I have seen so many hairstyles over the past few years, but there is one recent hair trend that stands out the most for me, and that is Pink Hair. ‘Closer’ singer Halsey has sported the look along with PLL’s Ashley Benson, and Lady Gaga. The bubblegum hue was started by No Doubt’s lead singer and Blake Shelton’s main squeeze Gwen Stefani back in the 90’s. And man, she rocked it hard. It’s sort of got this rock n roll vibe, to make you look cooler than cool, or “the shit”.  When you are walking down Hollywood blvd or my personal fave: the streets of NYC, with those pink tresses, other women are thinking “I want hair just like that!”

And don’t get me started with Men. Because let’s be honest here…men are turned on by anyone and anything, even pink hair. Want to know why? Well they see it as a way of expressing yourself. but it’s not just that. It’s about being unique, standing out among all the other women that pass by them on the streets or in a bar. You make yourself known, “I have pink hair and I’m proud of it” kind of thing, you know? But pink hair isn’t just something  for men to swoon over. It’s for women to make a statement, symbolizing something they are passionate about or supporting a cause, such as; breast cancer, sexual assault and violence against women, human trafficking, etc. It doesn’t have to support  one specific cause, it could be many causes. Pink on its own stands for women, confidence, strength, bravery, and love.

So I think it’s safe to say, pink hair is in, and Donald trump is probably really pissed about that. All I’m saying is that if it’s  really “okay” for him to say he would grab women by their private parts, then it should be okay for women to rock pink hair. It’s not okay for Donald Trump to make jokes like that, especially about women. I absolutely hate him and all that he stands for, he’s the most disgusting excuse for a man. IDGAF if he’s our president, he shouldn’t be saying those things and getting away with it. He hasn’t said anything lately, but he made another statement, by declaring April ‘Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month’…are you kidding me? He goes from saying nasty things about women (and defending  Bill O’ Reilly against the sexual harassment allegations) to doing this?   You’re crazy if you think he’s a saint and will do anything for our country but make it worse.

All I’m going to say is: PINK HAIR, DON’T CARE. #standup #women #feminism #byefelicia #Pinkhairrules

Till next time….


Scarlett Johanson rocking the pink hair in Lost in Translation

drew barrymore, hair, and pink image

Drew Barrymore. Idk if this is Photoshopped or what but apaprently she had pink hair once.

Rena Lovelis from Hey Violet sporting pink hair!

Here’s more of Rena with pink hair in the ‘Break My Heart’ music video. (I’m

obsessed with this song, it’s so catchy)

Ava Phillippe (my fave look on her)

gigi hadid, model, and hair image

gigi hadid, model, and makeup image

gigi hadid

kylie jenner, kylie, and jenner image

pink image

Jhene Aiko

pony, ulzzang, and beach image

pony, ulzzang, and makeup image

Angelina Jolie, pink, and hair image

angelina jolie (idk if this is Photoshopped tho)

beauty, celeb, and jessie j image

Singer Jessie J

katy perry, sky ferreira, and grunge image

katy perry, sky ferreira, and pink image

Katy Perry

hair, olsen, and blonde image

Photoshopped pink hair on Mary Kate Olsen

rihanna, hair, and pink image


hair, pink, and nails image

hair, pink, and hairstyle image

pink image

hair, girl, and pink image

unicorn, hair, and pink image

piercing, hair, and pink image

hair, pink, and grunge image

hair, pink, and grunge image

olsen, hair, and mary-kate olsen image

Singer Kesha

rose gold pink hair


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