hide from her assault anymore and won’t be silenced. You will see how she deals with the aftermath of the assault and how it affects her relationship, work and friendships. Again it is so important that we as women are not known as ‘victims’, but we are survivors. It does not matter what we wear, or how much alcohol we consume…rape is rape. And it is NEVER our fault. So pls watch the film!

stay strong and keep fighting my loves.



‘The light of the moon’ is Directed by Film Writer Jessica M. Thompson

and stars: Brooklyn Nine-Nine actress Stephanie Beatriz, Michael Stahl-David and ‘How to get away with murder’ Conrad Ricamora

“Larry, you do realize now that we, this group of women you so heartlessly abused over such a long period of time, are now a force and you are nothing,” – Aly Raisman giving her abuser Larry Nassar a piece of her mind, when giving her testimony in court this week.

#MMIW @sunny_redbear – ✊🏽❤️ We have lost too many sisters, too many mothers, cousins, aunties, friends to trafficking, to kidnapping, to murders. Our number of missing women rises every year- an unknown number (1,000-4,000)- a haunting number- that leaves no answers for loved ones. No why? Who? Or how?… We are left to mourn our sisters but we will not mourn in silence. Continue to fight to spread the word on Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women, in all ways you know how! Our voices together cannot be drowned out! NO MORE STOLEN SISTERS! #MMIW #womensmarch #2018 #rapidcity #southdakota #nativewomen #nativewomenrising #march #useyourvoice #feminism #powerful #reclaimyourpower #blackhills #lakota

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Oprah. that is all. #MeToo #TIMESUP  via NBC

word to the wise. – oprah
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why the chainmail minidress will never go out of style

NYE is  literally only one day away and you’re probably wondering, WHAT THE FUCK AM I GOING TO WEAR? Well, babes I have you covered. The iconic (metallic) chainmail mini is the perfect NYE party dress that will get you in the mood for some table-top dancing in da club and maybe chanel your inner thot by having a  super sexy make-out sesh with the hot random guy sitting across from you that has been eyeing you all night.

But for reals, the chainmail minidress has been around for decades. I’m talking about when Paris Hilton wore the first ever chainmail mini for her 21st birthday bash in London, in 2002.  The dress was by renowned fashion designer Julien MacDonald, featured crystal straps, a low-cut back and a plunging neckline. The short-bob blonde bombshell accessorized the look with a diamond choker, stiletto heels, an adorable princess tiara, a pink Tinkerbell purse and a matching pink watch.

The makeup: she opted for a classic smoky eye and black eyeliner look

15 years later, Paris wore the same dress to a DJing gig at a club in Marbella, Spain. This time, rocking signature blonde wavy tresses and accessorizing her ‘disco ball’ retro mini with some sexy metallic pumps, rhinestone-encrusted Madonna-esc 80s inspired fingerless gloves, a pair of oversized silver-glittery sunglasses, a small diamond choker and a cute headband with silver cat ears!

The Makeup: She opted for a more toned-down look with baby pink lip gloss and some concealer. ( I don’t know if she had eye-shadow on bc her sunglasses are covering her eyes!)

Kendall Jenner actually wore a similar version of Paris Hilton’s  iconic Chainmail minidress for her 21st birthday party at Catch in LA

The Dress: A custom Swarovski crystal-encrusted-mesh chainmail mini by Designer Labourjoisie with a draped plunging choker neckline (to make all the guys swoon!) and a high slit. Kendall accessorized the look with a L’Afshar clutch, a faux fur stole and Lucite Yeezy heels!

S. T. O. L. E. = A shawl or scarf that is worn loosely over your shoulders. You can wear it as an accessory or to keep your shoulders warm. Sometimes you can even wear it like a scarf.

This proves why the chailmail minidress will NEVER go out of style. It’s still iconic as ever and celebs are even recreating the look!

Have a happy new year + party it the fuck up, babes!


