WWD X Variety Stylemakers Awards

Variety and WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) joined together on Thursday to create a fabulous and inspiring event for young fashion followers and beauty gurus to remind them, “not only to go to the gym, but also find the light in a dark time” according to WWD writer Khanh T.L. Tran. An important message for not only the people who work in the fashion business, but for those who are living day by day and experience everyday challenges. Stars such as Nina Dobrev, Emma Stone, Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Lily Collins engaged in a little “girl talk” while chowing down on some delicious delights like Fig and watermelon radish salad, roasted branzino, chocolate ganache cake, Meyer lemon shortbread and rosemary ricotta tartlets.

They presented awards to many other a-list actresses and actors, but boy were those awards heavy! “This thing is so heavy, so it must be important.” said singer Kelly Rowland who had just given an award to DJ and music producer Diplo.Β  Kelly had recently collaborated with him on a song called ‘Motivation’.Β  The former destiny’s Child member said Diplo is “literally everywhere and always looks so damn stylish doing it!”Β  While Emma Stone presented her Makeup Artist Rachel Goodman with an award. She and Rachel often dine together when they go on trips for work events or appearances. They once stayed out all night eating sushi till 5 in the morning. Emma said, “there is a reason Rachel is one of the top 5 Chanel makeup artists.” Rachel went up to the podium to receive her award from Emma, they hugged real tight. Then Rachel gave her speech. SheΒ  warned the audience that,Β  “I’m a crier, sorry!”Β  Rachel has worked for Chanel for 10 years.That’s a long time in the fashion business! She said, “makeup for me was a way to see beauty in the ugly world and I’m not going to stop now.” What powerful words.

The last award was presented toΒ  Stylist Petra Flannery who won ‘Stylist of the year’. In her speech she thanked…her stylist of course! “It’s because of her I know what personal style is,” she said. Before leaving the stage, Petra thanked her mother who had introduced her to some of the top designers in the fashion business. She ended the speech with 3 words….”I LOVE FASHION!” What a woman! I’ve heard of Petra Flannery before but never seen any of her work as a stylist. I gotta check this girl out! (not in a “i fancy you kind of way”Β  more like “this girl sounds awesome!” way lol).

I love the fact that Variety and WWD were able to organize an event like this because it’s not everyday that a designer or stylist gets nominated for an award. I mean wouldn’t you agree? but also one that can inspire fellow fashion lovers to blossom, to do something with their lives and not sit around in the dark and eat junk food all day. I want to one day have a platform where I can use my voice to help girls with their style, to make them stand out more and know that whatever they wear can build their confidence. Whether it is just a t-shirt and ripped jeans or a mini skirt and some heels, they can go out there feeling like a real woman..no a real bad-ass woman!

Here’s some advice for my lovely fashion followers: Don’t settle. just do, be and grow. Don’t sit around waiting for something to happen because it most likely WON’T HAPPEN! Create something, something that can inspire others to do better, to be better. Because the chance to do that won’t be there for very long. So please do as I say and make things better for yourself, for your mind, soul and body, for your own sanity. Because I know a lot of you go crazy when you don’t know what to do with your lives and its sitting right in front of you! Just go.

Now here are some photos from Variety and WWD’s stylemakers awards!

info is from the stylemakers awards article by the Los Angeles Times: http://www.latimes.com/fashion/la-ig-wwd-stylemakers-awards-20161117-story.html


Flawless Nina Dobrev. #ugh #womancrushallday

emma is so cute!

Love this combo, nude with red= sexy

Emmanuelle Chriqui = FAB

Yael Grobglas. That skirt though is so my style!

photos below are courtesy of Variety. I do not own any of them! And Stewart Cook/Variety/REX/Shutterstock.

Anastasia Soare, Claudia

Image courtesy of John Salangsang

Jasmine Sanders

Jasmine Sanders courtesy of Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock

Louise Roe and Jasmine Sanders

Louis Roe and Jasmine Sanders

photo courtesy of Michael Buckner/Variety/REX/Shutterstock

this pic is from tumblr!

Emma Stone, Rachel Goodwin, and stylist Petra flannery

And here are some photos of each of these women (Nina, Emma, Jenna, etc)Β  in their stylist duds!

Nina Dobrev is styled by ilaria urbinati

Emma is styled by Petra Flannery (clothes)

Jenna is styled by Brad Goreski

Lily Collins is styled by Rob Zangardi

Jasmine Sanders is styled by Jill Jacobs

Nina Dobrev image

beauty, dress, and fashion image

nina on the left!


adidas, fashion, and celeb image

fashion, jeans, and street style image

jenna dewan tatum image

fashion, summer, and jeans image

beauty, casual, and celebrity image

red carpet and jenna dewan tatum image

red carpet, jenna dewan, and jenna dewan tatum image

Β fashion and style image

event, fashion, and glamour image

jenna dewan tatum image

jenna dewan tatum image

jenna dewan tatum and fashio image

emma stone, red, and dress image

emma, emma stone, and pink image

clothes, nyc, and winter image

courtesy of weheartit.com

actress, red hair, and style image

red carpet, dress, and emma stone image

emma stone, andrew garfield, and couple image

emma stone, beauty, and fashion image

emma stone image

beautiful, dress, and tumblr image

emma stone and red carpet image

beauty, Versace, and emma stone image

emma stone and actress image

emma stone image

emma stone image

celebrity, dress, and emma stone image

emma stone, beautiful, and pretty image

lily collins, dress, and black image

airport, autumn, and fashion image

dress, suite, and fashion image

lily collins and style image

lily collins image

lily collins image

lily collins image

dress, inspiration, and redhair image

actress, style, and perfect image

Jamie Campbell Bower, lily collins, and jamily image

lily collins and hair image

lily collins image

lily in white #dress #style #stylemaker #instagram

justin bieber and lily collins image

oscars, lily collins, and 2016 image

fashion, beautiful, and hair image

lily collins and dress image

black, elegant, and fashion image

lily collins image

lily collins, pretty, and actress image

abduction, actress, and fashion image

lily collins image

abduction, actress, and fashion image

beauty, fashion, and MET image

jasmine sanders image

dress, fashion, and model image

jasmine sanders image

celebrity, models, and revolve image

fashion, outfit, and street style image

blonde, model, and outfit image

celebrity and jasmine sanders image

jasmine sanders image


jasmine is in the middle if you can’t tell!

#photoshoot #clothes #collection #galoremagazine photographed by Michael Donovan

Jasmine for Lipsy London.

Image result for jasmine sanders instagram style

Image result for jasmine sanders instagram style

jasmine sanders image

these pics are from her actual instagram @golden_barbie courtesy of her stylist Jill Jacobs

the top and jeans are from Wet Seal and her sunglasses are from Nordstrom!

dress is from loversfriendsla/Revolve

Choker is from Maison Leger

Romper is from @itsnbd and the shoes are Saint Laurent



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