Paris Fashion Week X Giambattista Valli SS17

I adore this time of year, not because Halloween is just around the corner,  or that creamy caramel lattes and warm chocolate cookies are “on trend” again. But, Paris Fashion Week is hotter than ever! With the recent events that have been causing a ton of controversy in Paris, such as the Kim Kardashian robbery. It is quite difficult to hold Paris in a good light right now, but I think the Paris Fashion Week has taken everyone’s mind off the chaos and to just enjoy the fashion shows. Paris Fashion Week is all about having fun right?! so let’s have FUN, shall we?

Well I really fell in love with the Giambattista Valli Spring/Summer 2017  collection, it was all about the vintage vibes, the floral patterns and prints, very long flowing fabrics that exuded romance in every way possible. Vintage flower prints scream the 4 lettered word and that is Love. They are very elegant,  and have sort of an Alice & wonderland kind of twist. Sweet, comforting, non-resisting, you can’t get away from it. Hypnotizing. Heavenly. That kind of collection gives me ultimate satisfaction, it’s  what I call,fashion porn‘. *Not in the woman making love to another woman on the internet  kind of way*The collection is tasteful, vibrant, and amusing. Amusing to my heart, to my mind and my eyes. It’s passion is oozing onto the runway, filling my thoughts with fashion-y thoughts and fashion-y feelings.

I can’t describe it, I just feel it with this collection. Not just the obvious that Gigi Hadid is modeling the clothes and she looks super fierce while doing it, but it’s the way the designs are showcased, the vintage-y flower power clothing got me all vintage-d out, idk if that’s even a word, but whatever. It’s a good feeling, not a bad feeling. But i do have a feeling that this will be a short post since I have other words to say about this collection because it’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo god damn amazing. I summed it up right there. 3-words there you go. I’m done. But in all seriousness, I do feel like Paris has been through the ringer with these events, and people need to just focus on what is important, that is family, life, love, hope, beliefs, themselves, and the fashion. Ohh…I also want to give a shout out to Gigi for standing up to that creepy guy for assaulting her in Paris. That was super cool because not many women would be able to do that and face the men who assaulted them. I applaud you Gigi, you go girl! you were so strong! I wish I had the confidence to do that though..#brave

And finally…*Brittany’s daily advice*

Don’t let anyone bully you or try to manipulate you into becoming friends with them again if you told them you wish to not speak to them or stay friends with said person. Do not let them belittle you, trick you, push you around, and break you. You are your own person, you make your own decisions, don’t let anyone control your mind, thoughts, feelings or who you are with. You save yourself from those demons, you become stronger, you become brave, fierce and confident while doing so. Don’t let that person ruin what you have done in your life, don’t give them any satisfaction, don’t check up on them, don’t let them ruin your dreams that you have for yourself. If you are a person who has been through trauma, depression, bullying, etc. Don’t feed into the bs, just let it be. Let yourself heal and remind yourself that you will become great and do great and be a better person because you stood up to them. You become stronger every single day. You are a woman or man who can overcome these struggles and not let a person come into your life and destroy your happiness. Most importantly, never give up. Never back down. Never become your worst enemy, and never let a person do any of those things to you because you are worth it. You are a fighter. *this comes from personal experience recently*

yours truly,


Here is Giambattista Valli’s collection and a few tidbits of his other collections as well from Paris Fashion Week




photo from soierose tumblr

Gigi Hadid rockin it #lace photo courtesy of gihadidstyle tumblr

Romee Strijd backstage at the fashion show! #gorgeous #floralprints #vintagevibes #spring #summer #2017 photo from angel-romee-strijd tumblr

Photos from  miss-mandy-m tumblr

photo from (fuckyeahfashioncouture) tumblr #model #runway #fierce

photos from lula-loves tumblr

photo from gigihadid-news tumblr

close-up of the shoes on the runway #Giambattista. Photo from jordydior tumblr

photo of Gigi backstage from gigihadid-news tumblr

details #necklaces #vintage photo from (chulxa tumblr)

Sara Sampaio strutting her stuff! #lovely #beautiful #elegant #suchafan #gorge #croptop. Photo from sarasampaiorunway on tumblr

Photo from sofiazchoice tumblr

gigi backstage after the show! #outfitonfleek  photo from gihadidstyle

 Photos from miss-mandy-m

for the other half I will not copy and paste the tumblrs because it takes too much time! from the Giambattista Valli Couture Spring Summer 2016 collection


2 thoughts on “Paris Fashion Week X Giambattista Valli SS17

  1. Hi noire!
    Just to clarify, no I didn’t go to Paris fashion week. I saw the photos of this collection on tumblr and a few fashion websites! I wish I could have went but I did go to fashion week in nyc but not the Mercedes-Benz fashion week or the known ones, it was very private and small but was a great experience! You should read about it in my recent post called ‘my very first fashion week’ 🙂 but sorry to disappoint haha :/ thank you for the comment!

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