Kendall’s Labourjoisie chainmail mini dress

paris @ her 21st bday bash in London via ultr4-viol3nce 

image credit: GETTY images

'Chella Chic. ✨

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The chain mail dress for S/S '17

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A LOT of these images are from Tumblr + weheartit

Here are a few silver dresses that are perfect to wear on NYE:

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bella hadid image

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and btw the ‘featured image’ of Kendall ( her back is turned to the camera and she’s with both of her security guards)  is from Tumblr + WeHeartIt // Getty Images

A lesson on what Feminism really is and why I became a Feminist….

Want to know what feminism really is?

Sit back and listen.

Feminism is the equality between both women and men. It is not about pining women against other women. That NARRATIVE should stop because it honestly makes me so sad to see grown women behaving like such bitches…excuse my language. But it is absolutely true. Feminism is about supporting each other, building one another up, and being kind to one another. Feminism is not about supporting or talking about things that don’t fucking matter. Feminism is about supporting and talking/raising awareness about things that DO MATTER, such as; mental illness, planned parenthood, sexuality, sexism, sexual violence, assault, sexual harassment, LBGT issues, gender equality, etc. Those are things that matter to me and should matter to everyone else out there in the world. Feminism is not finding the flaws in women or men.Feminism is not man-hating. And feminism is certainly not about spreading hate. it’s about love, acceptance and keeping the peace between both men and women, fighting for men and women’s rights. Fighting for what is RIGHT and not about fighting for what isn’t.

FEMINISM DEFINED: “The advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes” via

Both men and women should have equal rights. not just women, but MEN TOO.  “Equality is not sameness” via forbes

and that is also true. it’s not sameness. it’s equality at it’s core being. it’s being able to have the same opportunities, such as; jobs, earning  money, like a lot of the actresses in Hollywood have fought for equal pay .Because they have argued that their male co-stars are getting paid more than them. that is a feminist issue.

And my feminist muse Gloria Steinem states, “Feminism is about choice”. ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY!

To have the freedom to say how you feel, to dress how you want to dress, to wear whatever you want without judgment or criticism from your peers. To freely express yourself in any way you like, that is what feminism is REALLY ABOUT. you want to feel free, alive and to be able to make a decision on your own. to say what you want without filter. To stand up for your individual rights. to preach, to cry, to heal, to embrace one another no matter who it is or what that person looks like. You have the choice to love who you want, the choice to go out into the world and educate people on important issues that we are dealing with on a daily basis. To teach, to guide women and men, girls and boys. To become infinite. to become strong or to become brave, to become a role model, to become a voice for those who can’t speak out loud. To become an activist, to become a writer, to become a teacher, to become a doctor, to become an actor/actress. To allow yourself to be loved, to welcome people into your life and remove them out of it. You have the choice to become a really great person and the choice to not. But you do have the choice to be free from all of your pain, all of the wounds, all of the crying, all of the hurt that someone inflicted on to you. You have the choice to live your life the way you want.

Part of the reason why I became a feminist (and this is something that i have chosen to become because of certain situations that have happened to me, but also when i was 13 years old I developed my passions and those passions connected to the feminist belief that all women and men should be equal) I have grown up learning about Gloria Steinem, and feminism and how women and men have treated one another over the years. I wanted to become part of that world for quite some time, since I was 13. Also when I saw a documentary in middle school about Gloria Steinem and her activism. How she helped women and inspired them, breaking the narrative of inequality of women and men, and bringing them together to create a better world, but also it made me realize that there’s more to me than just my shyness, I want to be loud. I want people to hear me, to hear me in a way that i have never imagined. I wanted to help people, to give them confidence that they can achieve anything, that they can dress how they want to dress, be who they want to be, I wanted to be apart of that activism, that world where it’s okay to tell someone that they are wrong for thinking that it’s okay to use women or men as pawns, or to sexually harass/assault them without their consent. I wanted to help women realize they are worthy, that they deserve better, that men deserve better. I wanted to make sure that women and men are educated about topics that they are scared to acknowledge or talk about. I want to fight the fight with them. and that is truly the most remarkable thing that I could be apart of and to be able to raise awareness about those specific issues that are going on in the world right now, it’s something that I have been very passionate about from a very young age. I will continue to fight and stand up with women and men.

