STYLE EVOLUTION, the queen of vintage: KATE MOSS

3 words: KATE FUCKING MOSS. She’s the definition of all things vintage in the 90s, vintage leather jackets, baggy jeans with rips and tears with combat boots that made her look like a  tomboy, and faux fur hanging onto her beautifully sculptured body like it belonged to her, it belonged on her. everything she wore BELONGED TO HER, BELONGED ON HER. she was the it girl of fashion, the girl who could conquer the fashion industry with just one look, one single look that captivated every modeling agent/agency, VOGUE,  ESQUIRE, PLAYBOY, BAZAR, ELLE, W, LOVE MAG, but it wasn’t just the magazines, it was her beauty,the dirty blonde hair, her charm, that English accent, her personality, her aura. She was also magnificent arm candy for many famous men  in Hollywood including Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp and Pete Doherty.

Besides the ‘men-factor’ she oozed sex appeal, sass and unique-ness. And super photogenic..obvs. Her face was on every fashion cover, campaign, and advertisement. Kate is a money-maker, there was no doubt about that. She made every man drool, but also she killed it on the catwalk. There was always something so different about her that I couldn’t ever figure out. Maybe her bone structure, or was it those piercing hazel brown cat eyes, or her gorgeous long legs that made me envy her even more, although i do have long legs myself but probably not as long as hers. I think it was her confidence as a model that captivated the hearts of every girl who idolized her, who cut out photos of her from fashion magazines and glued them to their bedroom walls. I was one of them…but i didn’t cut out photos of her, I used her style as a guide, her looks, because I always loved her style, I kept saying to myself “i want to learn from the best, and the best is Kate Moss”.

Yes, Cindy Crawford is beautiful and I idolized her too, but not the same way I idolize Kate moss, her style was and still is iconic to this day. I sympathized with her because she had gone through a lot to get to where she is today, paparazzi made her into this drinking, partying monster but that wasn’t really her, she was a young girl trying to figure out her life, and trying to figure out who she was as a human being not just a model.She struggled with fame because she wasn’t used to getting that kind of attention from people, but also I don’t think she wanted become this star, she wanted to have a career but not to be criticized for her actions. Everybody struggles with something whether it is drinking or drugs or anxiety, depression, anything really. Kate was a god damn good supermodel and she deserved to be treated like a human being and not what they were making her out to be. Kate deserved better, but also nobody really knew the pain she was dealing with inside or who she actually was. They would judge her for wearing a short skirt if she had no underwear underneath,  a dress that was too revealing, showing her cleavage, everything exposed (I’m just using this as an example idk if she actually did this).

So what if she was wild? She was young and in love, she was dealing with a lot of shit from people who weren’t around her everyday. So what if she weighed 100 pounds? and so what if she wore thigh high boots and a pair of sexy shorts. Every news organization in London including the Daily Mirror, had published photos of Kate Moss (on the front cover) doing cocaine. And of course reporting that “wild Kate moss caught doing cocaine and swigging Vodka from a bottle with friends at a night club” SO? big deal. But it was a big deal. She reportedly lost all contracts with H&M, Burberry and Chanel.

Kate eventually entered rehab for her drinking and drug problems (she was 31 at the time i believe when she entered and left rehab) and she was recovered. FYI: she has one child, her name is Lila Grace or Lila Grace Moss Hack. She had gotten out of rehab because obviously she wanted to be with her daughter and just live a normal life without all the scrutiny. Kate eventually bounced back, she began to capture hearts and eyes again in the fashion industry. And she still is. At 42 Kate looks ravishing, she doesn’t really age, maybe that’s her secret. She created her own agency called the ‘Kate Moss Agency’ and is now the face of the popular Dutch high street fashion label ‘NIKKIE’ and their new Autumn/Winter 2017 campaign! #yougogirl

Want to know more about Kate Moss’s new gig? Just click this link here:

If you’re wondering if Kate still models, the answer is…yes. (She starred in the ‘Balenciaga Fall 2015 Campaign’ with Model Lara Stone)  it’s certainly great to see her doing well and lending a hand to other projects in the fashion industry. I loved Kate Moss back then and I still do now, I am very fond of her because of what she does and how extraordinary she is. She loves her work, and I admire that quality very much. But she’s no ordinary woman is she now? no she’s much more than that. Kate is special, she’s one of a kind and a lovely woman who cares so much about fashion, Kate is the ‘it girl’. What more can I say?

Well there is one thing or maybe 2 or three….Kate you’re one bad-ass woman and I love everything you stand for, you’re courageous, brave and super talented. But you’re not alone when it comes to having struggles, so don’t worry I’m with you all the way.Don’t ever underestimate what you can do, who you are because I know that you’re more than what you are, you are a mother, a confident woman and a damn hard-worker. Most of all you’re a light to somebody’s life, a life that you have helped to overcome struggles, to overcome battles within themselves. So why not call yourself a queen or an entrepreneur,  a fashionista, a force to be reckoned with, a glam goddess, a fashion enthusiast, a teacher, a profound woman who shares her talents with the world and doesn’t stop. Doesn’t stop learning, doesn’t stop applying, doesn’t stop teaching, and most importantly doesn’t stop inspiring others to do the same.

