First off, I wanted to apologize about not blogging as much right now, I am really busy trying to find work and that process hasn’t gotten me any offers yet, but have been going on interviews! So I am hoping for the best. With that said I would like to talk about the 2017 CFDA FASHION AWARDS. The CFDA awards honors many talented and renowned fashion designers and style icons such as Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Diane Von Furstenberg, the Olsen twins, Olivia Palermo, Kate Bosworth, Anna Wintour, Nicole Kidman, the Haim Sisters and many more.


Cecile Richards, Gloria Steinem, and Janelle Monae all received the ‘Board of Directors tribute award’.

           Franca Sozzanni won the Fashion Icon Award

Kenneth Cole won the ‘Swarovski Award for Positive Change’

Pat Mcgrath was given ‘the Founders Award in honor of Eleanor Lambert’

Rick Owens was awarded with the ‘Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award’

Raf Simons was awarded with the ‘WomensWear Designer of the Year’ Award

Gloria Steinem, a longtime Feminist Activist and the CFDA president, wanted to make it known that the CFDA is not just honoring fashion, but the unbelievable talent of those fashion designers and fashion icons, she tells Vogue, “Tonight, I just want to remind everyone that what we celebrate here is talent. Because we live in a world where everything is changing, all industries are changing, we don’t know where things go, but talent is talent. At the end, talent is the heart and the engine of our industry and it is what will make it not only survive but thrive.” And that my friends is a true icon. Quote Courtesy of:

I have admired her since the very beginning of her activism, I once did a project on Gloria Steinem for my social studies/computer class at my middle school, I covered every inch of her life, contributions, feminism etc. You name it, I wrote about it. At the age of 12 I had an unspoken connection with her, while doing the project, I knew at that very moment that I wanted to empower women and men all around the world. Allowing them to have to ability to dress the way they want, to look cool, unique without anyone saying a nasty word, “that dress looks horrible on her, she should loose some weight”  or “his suit is wrinkled and looks like something my grandfather would wear”.

I also wanted to be the voice of reason in fashion and for many fashion bloggers out there struggling to use their voices and speak up and say “this is my passion, I am not letting people take that from me!” So a year later, at 13 I made my dream become a reality. I can thank Gloria for that and  for becoming a muse in developing this website.

Now I would definitely call myself a feminist. Because all I stand for is equality between men and women, to keep that going you know? and to teach women and men to fight for what they believe in, whether it is a special cause, a movement or expressing that fight through fashion. I think that it is really important to express yourself in any way imaginable, through writing, clothes, books, art, technology, etc. Whatever soothes your soul, lights your fire, and inspires you. Feminism is a powerful source, to motivate you, and keep you strong. But most of all, to bring people together.

The whole point of this post was to ignite that fire and show that fashion isn’t just about fashion. it’s about coming together and standing up for something greater, something worth fighting for.

So I will leave you with some photos from the CFDA awards + Gloria Steinem moments, feminism, etc

And pls comment below and tell me some of your fave Gloria Steinem moments in history or if you have any questions about feminism, don’t be afraid to ask!


This! 🙌🏽 #thoughts #feminism #girlpower #powerful #instagood

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*Amen* #truth #feminism

YES. ___ Sometimes, your feed knows exactly what you need to see. This #MotivationMonday is perfect. ___ When @juliedsoul issued the #croptopsummer challenge in SoulCycle, I wasn't ready. ___ And then, when I went to #LongBeachNY on Saturday, I wore a (high-waisted) #bikini from @modcloth. I love everything about it. ___ On Sunday, for the first time in my life, I wore a crop top in @melaniegriffithnyc's #SundaySoul class. ___ I'm 29 — if I don't start loving the skin I'm in now, when the hell will I? ___ Find the women who inspire you to kick ass and then just go out and do it. ___ A crop top may not be YOUR battlefield, but it was mine. And now that I've slayed it? ___ Everything else seems totally possible. ____ Here's to a week of making it #werk. ___ • • • • #igers #instadaily #entrepreneur #hustle #grind #girlboss #boss #werkwerkwerk #work #nycnative #vixinthecity #VixDoesNYC #VixDoesBiz  #love #create #selflove #yourjourney ____ #regram @girlboss

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Emma interviews Malala on her new film He Named Me Malala 🎬 • I haven't seen the entire film but the bits and pieces that I have seen seem so good and inspirational and honestly I want to watch the entire thing . • Ok this might sound like such a lie and an excuse to not post often since I've said it so much 😂 but tbh my iPod charger broke again BUT it's only because I share it with my little brother and the 1st time he broke it, the 2nd he left it an the airport and the 3rd time he broke it again so technically it's not my fault but I had to wait till I had money to go buy another one and I promise I won't be late in posting again, because I have downloaded 3 videos for the next 3 weeks just in case something happens to my iPod 😁😅 • #emmawatson #Emma #Watson #emmawatsoninterview #emmawatsonvideos #emmawatsonintofilm #emmawatsonmalala #malala #henamedmemalala #intofilm #henamedmemalalainterview #henamedmemalalaemmawatson

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Lmao I love this

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She doesn't wear pink often. She should.

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CFDA Fashion Awards in NYC 2017 tap for details! @cfda

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Beauty ❤❤❤ #lilyaldridge @cfda #CFDAAwards

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CFDA Fashion Awards in NYC 2017 tap for details! @cfda

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Emma Watson’s full UN speech // Emma is the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador

Via untitledfemale on instagram #lovetheseposts

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The message is clear👊🏻😀 #weshouldallbefeminists

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They weren't asking for it, were they? I can only wish and hope for the day where we don't have to protest. For the day where people can simply understand, that NO. Women do not ASK to be raped. Boys do NOT ask to be raped. Men do NOT ASK to be raped. NO ONE asks to be taken advantage of. To have their rights stripped from them. To be forced into something they did not consent to. But until then, we will continue to march, to protest, to scream, to inform any and everyone, NO ONE ASKS TO BE RAPED. RAPE IS NOT OKAY. #rapeculture #womendontasktoberaped #nooneaskstoberaped #men #women #boys #girls #rapeisnotokay #supportrapevictims #Feminists #genderequality #inform #sticktogether #protest #everyoneshouldbeafeminist #standtogether

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Okay💋 #feminists #FEMINISM #womenpower #womenarelove

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put up the fight. #fightforyourrights

Evolution of Feminism in Disney movies. Video by sheltspeare

#feminism #gogirl #men #standards #riskitall #fashion

#feminism #rapeculture #feministtweets

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