On a personal note: I was bullied for most of my entire life growing up because I looked a certain way, talked a certain way, dressed a certain way. I was also sexually assaulted a few years ago (this was when I was still attending college) by a man with power. He was a security guard at my ex-best friend’s building. He grabbed my face and kissed me on the lips while I told him “NO NO NO! stop!” several times, but he did not listen. He also made comments about what he would do to me or with me if I was his girlfriend. It was disgusting. I was mortified. I felt absolutely violated not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and  most importantly as a woman. It didn’t stop until one day I decided to make the choice to get out of this volatile situation and finally take control of my body, and to trust my gut. I ran up the stairs to get away from him,and yet he still managed to follow me up there and creep me out even more, feeling scared, and nowhere to go but in that elevator. He yelled out to me and said, “where are you going?? why are you up here for? are you trying to get away from me?” I said, “I’m just trying to get to my friend’s apartment.” and he  started laughing and smiling at me like he knew what I was doing….trying to get away from this man who assaulted me. And then the elevator opened. I ran inside and pushed the “door close” button so many times that my finger started to hurt from trying to just get this fucking elevator to close and it did. My heart was beating so fast that I couldn’t hear my own thoughts. I didn’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t gone in that elevator. I thought I was going to be raped by that man. I thought he was going to “have his way with me” like he had referenced to in the past when he would approach me downstairs in the lobby. He would corner me so he could kiss me. He was the most disgusting human being I have ever met. The thing is my friend, told me he had done this before to other girls in the building, including to her. I was shocked because she acted like she didn’t care, Like it was NOTHING. He assaulted these young girls, including me and her. But apparently it meant nothing to her and that it “wasn’t a big deal”. But it was to me. I have never experienced anything like that before, I have been sexually harassed by older men before when walking home or to school in the past (they would whistle,  say  things like, “you’re beautiful” or you have a nice body, give me their numbers and one of them even followed me home bc he wanted to date me) but never anything that involved sexual contact or touching my body or my face without my consent. I didn’t give this man consent. But I also trusted him, I thought he was nice and just lonely. But he used me, he violated me in a way that I will never ever forget. It’s on my mind every time I go to sleep at night. I developed even more anxiety after that happened. But the nightmares went away after I sought help from my boyfriend’s therapist. He said “that was a traumatic experience for you.” “you probably suffered so much from it that you bottled your feelings up.” I cried when he said that. Because tbh, I did. I didn’t fully acknowledge that I was sexually assaulted by this man. Because I didn’t want to face the truth for a long time. I kept my assault a secret from my parents, my brother, everyone. The first person I told was my boyfriend. I trusted him with this information and because I loved him. But, I did not tell my mom about this until my senior year of college. It was a year ago that I finally was able to tell her about it. The assault happened in 2013-14 because that was around the time when I was still friends with this girl. And I will not reveal her identity out of respect for her. But I just wanted to share my story in hopes of helping WOMEN AND MEN share their stories of sexual assault and harassment. Also to inspire women to be brave, confident and to be LOUD as FUCK. Stand up and say something, don’t let fear shut you up, because it is NEVER your fault and to anyone who says it is or insinuates that women are sexually assaulted because of what they wear or they are “asking for it” is fucking insane, nobody asks to be raped, assaulted or harassed. why would we? our clothes don’t = consent. Neither should our bodies. So pls share your stories with me below. Because it is never too late to come forward 🙂

And I just want to thank Alyssa Milano, Taylor Swift, Mira Sorvino, Amber Tamblyn Gwyneth Paltrow, Natasha Henstridge,  Patricia Arquette, Ashley Judd and other Sexual Assault/Harrasment survivors for telling their stories and breaking that narrative of “why should we believe them?” bullshit. 🙂


