CONFESSION: I HAVE NEVER ACTUALLY BEEN TO FASHION WEEK IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. That’s the honest and whole truth. Let me tell you something, it definitely isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. There’s huge crowds of young girls and some men too wearing fancy designer ‘fru-fru’ clothing. And no I wasn’t one of those people. I came to a bunch of random people gawking at me with judgy eyes like “where did you come from?” I came to this event with no knowledge of who was going to be there or what was going to go down. I mean I have waited all my LIFE for this. How can I not be excited?! I was, but with caution and worry that my outfit looked like it came out of a cheap Macy’s catalog and hair too simple for these “richies”.
FYI: I went to style fashion week in NYC for my job as a fashion blogger/editor for Alpha Fashion Magazine.

A little play by play of my OOTN (*outfit of the night*)

Displaying received_10153896543373148.jpeg

*I look so awful, this is NOT ok omg. I look WAY different in photos than I do in person. (I wore makeup, but you can’t even see it) #liquideyeliner #nowyouseeitnowyoudont #concealer #myhairdidnotlooklikethatwhenIwent

Outfit: Matching crop top and skirt from Kohls

Shoes: DSW

Accessories: Black diamond choker from Forever 21

Belt scarf: my mom’s closet

I’m just a fashion-obsessed 22 year old who lives in Fresh Meadows, Queens surrounded by a bunch of hooligans walking around on the streets dressed in hoodies and blue jeans showing their boxers that are bought from small thrift shops on jewel avenue. I come from no fancy-shmancy area and do not have a Birkin Bag, nor do I shop at Bergdorf Goodman. I don’t own a Michael Kors watch. And I don’t wear Balmain, Fendi, Chanel, Puma, not even Gucci or Ralph Lauren. ….My fashion ‘safe-haven’ involves a lot of Forever 21, H&M, Charlotte Russe and the oh-so fabulous but not-so glam American Eagle. So excuse me if I don’t fit in. But jokes aside, it was a delightful evening. Camera men snapping away, *lights, camera, runway*. Models fiercely cat-walking up a storm and wearing very beautiful layers of designs, patterns, prints, flower-power and all. Beneath the hustle & bustle coming from the runway, it reminded me of where I came from, my roots. The Big Apple. The city that “never sleeps”. The place where fashion is welcomed with open arms and people are treated like royalty. Kings and queens of the fashion world.

OK enough ranting. Back to the RUNWAY. The models wore little masks of white and silver on their chiseled faces to go with the theme, sort of a twist on the infamous white mask from the beloved ‘Phantom of the opera’ (one of my all-time favorite movies and plays!). The collection itself was designed by Project Runway’s Patricia Michaels. It was very Alexander McQueen-y which I loved. Because it’s not often that you see models holding artsy umbrellas while strutting their stuff on the runway every day, do you?! No! That to me is…..quite special. But it wasn’t just the art, my heart was in it, body, soul and mind. I was picturing myself wearing Patricia’s creations. I normally don’t. Unless it’s Versace or Marc Jacobs. I’m totally name-dropping right now I know…sorry! The ambience, the grace this collection presented to me was magnificent. I hadn’t seen anything that beautiful or interesting. The flowing fabric, silk, monochrome tones, the beading, the feathers, had me at hello rather than a ‘goodbye’.
My whole perspective changed at that moment. I was more focused on the designs than anything else. I didn’t care about the people sitting beside me in Burberry suits or if a girl my age gave me the ‘cold shoulder’. Because I honestly was in the moment and DID NOT F*CKING CARE. All I wanted was to see a good fashion show, and so I did. *INTRODUCING DESIGNER Orlando Dugi* this collection was even better. Pink glittery goodness, flowing tule skirts and dresses that had me wanting to walk onto that runway and literally grab the designs off the models bodies so I can wear them…and maybe even give some to my friends. It gave me LIFE.
In spite of everything that had happened when I first came to fashion week, it really turned things around. At the end, I enjoyed every minute of it and am extremely grateful for the experience. I was able to learn more about fashion, more than I ever did before. I did my best to represent. #NYCGirl and I loved the designs, the atmosphere of it all. In the process, I saw people for who they really are, whether rich or poor, fancy outfit or not. Most importantly how women can be very competitive with one another. This industry can be cut-throat, but I’m confident I can take it in stride and be a total bad-ass fashion writer.
And here are two special videos for my readers.

The Orlando Dugi collection showcased at style fashion week 2016 on Saturday September 10th (the day I went)

Orlando Dugi’s fashion Documentary Series! #fabulous

I would like to thank Kareem Irby (Alpha Fashion Magazine’s CEO/Founder/Editor) for letting me attend Style Fashion week, also getting the ticket as well.

Alpha Fashion Magazine website: & contact page:

You can contact me or Kareem there for inquiries on modeling, photography, etc.

P.S. some photos of mine from the runway shows and Style Fashion week’s Instagram from that day are below (I DO NOT OWN THE INSTAGRAM ONES!).


backstage #Makeup #Hair from @stylefw’s #Instagram


#Instagram #Stylefashionweek #PatriciaMichaels @STYLEFW

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Red carpet swag #RedCarpet #StyleFashionWeek #MyPhoto #Booties #HighFashion

Displaying IMAG0114.jpg

3 peas in a pod. #StyleFashionWeek #Photography #VintageVibes

Displaying IMAG0112.jpg

boho inspo #FashionWeek #Boho #VintageSunglasses

Displaying IMAG0111.jpg

heels all day #MyPhoto #SorryAboutTheFarDistance #TryingToCaptureIt #Perfectionist

Displaying IMAG0118.jpg

side to side #KneeHighBoots #FeelingIt



Adrian Alicea Collection/finale (I didn’t get to see this one!) I left at 6:30 btw. from #instagram #StyleFashionWeek

#PatriciaMichaels #Models from @stylefw’s #Instagram

#OrlandoDugi #Instagram @stylefw

Patricia Michaels Finale #Instagram #StyleFashionWeek #NYC #Runway

Patricia Michaels Collection video! #NotMyVideo #StyleFashionWeek #NewYorkCity #CityOfLights #Fashion #Cattwalk

Here are some images from other collections showcased at Style Fashion Week!

Image from style fashion week’s Intagram #DexterFlawk #Collection #ProjectRunway

Spring/Summer’17 color splash designed by Mario Delatorre #instagram

#Spring #Instagram @stylefw #DavidTupaz

Malan Breton backstage at @stylefw #instagram

Anthony Rubio’s collection from #instagram

Vintage inspo from #MalanBreton’s Spring/Summer’17 collection #instagram #stylefashionweek

Video of Ydamys Simo collection from instagram @stylefw

dress from Anthony Rubio’s Collection #instagram #stylefw

David Tupaz collection from instagram #stylefw

Mario Delatorre’s collection from instagram #stylefw

#krashae collection from @stylefw #instagram

LA FASHION WEEK #instagram @stylefwla

Outfits from #StyleFashionWeekLA on #Instagram #CoralCastillo #Fall #pastdesigns

#HelenLee #instagram @stylefw

#StylefwLA #Instagram

#StyleFashionWeekLA #Instagram

From one fashionista to another,



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