HOW TO: the perfect girls night out look


so, you arranged a fun night for you and your ‘girl squad’, a night of sippin champagne and dancing to the beat of Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha’s ‘in the name of love’ (that’s my jam tho!) at the club down on Hollywood blvd or that hot nightclub LAVO New York (Calvin Harris may be DJing there, and you wanna snap a selfie with him!) and then after the club a late night bite at Catch LA located in West Hollywood or my personal favorite: Harry’s Italian restaurant in NYC. You’re looking in your closet, but all you can find is some ugly leopard print blouse that your aunt Ida bought you for Christmas and a pair of black leggings. Not so sexy is it? Well ladies, the key to creating the perfect girls night out look is to keep in mind that you’re not trying to look like a fucking granny. You don’t step into the hottest club with mom jeans and converse. that’s like fashion suicide *Gretchen wiener voice*. TBH, if I saw you wearing that, I’d probably grab you by the ear like a little kid and take you into the bathroom and cut up your outfit into pieces..probably making you cry. But then I would cheer you up by buying you a whole new wardrobe at brandy Melville or Zara, maybe even forever 21 because I’m obsessed with that store…and I would buy everything in that store if I wanted to, but i actually wouldn’t because I’d go broke, but k. 😦

But yeah i would totally go all out for you and buy you the coolest fucking outfit in those stores just so you won’t look like a granny. Isn’t that sweet?!  You can thank me later ladies. OKAY BACK TO BEING SERIOUS! A girls night outfit has to fit the 3  S’s. 1. Sexy 2. Spicy and  3. Sweet n sassy (it’s only one word ok)

SEXY = not slutty, and not looking like a damn hot mess. More like Vivian Ward sexy. even tho she was a hooker in ‘Pretty Woman’ but she transforms into this sexy goddess, but with a little sass too. For sexy, it’s all about the curves, the dress has to fit your curves  and compliment your other features as well. You have to pick something that’s not over the top but that can make all your girlfriends jealous of you. and to get that ONE GUY wanting to be with you like Mr. Suave Edward Lewis. A classic black high slit dress (not too high) a choker and black heels or you can go with a black slip dress and some lace-up boots from Nasty Gal. The  boots make your legs look longer. You can also do an oversized t-shirt or sweater combo too like Kourtney Kardashian did when she attended Kanye’s concert in LA. She paired a vintage XXL Metallica T-shirt (corset lacing in the back) with thigh-high ‘Midnight blue Aquazzura velvet boots’. You don’t have to do thigh-high boots, it can be any pair of boots you want, booties, etc. I like the thigh-high boots because they make everything I wear look more edgier and grunge-y.


This line & dot satin dress is from Forever 21 for $75 (amazing, and affordable!)

Link here:

SPICY: not ‘food spicy’. just spicy. spicy = that one outfit that makes heads turn. But it’s more about turning it up a notch. So that you feel confident, more in-tune with your body, and makes you feel like you’re on fire, that nobody can touch you with that outfit on, nobody can look better than you on that dance floor, in that moment. Red is great color for that type of look. it makes you stand out more. and goes with the theme that you’re trying to create. ASOS has a variety of classic red dresses. like the ‘deep off the shoulder Bardot Midi Bodycon Dress‘ for just $34 or you get the ‘high neck velvet Bodycon Dress’ for $38 Not bad huh?

the ‘deep off the shoulder Bardot Midi Bodycon Dress’. Link here:

The ‘high neck velvet bodycon dress’

I’m giving you a 3rd option if you don’t like the other two.

Link here:

the ‘Cami pencil dress’ (that little slit is perfection and super “spicy”!) it’s spicy but yet classy, those black shoes go perfectly with the outfit, the bow adds a nice touch to it, and the slit isn’t too high.

Link here:

last but not least….

SWEET n sassy: toned down, the all American beauty, the Jennifer Aniston, super sleek.  It’s casual cool but also with a little sass to it, a frilly skirt, a jumpsuit, prints that don’t outshine the whole outfit. Taylor swift does a great job at that.

Related image

this can be a great outfit for the late night dinner that you’re going to have with your girls!

Image 1 of TOP WITH SEQUINS from Zara

Image 6 of TOP WITH SEQUINS from Zara

Image 8 of FRILLED MIDI SKIRT from Zara

Zara has this outfit. the gold top with sequins, which is $35.90, and the frilled midi skirt  is $39.90 and you can just put a black long sleeve shirt underneath it, if you don’t want to show a lot of skin. to see the whole outfit, click this link:

Whether it is Sexy, Spicy or just Sweet n Sassy, you will forever be grateful that I have shown you how to create the perfect GNO look!