Hopefully this blog post will be seen by you and your gorgeous hazel brown cat eyes and you’ll learn of the ‘inspiring’ that you have bestowed upon me. But for now…



Kate X Stella Mccartney X first collection X 1997

girls who stick together, wear suits and laugh lots #kateandnaomi

my favorite. #ballet #iwasaballerinaasakid

slip dress X bffs X clubbing

that dress & tattoo is everything. Clements Ribeiro X 1997

MOOD. #MyThoughtsExactly


casual dinner X Johnny Depp

leather jackets n laughs n love n 1994

wedding fever

faux fur


street style Kate


Couples style #motorcycleleathervibes

Kate and David Bowie

2003 X captured by Ellen Von Unweth

behind the scenes

‘Road To The Clouds’ by Mario Testino for Vogue Russia X February 1999

Helmut Lang X Spring X Summer X 1997

Christy Turlington X Kate Moss X Naomi Campbell X Isaac Mizrahi X 1993

DENIM x Vintage


Kate captured by Mario Sorrenti for Calvin Klein X 1993


that necklace.

Kate by Mario Testino for Burberry

those eyes & that hair  X 1994  X Kate in the Bahamas by Herb Ritts

bev hills hotel

Chanel fall/winter X 1997

Kate captured by Tom Munro for Allure Magazine x September x 1997


“MEET ME IN HAVANA” ft KATE MOSS n Naomi Campbell captured by Patrick Demarchelier

airport casual

‘pin up girl’  X Harper’s Bazaar X October X 1995 X Mario Testino

Naomi Christi and Kate

Kate captured by Tim Walker for Vogue US X April X 2012

Halloween in NYC  X 1997 X by Kelly Klein

her style. Todd Oldham x 1995

Kate X Calvin Klein runway X fall X 1998

that dress. marvelous

the mid 90s #katemoss #runway

breakfast in Paris

Kate n Gucci

out n about n matching n bff love


suit n mid-talk

photo series for the “Daisy Age, the 3rd summer of love” captured by Corinne Day X 1990 X British issue X The Face Magazine

love her style now too

lots of laughs

Kate for Calvin Klein

Kate captured by Peter Lindbergh for Harper’s Bazaar X 1994

fall street style #katemoss #streetstyle

Kate and Madonna in London, England for Edward Enninful’s OBE dinner


Kate X Gucci F/W X 1996


Glitter goddess

Vintage-y grunge

Kate captured by Lance Staedler for Glamour X France issue X 1992

black n white n street style x Christy and Kate X Style


John Galliano x spring 1996



Gorge. #slipdress

black n white

Kate as Elvis in “wonder of you” video

Kate for Yves Saint Laurent

vintage baby. #mariosorrenti

grin n bear it

calvin klein x 1995


friendship goals af

Kate for Gucci ss01


iconic style

Americana with English twist

Louis Vutton x spring x 2001

turtleneck x kate x 1999

she’s still fucking got it #fashionqueen #katemoss #style

Kate n Shalom Harlow n 1995

Kate X Balenciaga X Spring X 2001

 nightlife. #bffs #naomi #kate #classicphoto

white on white

Vogue baby.

the men loved her and so they shall still love her

cigs n cut-outs #favephoto #classic #nothingwrongwiththis

YAS. Kate & George #VOGUE


still loves her faux fur #yougogirl



Kate n Marc Jacobs

Kate photographed by Mario Testino for Vogue UK X May 2013 X styled by Lucinda Chambers

Indian boots x faux fur x mini skirt

Reunited n it feels so good!

Kate wearing Saint Laurent

full outfit

Kate for Harper’s Bazaar

that’s my bitch right here #katemoss

her style is effortless

paper magazine photo

2015 balenciaga

f*ck the paps


faux fur n black boots

leopard faux fur

#love #another #magazine

Kate in a vintage Christian Dior dress

versace x 1999

Kate for Givenchy  1996

kate moss, model, and black and white image

wedding, kate moss, and bride image

kate in her wedding dress with her daughter, too sweet 🙂

kate moss and style image

Kate’s street style

fashion, girly, and icon image

kate moss, fashion, and model image

she still got the leather jacket #leather #iconicstatementpiece

kate moss, fashion, and girl image

fashion, kate moss, and model image

johnny depp, kate moss, and couple image

1990s, 90s, and candid image

kate moss style image

kate moss style image

kate moss, cara delevingne, and fashion image

kate moss image

kate moss image

kate moss and style image

johnny depp and kate moss image

fashion, dress, and style image

fashion, runway, and kate image

kate moss image

kate moss style image

kate moss, model, and street style image

kate moss, model, and 90s image

fashion, kate moss, and street style image

fashion, girl, and kate moss image

kate moss 2016 image

kate moss and street style image

kate moss and street style image

kate moss and street style image

fashion, style, and coat image

kate moss and style image

kate moss style image

fashion, kate moss, and outfit image

actress, beauty, and blonde image

kate moss and model image

blue, style, and kate image

kate moss image

kate moss image

kate moss, Christy Turlington, and 90s image

kate moss, style, and 2015 image

fashion, kate moss, and model image

kate moss, model, and fashion image

kate moss, model, and bomber jacket image

bangs, red lips, and black image

classy, kate moss, and style image

kate moss, style, and fur image

fashion, model, and girl image

kate moss image

room, interior, and decor image

kate moss, dress, and style image

black, hat, and fashion image

black hat, fur, and icon image

beautiful, crop, and top image

black dress, dress, and fashion image

BTW: I’m not afraid to put up photos of Kate smoking and drinking, it’s not who she is or was. Those were just things she liked to do daily or during down time but also to show that she is human. #weallmakemistakes


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