Foreign Fashion X My 1st trip to Israel

I want to start off this blog post by letting you all know that I just got back from a birthright trip to Israel with my brother. FYI: the birthright trip that I went on was from ages 22-26. Birthright is a free trip to Israel for those who are Jewish (if you did not know that already).   I dreaded it at first…because it was going to be a very long flight. Also, the fact that I am very shy and I really didn’t feel like introducing myself to new people. But my attitude changed as soon as I got there. I realized how lucky I was to spend this amazing experience with people of my own kind, people who got to know the real me, I didn’t have to pretend to be somebody else. I felt comfortable, and accepted for the 1st time in so many years. I was always the odd one out, the black sheep, the nerdy, socially awkward  girl who never belonged (to any group, club, etc).But that all changed within 10 days. I become a social butterfly, I blossomed. I wasn’t shy, I was outgoing, friendly and a little um…what’s the word…crazy? But in a good way I assure you. I met this wonderful  group of young women and men who changed my life completely. I spent every single day with them reflecting, communicating and sharing things that I never would have shared, personal things that I have kept in the back of my mind. It was insane. Completely and utterly insane.  We would roam the crowded streets of Israel till 12am listening to an interesting mix of Israeli hip pop and American music. It was like a twilight zone. I sat with my friends at a bar as we enjoyed the Israeli atmosphere. Loud, lively, and totally lit. Our nights consisted of chugging big jugs of beer, F-bombs, R-RATED sex jokes and a bunch of drunk Israeli dudes trying to cop money from us if we stayed at their bar (cheap motherf*ckers).

I feel like this trip made me into a better person and more appreciative of other people. Especially this motley crew. Everyone had gone through ups and downs, losing someone, breakups,  a death, everything you can imagine, we all shared those similar experiences, and went through them together as a group or should I say “Mishpacha”. Mishpacha means family in Hebrew (lilo and stitch reference there). And we definitely are a family…a very fucking weird ass dysfunctional family. To Beck aka Becky with them perfect dancer legs, I envy you girl. Thank you for singing along to Mariah Carey’s ‘Heartbreaker’ with me. You are one bad-ass woman. Hanna, you kind soul. Thank you for being the greatest roommate ever, 2nd to Isabel. I thank you for listening, and being there for me, also offering your home to me. Caleb. Thank you for embracing me with your warm hugs and generosity. You helped me conquer my fear of heights on that dreadful hike (as did Raoul, one of our group leaders). You said to me : “look at what you accomplished, or look at what you just did”  tbh, I don’t remember exactly what you said but it definitely got to me. I don’t know how you did what you did but it worked, I regained my confidence. To Katie, you’re so cute and super sweet with your nerdy glasses lol. I think we clicked so much because we both are kind of shy (at least that’s what I saw). We shared that quality, a beautiful bond. Us nerdy girls have got to stick together! (cheesy, I know!). Jordin, you and I shared the experience of being scared little bitches on that hike, it was worth it tho 🙂 P.S. your red lipstick gave me life.

To Zoe, you are one of the most sweetest, gentle, free souls I have ever met. You taught me to “let it all out”. To show I am alive, to show that I am human and that I can be emotional, and not to keep it bottled up inside of me, because I tend to do that a lot…a  LOT. It’s a habit. But since the trip has ended, I have learned to stop that shit and just go with the flow and cry and cry and cry and cry until I can’t cry anymore. That’s why I have started a movement called #cryforme………….no not really but I just really wanted to write out that hashtag. And everyone knows I’m obsessed with hashtags so why the f*ck not?

To Courtney, Leah and (girl) Evan. I love all 3 of you. thank you for being so sweet to me and cheering me up as well. I appreciate you guys more than you know. To Sean, Juliet, Julie and Grace, I didn’t really get the chance to have an actual real conversation with you all. It was more like hi, what’s up, how’s it going, etc, etc. But I would like to see the 4 of you soon when we all get together again for a New York reunion so I can get to know you guys better! oh & btw, Juliet your hair is perfection, I just wanted to tell you that. #redhairdontcare #straighthairenvy  Sean, congrats on becoming a soon to be father to your unborn child. I’m sure that he/she will be just as wild as you are and will become a ‘fish’ in the water. To Neville, you’re just as nuts as your 2 brothers. but thank you for making me laugh and laugh and laugh  till I couldn’t laugh anymore! To Arielle, I’m going to call you the ‘Blonde Mermaid’, because you’re so kind and you have the same name as my favorite Disney ‘princess’ Ariel! But also you were my first roommate…well actually you were my roommate more than once lol. Idk how that happened but I’m glad it did. You kept me in line whenever I forgot our room key, I thank you for that! 🙂 Because I tend to forget things a lot and that’s pretty much what iv’e been doing my whole life. I’m forgetful. But you helped me with that in a weird way. Also you’re just really really brave and courageous. I admire you for that. I really do. I hope to you see you again!