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survivors share their stories </3

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10 things i hate about you, movie, and quotes image

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quotes, feminism, and clothes image

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Taylor Swift and woman image

#SilenceBreakers courtesy of TIME & weheartit

 fashion, girl, and outfit image

wearing this outfit = doesn’t mean ‘yes’ via weheartit

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doing this = no rape, sexual assault, or harrasment, and =not to be touched via weheartit

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this outfit = no rape, no sexual assault, nor does it give any man permission to touch her inappropriately via weheartit

this outfit = doesn’t mean ‘yes’ via tumblr

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outfit = doesn’t mean ‘yes’ via wehearit

fashion, girls, and outfit image

neither does this. via Weheartit

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or this. via wehearit

style, classy, and fashion image

or this. via wehearit

fashion, style, and black image

or this one. via Weheartit

fashion, style, and girl image

fashion, girl, and style image

or these. #nomeansno #ouroutfitsorwhatweweardoesnotmeanyes

it shouldn’t matter what you wear. it should matter that you or me or any of the women who have come forward recently were sexually assaulted and the pain that we all had to deal with for many years.

pls be kind + spread love, not hate.

All women + men should be BELIEVED.



Last night, Billboard held their annual ‘Women in Music’ awards ceremony in LA, honoring women who have had a tremendous impact on the music industry. And one of those honorees is Selena Gomez. She was presented with the ‘Woman of the Year’ award by two of her closest girlfriends, Francia Raisa and Elle Fanning. Selena was overcome with emotion as she dedicated the award to her best friend Francia, who made the brave decision to give Selena her OWN kidney.

Selena says fighting through tears, “to be honest, I think Francia should be getting this award because she saved my life.”

She continued, “I couldn’t be more grateful for the position that I’ve been given in my career. I want people to know that I respect the platform that I have so deeply…I’ve never felt more proud to be a woman in this industry. I am so grateful for all the older women who have helped us up.” and adds, “I don’t know how I’ll ever repay it but maybe I’ll  make an epic album next year.” She says with a laugh.

Earlier on the Billboard red carpet, Selena was asked about how she’s feeling post-surgery she says, “I’m good. That whole experience made me look at life a little differently and I’m grateful for that. It feels good to be able to share my story the way I want to. I’m good, I’m really good.”

You can see the full speech here:

video courtesy of gomezsrevival

I want to just point out how amazing and unbelievably classy Selena was during this whole speech. She conducted herself with such poise. It’s so inspiring and I hope that people will see how much Selena has done for women not just in the music industry, but for women dealing with mental illness, lupus and other health issues. She inspires all women everywhere to be brave, confident and to live your best life possible.

Now, there are some people out there…’haters’ saying that she doesn’t deserve to be Billboard’s ‘Woman of the Year’. Well haters, you’re SO wrong.

Why? Let me give you the receipts.

1. Selena has released 4 new songs in 2017

Bad Liar which was No. 20 on the Billboard hot 100 list in July, ‘Fetish’ gained 119 million views on Youtube, ‘It Ain’t me’ ft Kygo and  ‘Wolves’ ft Marshmello

2. According to Billboard ‘Wolves’ is hit the No. 1 spot on Hot dance/electronic songs chart and it also received 13 million U.S streams.

‘Wolves’ is about her own personal struggle with Lupus.

     3. Billboard also says she has sold 3.4 million albums

     4. Selena has raised $500,000 to help find a cure for Lupus and has continued to raise awareness by talking about her own struggle with the disease.

  5. She is the most followed person in Instagram

6. Selena is UNICEF’s youngest Goodwill Ambassador and is also the spokesperson for their ‘Trick or Treat Campaign’ which helps to raise awareness for the plight of children living in Ghana, and in Nepal, and other countries as well.

