Amber Valletta is a beloved Fashion Model and Actress raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma and got her start in modeling when she enrolled in modeling school at age 15 at the Linda Layman Agency.  Valetta has graced the cover of many fashion magazines over the years. She even managed to nab her first American Vogue cover at the age of 18 (Amber scored 16 American Vogue covers). As her model status began to rise she became the face of every fashion campaign and brand, such as; Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Prada, Gucci and Versace. Amber also appeared on the November 1999 Millennium American Vogue Cover where was dubbed as a ‘Modern Muse’.

She definitely is a Modern Muse in my eyes! Amber also took on an acting career. Her first role was in the comedy movie called ‘Drop Back Ten’ back in 2000, then a supporting role in the movie ‘what lies beneath’ with  Michelle Pfeiffer and Actor Harrison Ford, and in the Nicholas Cage movie ‘The Family Man’. My all time favorite was the 2004 movie Raising Helen with Kate Hudson. She played ‘Martina’ the model who was trying to help Kate Hudson’s Character Helen out with her kid (played by Abagail Breslin) and the whole thing was so funny, she was playing ‘put makeup on the model’ basically but they used permanent markers on her face and she was oblivious, her eyes were closed the whole time and Helen goes “STOP!” and then Martina looks into the mirror and her reaction is like “OMG WHAT DID THEY DO TO ME??!” hilarious and I must say Amber’s acting chops are really good!

You know what else is good about Amber? Her style. It’s flawless, effortless and sophisticated just like she is. But also Ms. Valletta isn’t just a fashionista or a model, she’s an entrepreneur. In 2013 she launched her own online store called ‘Master & Muse’  selling ‘responsibly made’ clothing and accessories that reflect Amber’s personal belief that ‘you can be stylish and still have substance’ as well. Basically you can have your cake and eat it too! FYI: this info is from a recent article that she wrote for Vogue UK’s website called ‘Amber: Fashion In The Age Of An Instagram Model’ where she also talks a lot about her fashion modeling career and how the fashion industry has changed over the years. If you want to read more of her article, click on this link here:

Responsibly made clothing is: Eco-friendly, sustainable clothing! Just so you know. Now I want to go back to Amber. Overall she has made a name for herself and continues to take the fashion modeling world by storm. Amber actually returned to star on the cover of Vogue after 23 years for this month’s issue. Amber Valletta is the all-American girl with killer looks which is why I am dedicating this post to her because she’s absolutely full of beauty not just on the outside but on the inside too! Amber has so many people that look up to her in the fashion industry and in her personal life as well such as her lovely son Auden. I believe she has changed the way we look at fashion and become more of a remodel for young models like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Kaia Gerber. Amber is the real deal honey and she’s still got it that’s for sure! ❤ ❤

Love you Amber Valletta and your fabulous model body. To end this post here, I want to just tell everyone that I write because of you guys, I dedicate my whole afternoons and nights to blogging and to empower women to feel and look good without any regret or judgement, I empower YOU to go out and defy all the rules, take risks and to not worry about what others have to say about what you’re wearing. Fashion is all about expressionism, and I want that to be known, for you to know that it’s okay to wear shorts and a t-shirt, to look like a complete idiot, idgaf, it’s what fashion is all about, you’re supposed to feel inspired, to be unique, to stand out and not be afraid to be who you are. That was my original message to all of you when I first started this website. Please read, comment and share this message on WordPress and all your social media accounts. It’s truly an honor to blog for all of you and to educate young girls about the importance of being who you are, your true self no matter what clothes you have on. Don’t forget that ok??!

Here is Amber Valletta’s most stylish photo-shoots and a few runway, red carpet moments as well .

enjoy my fashionistas.

Amber Valletta on the cover of Vogue UK // may issue 2017

Amber photographed by Peter Lindbergh for  Harper’s Bazaar US // December, 1993

Amber walking the Prada Spring/Summer 1997 Ready to wear fashion show

Amber for Vogue UK // April 1997 photographed by Nick Knight

Amber for Short Stories photographed by Robert Erdmann

Amber Valletta walking for Versace’s Spring/Summer fashion show, year 2000. This is the actual infamous dress that J.Lo wore remember???!

Amber and Shalom Harlow for Chanel’s Spring/Summer collection in 1996, photographed by Karl Lagerfeld

Amber at the 2016 CFDA Vogue Fashion Party

Amber Valletta with Shalom Harlow

Amber walking for Vivienne Westwood’s spring 1996 fashion show

Amber Valletta for “Summer Shimmer” Vogue US // 1997 Photographed by Herb Ritts

Amber wearing a Versace jumpsuit at the Met Gala in 1999

Amber photographed by Craig McDean // 2000

Amber walking for the Versace Spring/Summer, 1997 fashion show

Amber Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier

Amber for Vogue Italia, March 2000, photographed by Peter Lindbergh

Amber for Vogue UK, April, 1997 photographed by Nick Knight

Amber Valetta walking the Christian Dior 1996 fashion show

Amber at the Sally Singer and Lisa Love Denim Dinner in LA

Amber walking the Gucci Spring 1996 fashion show

Amber on the cover of Vogue Russia with Kate Moss // September 1998 issue photographed by Mario Testino

Amber walking for the Chanel S/S fashion show in 1994

Amber Valletta at the 23rd Annual Elle Women in Hollywood Awards

Amber for Vogue UK, May 1999 issue, photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg. Photo-Shoot Details: Stylist: Tina Laakkonen, Hair: Stephane Lancien, Makeup: Christine Corbel (info from Tumblr and midnight-charm 