To Viktoriya, Joanna and Mitchell. You’re a wild little bunch. but you brought out the wild in me and I thank you for that. Wild is now my middle name! To Isabel, you’re my #1 ‘dude’. I love the fact that you’re a little weird like I am. weirdos 4 lyfe loll. And last but not least, Raoul & Zissy. I know I said this before but I will say this again, thank you for teaching me about Israel, the beauty of life and all it’s forms. Thank you for being there for when I needed you guys. You have helped me realize what is important: being there for others, showing respect, and appreciating the fact that I am Jewish. And I am proud to be Jewish. Thank you so so much for everything and I hope I will see you both again soon in my city of lights and people never going to sleep NYC! And I would like to thank one more person who gave all of us a place to call home and who guided us through the most incredible 1o days of our lives….Shabi, our tour guide. #AYAY you made this experience that much more enjoyable, interesting and fun! I will always remember your really awful, cheesy jokes that you would tell us every morning, night and day. sometimes at 4 am when we’re basically dead. well…not dead dead i mean half awake and pissed af that you made us get on the bus so early. But one thing I will miss the most is your stories. It broke my heart when you told us that story about your uncle and cousin who had passed away in Israel. I cried my eyes out and I will not apologize for it. I honestly at first didn’t want to cry because I was afraid you would notice and start to cry as well. But you held it together not just for yourself, but to show us that nothing can break you. I never got to tell you how I felt about that story and how it made me feel. Because I know what loss is like, maybe not in the way you have experienced it, but I’m glad I am telling you now.

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And now I will give you what you have all been waiting for (for the past idk 3 weeks) THE FASHION! While in Israel I had the opportunity to see how the Israelis dressed. There were a lot of grunge-y vibes going on there and some that were very high fashion, bold, edgy and daring. But actually, the Israelis dressed just like us Americans. Tight skinny jeans and a loose low-cut top paired with some kick-ass heels. Foreign Fashion is not just a ‘fashion staple’ in Israel, but every other foreign country as well.  From Paris, France, Brazil, Africa, Greece and Spain, to Albania, Bulgaria, Cuba, Australia and Argentina. Foreign fashion has made its way into the ‘cool club’.  I think what I love most about foreign fashion is that it’s totally unexpected, colorful, dangerously daring, and cooky. foreign fashion is about diversity, bringing people together from different countries and just appreciating one another and obvs the clothes that they all wear, it becomes this giant patriotic flag of patterns, prints and fabric. The fabric that makes everything that much more meaningful, more bright, more comfortable, more visible to the eye, more fierce, more powerful, and a hell of a lot less boring.

Because you know what they say….”Life’s too short to wear boring clothes.” One of my many favorite quotes by Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs. boring is the new black. and not boring is the new orange…idk wtf I just said, I made that up but whatever. Foreign fashion is never dull nor boring, it is light, happy, fun and charming. Just look at some of the European clothing. European clothing became a huge hit between 1450 and 1950, the early middle ages. It was also known as the ‘Dark Ages’/or Medieval Times. The European clothing was mostly worn by the wealthy and used it to their advantage, to attract. They wore fabrics that were very fitting, tight..never lose or ill fitting. The women would wear a tunic, a tunic that was long like a gown, but not like that perfect icy blue gown worn by Cinderella. Chill guys, it wasn’t all that glamorous lol. The poor people wore tunics that were made of leather, or cloth. They either went barefoot or wore some cute little sandals…actually they weren’t that cute lol. They also wore special Veils over their heads to ‘keep their modesty’. During the cold weather, they would wear capes and shawls to keep warm. The reason why I’m telling you all this information is to make you understand that foreign fashion isn’t about looking like a wealthy person like Kim K or Jennifer Lopez or…you get the idea. It’s about showing off the beauty of it, the way it makes you look, feel, etc. You don’t have to be rich to wear Armani, Prada or Louis Vuitton either. But it’s not being materialistic, it’s about knowing who you are in your clothes, whatever ethnicity that you are.

I hope this post will make you learn that. Money doesn’t buy you love, family, or friends. And it certainly doesn’t grow on trees. Know where you come from and embrace it. Embrace your background, your unique clothing.

till next time….


France Anglade, she was an actress. France wore this ‘baby smock dress’. Photo was from January 27th,1969.

the invention of mini skirts.

Paris. April 1966. Captured by photographer Jack GaroFalo

the 1920s

Britt Eckland captured by Patrick  Jarnoux


dior, fashion, and fashion week image

fashion, fashion week, and mode image

dior, fashion, and fashion week image

street style image

paris and street style image

fashion, fashion week, and Loewe image

fashion, fashion week, and mode image

fashion, model, and stella maxwell image

blonde, ‎chiara ferragni‬, and fashion image

fashion, style, and camila coelho image

fashion, fashion week, and mode image

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fashion, fashion week, and paris image

fashion, chanel, and red image

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fashion, fashion week, and Loewe image

fashion, vetements, and fashion week image

c: JPW

dior, fashion, and fashion week image

dior, fashion, and fashion week image

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fashion, fashion week, and Hanne Gaby Odiele image

Barcelona, Spain

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australia, love, and blue image


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sea, girl, and Greece image

fashion, summer, and Greece image

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Greece, friends, and goals image

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beautiful, summer, and mypic image

Greece image

adventure, haircut, and vogue image

Greece, summer, and girl image

d, fashion, and girl image

beach, dress, and heart image


travel, russia, and moscow image

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beauty, fashion, and girl image

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hair, fashion, and like image

dress and ulyana sergeenko image

ulyana sergeenko, dress, and style image

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moscow, russia, and sonya esman image

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faux fur

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beautiful, mountains, and fashion image

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amazing, beach, and thailand image

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girl, thailand, and cute image

yellow image

fashion, style, and summer image

i could only find a few images for Thailand sorry! Tumblr doesn’t seem to want to show me some pics.


fashion, style, and korean image

fashion image

fashion, style, and tumblr image

fashion, korean, and dress image

fashion, japonese, and winter image

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deviantart, fashion, and korea image

fashion image

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fashion week, korea, and seoul image

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dress and love image

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fashion image

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2016, dior, and goals image

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beautiful, red, and dance moms image

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fashion, style, and street image


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