7. She also helped raise $1 Million for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital

8. Selena has helped many young women and men who have dealt with mental illness, including depression, anxiety, etc.

      At last year’s Billboard Awards, she spoke from the heart,

she said, (via billboard): “I think it’s safe to say that a lot of you know a lot of my life whether I liked it or not and I had to stop. Because I had everything, and I was absolutely broken. And I kept it together and I swore I would never let you down, but I kept it too much together to where I let myself down.” But Selena added, “I’m not trying to get validation, nor do I need it anymore.”

Selena then offered a piece of advice for those who are struggling with anxiety and depression, “if you are broken, you don’t have to stay broken.”

    9.   She performed her hit single ‘Wolves’ for the first time since her surgery, and she rocked it. I know everyone was criticizing her performance, saying she was “lip-syncing” but TBH, who the fuck cares if she did or didn’t. It was amazing regardless.

I think Selena is so misunderstood by Hollywood sometimes. I don’t get why people have to be so cruel towards her. I have never met her (I wish!) But she seems like the sweetest woman in the world. To me, she’s inspiring, caring, helpful and lends a voice to those who need it the most. Not only is she BEAUTIFUL, but she’s one-of-a-kind. And that is so unbelievably rare. It’s a rare quality to have. And I think that quality suits her quite well.

So haters…do you have anything to say now?

I am dedicating this post to Selena and her efforts to help inspire young women like myself to become more brave, confident and courageous. To fight the fight.

Thank you Selena. ❤

Selena’s billboard Dec 9th issue interview (not the full interview, just parts of it): http://billboard-woman-of-the-year-selena-gomez-on-her-surgery-saying-no-to-industry

              Here is Selena’s style in photos:

Selena and BFF + Kidney Donor Francia Raisa 🙂

cozy + comfy weather is back ☕️

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Good morning 🍊

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Selena for Billboard; [#WomanOfTheYear2017 photoshoot] #SelenaGomez

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Selena for Billboard; [#WomanOfTheYear2017 photoshoot] #SelenaGomez

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Haven’t listened to  ‘wolves’ yet? check out the video here:

oh and the featured image GIF of Selena in her wolves music video is from youtube and WeheartIt!




There’s nothing more powerful than women supporting other women. Glamour Magazine proved just that, when they held their annual Women of the Year Awards last night, right here in New York City. Hollywood’s most powerful women came together to support and honor one another, to embrace, to inspire and empower young women to come forward and speak up about women’s issues, including Feminism, Sexual Abuse and Harassment, a change in the system, activism, Planned Parenthood and the list goes on.

Among those honorees were, Nicole Kidman, Gigi Hadid, Solange Knowles, Samantha Bee, The Women of #MeToo, the Organizers of the Women’s March, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, ‘Wonder Woman’  Director Patty Jenkins, Dior’s Artistic Director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, Astronaut Peggy Whitson, ‘The Firsts’ including the ‘first-ever Netflix Freedom Award winner’, Sarinya Srisakul, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Muzoon Almellehan, and saving the best for last…Glamour Magazine Editor-In-Chief, Cindi Leive who is leaving Glamour after 16 years. Cindi was presented with the ‘Women of the Year’ award by Vogue Editor-In-Chief, Anna Wintour.  She says, of her beloved friend and colleague via Glamour, “Glamour’s increasingly powerful voice is Cindi’s own, and her departure is a bittersweet moment for all of us,” she adds: “Whatever organization she ends up joining or creating will be as lucky as we readers of Glamour have been these past sixteen years…And I’m not the only one who thinks so.”

She will definitely be missed, that’s for sure. I love Cindi because she inspired women to wear what they want, however they want and when they want. But also raising the bar when it comes to fashion. And of course, women’s issues. She is and will always be a force to be reckoned with!

There were two speeches that resonated with me. The first was by ‘Big Little Lies’ actress and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, Nicole Kidman. The actress was presented with the ‘Women of the Year’ Icon Award by ‘Beguiled’ Director and friend, Sofia Coppola. After getting the award, Nicole said that Coppola was “an example to all of you who want to be female directors that you can do it. Sofia is female power.” Then she looked out into the audience and said, “It’s been an extraordinary year, and I use that word ‘extraordinary’ in all of its meanings, because we’re in uncharted territories,” she adds, “As much as we gravitate, with all of this going on in the world, to a safe place, to the people most like us, the people whose gender, sexuality, race or politics we share…I’m convinced the galvanization of all of us together is essential,”

She says, “Let’s use this moment to celebrate what makes us, us.”