Amber at the Givenchy Spring/Summer fashion show, year 1997

Amber walking the CHLOE Fashion Show

Amber Valletta for Versace Fall/Winter Collection, Year 2000, Photographed by Steven Meisel

Amber Valetta

a little red carpet action

Amber for Interview magazine, Mert & Marcus, September 2013

Amber at the Atelier  Spring/Summer Versace Fashion Show, 1996

Amber Valletta image

Amber backstage at the Gianni Versace fashion show

Amber n Kate Moss out and about

Amber Valletta at the Dolce & Gabbana PJ Party

Amber for Chanel, 1996, Photographed by Karl Lagerfeld

Amber Photographed by Steven Meisel for Vogue, year 2003

Amber for PRADA spring/summer 1997 campaign photographed by Glen LuchFold

Look at Amber’s dress!

Amber for KokoBomBom

This shoot is iconic.

Amber walking the Ann Demeulemeester fashion show // Spring/Summer, year 1997

Amber Valletta with Amber

Amber walking the Fall/Winter 2017 fashion show

Amber walking the Jill Sander fashion show in 1999

Photographed by Iango Henzi & Luigi Murenu for the Lui December/January 2015/16 issue

‘La Divina’ photographed by Mert Alas and Marcos Piggott

Amber walking the Michael Kors  Fall/Winter 2017 fashion show

Amber walking at the Helmut Lang fashion show, fall/winter 1996

Amber wearing her blue jeans! #90s #vintage #style

ooh la la

Amber photographed by Chris Colls for Vogue Ukraine’s April 2017 issue

Amber for Thierry Mugler

Amber for Balenciaga photographed by Peter Lindbergh

Amber Valletta, 1993

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Image may contain: 2 people

these two images are from Facebook, since I couldn’t find any old photos of her style. It’s from the 2015 Met Gala

Amber Valetta and fashion image


Amber Valetta walking at the Gianni Versace Fall/Winter 1994/1995 fashion show

Amber for Scene Magazine photographed by David Bailey, year 1998

Amber with Miranda Kerr at ‘Stella McCartney’s Resort 2016 event’

Amber for Prada’s Fall/Winter 1997 campaign photographed by Glen Luchford

Amber for “Night Life”  Vogue UK issue, in 1999 photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg

Amber walking at the Prada S/S 1997 fashion show

Amber photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth

Amber walking the Atelier Versace Spring 2015 fashion show

Amber backstage with Naomi Campbell at the Atelier Versace fashion show in 1999

Amber for Harper’s Bazaar issue, in December 1993 photographed by Peter Lindbergh

Amber for Vogue Italy February 2013 issue, photographed by Peter Lindbergh

Amber Valletta at the 22nd Women in Entertainment Breakfast in LA

Amber with Shalom Harlow on the cover of Vogue US 1997 issue, photographed by Steven Meisel

Amber for Gucci’s fall/winter 1995 issue photographed by Mario Testino

Amber for Jill Sander’s fashion campaign in 1995

Amber for Chanel campaign, year 1997

Amber for Elle US, Photographed by Gilles Bensimon

Amber for “Rocket Girl” Vogue UK issue // August, 1994 photographed by Mikael Jansson

‘Dress For Less: Gray Matters’ fashion campaign for Vogue US, August 1994 issue, photographed by Pamela Hanson

Amber for the Vogue May 2017 issue

Amber walking the Tom Ford Fall/Winter 2016 fashion show

Amber for the Harper’s Bazaar US  January 1995 fashion campaign photographed by Patrick Demarchelier

Amber for Versace Jeans Couture fashion ad campaign, in 1996 photographed by Richard Avedon

Amber walking the Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter Fashion Show in 1995

Amber photographed by Peter Lindbergh in 1994

Amber for Jill sander fashion campaign, in 1994

Amber photographed by Mario Testino

Amber for Vogue US April 1994 issue, Photographed by Herb Ritts

Amber Valletta and Shalom Harlow for Vogue UK’s May 1996 issue, photographed by Paolo Roversi

Amber for Harper Bazaar’s January 1995 issue photographed by Peter Lindbergh

Amber for Yves Saint Laurent Fall/Winter fashion Campaign, in 1997

Amber for Prada’s Spring/Summer 1997 fashion campaign, photographed by Glen Luchford

Amber for Harper’s Bazaar June 1993 Fashion campaign, Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier

Amber for Cantarelli 1996 fashion campaign, photographed by Mark Borthwick

Amber for the “Amber Valletta More And More Beautiful” Vogue Italia 2012 issue, Photographed by Craig McDean

Amber for the Vogue UK May 1994 ‘Wearing The Pants’ issue, Photographed by Nick Knight

Amber for Vogue Italia’s ‘New Mood’ issue, July 1996, Photographed by Craig McDean

Amber for Vogue Korea’s ‘September in New York’ issue, September 2015, photographed by Scott Trindle

Amber Valletta Photographed by Paolo Roversi

Amber for PRADA’s Fall 1997 fashion campaign, Photographed by Glen Luchford

Amber by idk

Amber Photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg, in 1999

Amber and Shalom Harlow for Harper’s Bazaar US September 1993 issue, photographed by Patrick Demarchelier

Amber ValLetta for Vogue US, 1993 Photographed by Dewey Nicks

Amber Valletta Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier

Amber Photographed by Paolo Roversi



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