Below are some GNO looks on your favorite celebs that resemble the 3 S’s perfectly!


source: heykdolls on tumblr

fashion, girl, and outfit image

fashion, skirt, and outfit image

madison beer, dress, and outfit image

2016, josephine skriver, and night image

kendall jenner, model, and 2016 image

beauty, fashion, and kendall jenner image

outfit image

GNO outfit essentials from!

dress, fashion, and black image

girl, fashion, and night image

fashion, girl, and style image

emily ratajkowski image

fashion, model, and outfit image

fashion, style, and outfit image

zendaya, fashion, and goals image

this slip dress u can wear out to dinner! not the sneakers lol

fashion, girl, and style image

Austin, party, and night image

fashion, girl, and style image

fashion, kendall jenner, and gigi hadid image

the thigh high boots are everything.

beauty, vs, and fashion image

taylor hill, fashion, and girl image

taylor hill, fashion, and girl image

pink, fashion, and dress image

curly, hairstyle, and long hair image

bag, clothes, and goals image

the choker is a definite plus to wearing a GNO outfit

fashion, girl, and style image

fashion, girl, and style image

see-through top and high-wasted jeans and black heels = sexy, sassy, spicy!

selena gomez and selena image

the oversized sweater

fashion, outfit, and style image

for the club.

fashion, dress, and outfit image

black, night, and outfit image

black ensemble for dinner #GNO

model, dress, and fashion image

LOVE THIS! #GigiHadid

black and outfit image

fashion and stylé image

black, coat, and dinner image

alissa violet, blonde, and model image

selena gomez and selena image

black, dark, and girl image

fashion, outfit, and style image

more of a dinner outfit. because of the jeans lol

kendall jenner and style image

night, outfit, and street style image

girl, dress, and pink image

kendall jenner image

i thought this one was really awesome. those boots are INSANE!

black, black dress, and black lace image

beauty, black, and chic image

Cute dinner outfit.

beauty, chic, and foto image

brunette, dress, and fashion image

i actually really like this dress. even tho it’s really low-cut

fashion and outfit image

matching pair #cute

dress, fashion, and style image

fashion, girl, and style image

dress, fashion, and fashionista image

girl, fashion, and style image

gigi hadid, model, and fashion image

girl, goals, and outfit image

fashion image

friends, fashion, and outfit image

fashion, girl, and style image

black, date, and chrissy image

celebrity, couple, and chrissy teigen image

candid, fashion, and chrissy teigen image

black, fashion, and Nude image

boots, fashion, and indie girl image

fashion, outfit, and boots image

bella hadid, fashion, and model image

rihanna and fashion image

fashion, makeup, and shoes image

fashion image

fashion, fur, and style image

fashion, style, and outfit image

fashion, denim, and luxury image

clothing, girls, and stylish image

gigi hadid and model image

beauty, clothing, and stylish image

barbara palvin, model, and Doutzen Kroes image

girls, night, and outfit image

cross, fashion, and friends image

fashion, friends, and style image

fashion, dress, and luxury image

black, fashion, and friends image

selena gomez and fashion image

gigi hadid, bella hadid, and model image

selena gomez image

style, summer, and spring break image

bag details. #essentials #gno #MichaelKors

girl, fashion, and style image

dress, luxury, and style image

fashion and dress image

shay mitchell, pretty little liars, and pll image

dress, look, and luxury image

blogger, dress, and instagram image

glasses, model, and bella hadid image

Taylor Swift, dress, and taylor image

fashion, style, and dress image

fashion, style, and outfit image

fashion and outfit image

dress, fashion, and pink image

fashion, style, and white image

dress, olivia holt, and black dress image

clothes, blonde, and fashion image

girl, fashion, and style image

accessories, jacket, and pastel hair image

style, dress, and fashion image

fashion, black, and style image

fashion, Jamie Chung, and style image

fashion, outfit, and style image

Image by BRIANA

fashion, style, and black image

fashion, girl, and style image

dinner date // outfit

Image by shay

pink, style, and dress image

fashion, dress, and girl image

dior image

selena gomez image

dress, fashion, and silk image

brunette, fashion, and hair image

fashion, dress, and style image

fashion, style, and blogger image

bag, dress, and high fashion image

dakota johnson, fsog, and anastácia image

dress, fashion, and girl image

fashion, girl, and leather image

beautiful, chic, and curvy image

fashion, girl, and yeezus image

fashion, style, and outfit image

fashion, girl, and black image

dress, fashion, and pink image

photography inspiration, summer cosmetics, and tumblr instagram image

fashion and black image



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