Nicole then ends the speech with a powerful statement about change, “I truly believe that we must share the good love that we receive whenever we see it’s needed,” she said. “It’s about building bridges, because bridges bring about new adventures and change, and that’s what we need…change.”

(video credit: @glamourmag, twitter)

Ugh. Don’t you just love her??!

2nd speech: goes to the Women of #MeToo. Their words made me cry, not just because it was super powerful and extremely emotional…but, I too had to deal with Sexual Harassment and Sexual abuse from men. I believe that these 4 women will change our world for the better, and  to provide safety for all women in the workforce. Two of New York Times’ Journalists, Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohy who broke the news about the Weinstein Sexual Abuse scandal, introduced 4 women, University Professor Anita Hill, NYPD Officer Ann Cardenas, Gymnast Aly Raisman, and Model Cameron Russell, who decided to come forward and share their stories of Sexual Harrasment and Abuse at the hands of powerful men.

Aly Raisman: “Most people know me as a gymnast,” she says, “But I am also a survivor. I am among a huge number of young gymnasts abused by US Olympic and USA Gymnastics team doctor, Larry Nasssar.”

Aly says, “This man held a position of influence and power in the sport for more than 20 years. The extent of harm he caused is beyond comprehension. More than 130 young women have filed lawsuits alleging abuse by Nassar and we may never know how many others may be suffering in silence. I stand here for all of them.”

She continued, “I am beyond disgusted that a decorated Olympic and USA Gymnastics doctor was able to prey upon so many over such a long period of time; and until we fully understand the flaws in the system that allowed this to happen in the first place, and enabled it to continue for decades, we can’t be confident it won’t happen again… I am determined to work towards real and meaningful change.”

Anita Hill chimed in, “We need to say this out loud,” Hill says, “Women are entitled to work, and girls are entitled to go to school and compete like Aly does in places free of sexual harassment.”

You can check out the full speech from all 4 women below:


Now for the fashion:

Sara Sampaio

Image credit: sara-sampaio  

and Getty Images

Serena Williams
Image credit: soph-okonedo, Getty images


Iskra Lawrence
image credit: tumblr, iskralawrencedaily
Laverne Cox
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Halima Aden
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Zazie beetz
Image credit: soph-okonedo
Shanina Shaik
Image Credit: celebsofcolor

Gigi Hadid’s full speech
video credit: Glamour Magazine
my message to all of you:
Image credit: dreambeautygalaxy

Cameron Russell’s powerful & inspiring speech about Sexual Harrasment at Glamour’s ‘Women of the Year’ summit. You can also check out the video on Also the featured image that I have up is from:

Speak up and share your stories without fear.



One word: delena. Yes, you heard that right fashionistas. Selena + Demi aka ‘Delena’ is BACK. And they were closer than ever at last night’s InStyle Awards! They posed for not one but 3 photos on the red carpet. This is the first time in years that we have seen both Disney Darlings TOGETHER, posing for photos and hugging it out like true besties. Demi was presented with the ‘Advocate award’ by good friend Kelly Rowland and Selena presented an award to Hung Vanngo (Selena’s dope AF makeup artist) for ‘Makeup Artist of the Year’. It was beautiful to see them reunite and support one another which is what all women should do. And tbh I was SHOOKETH.

Demi and Selena were legit one in the same. They both wore purple eye-shadow. I think that was just a coincidence. or maybe they decided to coordinate their makeup and outfits together to make us all have a fucking heart attack. If that’s the case. I blame you Selena and Demi! No, but seriously this was everything. Two of the most talented, inspiring women together in one room. So powerful.

Demi and Selena’s reunion was long over due. Demi had reached out to Selena via  Twitter in July, she wrote, “Loving your new song Fetish. We’ve come a long way since our barney days.” and Selena replied back, “Yes we have 😊 -just listening to Sorry Not Sorry! You slay as always. So happy for you!” As expected, Delena fans went wild.

Then recently, Selena commented on one of Demi’s insta posts promoting her ‘Simply Complicated’ Documentary, she said, “This was beautiful. I’m so happy for you. You always continue to be bold and real. I wish more people were like you. Love you.”

Let’s say it all together, 1. 2. 3. AWWWWW! Adorable. #CarterMasonAndRosalindaFioreForever

Now let’s talk about their super leggy looks. Demi styled by Law Roach, in a very glam  lavender thigh high slit dress from Alice + Olivia’s Spring 2018  RTW Collection. And paired it with  super silver glittery Gianvito Rossi Heels. Selena, styled by Kate Young wore an LBD from Jacquemus’ Spring 2018 RTW collection and paired it with some dope AF geometric heels.

But it wasn’t just Selena And Demi who rocked the InStyle Red Carpet. via InStyle, Elle Fanning wore an Andy Warhol pop-up inspired creation from Versace. Zendaya channeling a very fierce Diana Ross, rocked an Afro hairdo in a colorful dress from the Schiaparelli Fall 2017 Couture! Kate Bosworth wore a gold Alexander Vauthier dress, and Model Cindy Crawford wore a dark blue Versace dress.

Here are the looks from the 2017 InStyle Awards.


Image Credit: Getty Images +

I can’t omg😭😭😭🙌🏻❤️ #DemiAndSelena #Delena

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Image Credit: Getty Images + Instyle

Image credit: via Tumblr, celebsofcolor

Kelly Rowland in George Chakra


phoebe Tonkin wore a Chanel dress from the Cruise 2017/2018 Cruise Collection

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Image Credit: Getty + Tumblr

Elle Fanning and Brie Larson

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InStyle Editor-In-Chief Laura Brown is Pretty in Pink wearing Maison Valentino

Inside Demi and Selena’s EPIC reunion via Hollyscoop




You guys know I’m like super in love with Demi Lovato and her unique sense of style. Well I’m here to bring you: A style evolution. One that’s very much needed since her emotional ‘Simply Complicated’ Documentary just debuted on YouTube yesterday. And let me tell you, she is one strong AF woman who has gone through so much sh*t in the past few years. ‘Simply Complicated’ covers everything from Demi’s new music/album, love & relationships to discussing her sobriety, and long battle with bipolar disorder as well as admitting that she had a relapse with her eating disorder. Which I thought was extremely honest, real and above all BRAVE.

I don’t think anyone in this world could do what she did in this documentary and talk about something so personal, you know? I cried through the whole thing because I connect to her on so many levels.

I was bullied for years as a kid and in my teens. And then developed social anxiety because of it and I still struggle with anxiety every single day. So I want to thank Demi for giving me hope, confidence and strength. I love you. And no matter what, don’t let people break you down and make you feel bad about your body and who you are. you’re an inspiration. Your body is beautiful the way it is. Never give up Dems ❤

And to those who are dealing with same issues, don’t give up on yourself or on others. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you really need it, because it will be too late if you don’t. Pls think about how beautiful you are to this world and that we are all in this together! #BeBrave #DontGiveUp

There is no doubt that Demi has come a long way and her style has too.  From ‘Disney darling’ to ‘sassy chic’ . Take a look below to see how her style has evolved throughout recent years!

image credit: jordydior

This look is under appreciated.☹☹ #ddlovato #demilovato #demilovatostyle

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Buenos días ❤ #DemiLovatoFashion #DemiLovato

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Image Credit: demilovatofashionstyle

And here is Demi’s ‘Simply Complicated’ Documentary:



P. S. Never be afraid to tell your story. Also the featured image GIF of Demi is from dlovatoedits on Tumblr