My VMAs Best Dressed nominees

Rihanna, Britney and Beyonce. I should call them the 3 soul sisters of music. #squadgoalsaf But it was my girl riri who knocked them both “off” the VMA stage. Not literally though. I mean musically. Let me remind you she did win the Michael Jackson Vanguard award and performed 4 times OKAY?! Oh and guess what? DRAKE (riri’s bae) PRESENTED THE AWARD TO HER AND IN HIS SPEECH HE FINALLY GOT THE COURAGE TO ADMIT THAT HE’S BEEN “IN LOVE WITH HER SINCE HE WAS 22 YEARS OLD!!!! I died. Then he gave rihanna a kiss and another kiss and they held hands getting off the stage together OKAYYYYY.

I mean can you top that? No. Well rihanna gave a soulful rendition of stay and love on the brain towards the end (before drake declared his love for riri) But in all seriousness Rihanna nailed each performance and she looked HOT while doing it. So did pop queen rivals Britney and Queen Beyonce. Smashing cameras, fire death traps, rejecting a kiss from G-EAZY on stage while performing Make Me, singing about husband’s infidelities, oooh scandalous! The real “culprit” of the VMAs was the style.

A little black dress with a sexy slit that would bring ALL the boys to the yard or should I say men? An angelic ice blue priestess and practically naked in a silvery-white jumpsuit concoction. I would say yeah the carpet was definitely on FIRE and had me going….where is Demi and Selena to contribute to this FIRE rn? But it just occurred to me that both are very busy, one is on tour with her Ex-bf’s brother and the other is on vacation taking time off tour to take care of herself (you go girls!). Okay well it is safe to say that there were a lot of ‘best dressed’ women on that red carpet….for me at least lol. I just want to touch on something though, there is a difference between sexy and slutty which not many celebs know. I’m not shading anyone particular but I think that in order to conduct yourself as a real woman you need to dress appropriately. You have young girls looking up to YOU, naming YOU their idol. Have some respect for yourself and stop showing your lady parts that don’t need to be exposed at an award show in front of millions of viewers. it’s not a fashion statement. Although I am all for showing off your bodies to the world but NOT in a place like the VMAs. (Emmys and Grammy awards is fine like that’s super okay) Do it on your own time, in your own house, or at a party, dinner date, whatever that may be.

You owe it to your young fans.  I do respect a woman’s body wholeheartedly, like I love the whole freedom of expression and women who have the courage to do that. Remember you are at an award show, on a red carpet, with cameras and all that stuff. Don’t you think it’s better to do it with friends or the after-party or taking pics for Instagram? Sexy is not being slutty, it’s sophisticated, sassy, chic and most importantly not about exposing body parts. It’s about being confident in your skin, but not doing it for attention, or the cameras and having self-respect.

With that being said, I loved the VMAs so much, it gave me so much feels especially with the whole drake speech, pouring his heart out to Rihanna.Made my night tho. So enjoy my best dressed nominees! P.S. riri & drake 4eva lol

 no but for real….

Brittany’s daily ADVICE: don’t ever feel obligated to take off your clothes just because a guy wants you to, it’s wrong. And don’t let a man force you to do anything you don’t want to do because you are not weak, you are strong women, tell him you are not that girl. You’re a fighter. Fight to keep your body yours, fight to not give away what you will loose by a man.  NO means NO.

Please do me a favor and comment below, tell me your thoughts/opinions on the VMAs, riri’s killer performances & the style on the red carpet! #bestdressednominees


rihanna, singer, and background image

riri details

2016, dark, and gif image


2016, rihanna, and vmas image


Drake, rihanna, and vmas image

Drake & riri  #love

britney spears and vmas image

LBD = Little Black Dress

vmas and britney spears image

beyoncé, mtv, and vmas image

QUEEN BEY #Beyonce #VMAs #MTV #Fierce

beyoncé, vmas, and vma image

bey wining them all #awards

beyoncé, vmas, and lemonade image

beyoncé, blue ivy, and vmas image

beyoncé, blue ivy, and vmas image

blue & bey

vmas, lemonade, and queen b image

awards, queen bey, and gif image

#women #femalevideo #holdup

beyoncé and vmas image

halsey and vmas image

halsey and vmas image

2016, halsey, and vma image

VMAs after-party

2016, gif, and vmas image

hailey baldwin, model, and vmas image

Hailey Baldwin #vmas #jumpsuit

vmas and hailey baldwin image

hailey baldwin, vmas, and model image

after party, beauty, and classy image

#vmas #afterparty #heels #littlewhitedress #H&M #Guess

vmas, teen wolf, and holland roden image

Holland Roden

ally brooke, lauren jauregui, and camila cabello image

lauren jauregui, fifth harmony, and 5h image

fifth harmony, girl, and 5h image

girl, fifth harmony, and fashion image

beyoncé image

Beyonce’s white lace dress details.

ariana grande, vmas, and ariana image

Ariana Grande aka Ari #lovehervoice #styleicon #socute

gif, girls, and performance image

Ari and Nicki #SideToSide #performance #fire

ariana grande, vmas, and ariana image

Details of Ari’s all black outfit

ariana grande and ariana image

pink & white #arianasgetup #barbievibes

ariana grande image

Close-up #thosenails

dnce, Naomi Campbell, and Joe Jonas image

Naomi Campbell dress+ shoe details!

Naomi Campbell, fashion, and model image

her original dress #modelpose

celeb, celebrity, and fashion image

Zara Larsson

celeb, celebrity, and fashion image


dress, fashion, and nyc image

Joan Smalls

model, taylor hill, and fashion image

Taylor Hill & Jasmine Tookes

model, mtv, and vmas image

hailee steinfeld, red carpet, and vmas image

Hailee Steinfeld

boys, celeb, and nick image

Nick Jonas

ariana grande, dnce, and Joe Jonas image

2016, carpet, and hairstyle image

Ashley Graham #loveher #model #poise #slickedbackhairdo #wet

dress, ashley graham, and fashion image

the front is mesmerizing! #ashleygraham

vmas, hloe, and halle bailey image

ah love their outfits, so unique & vintage! #dope #boho #floralprints

ariana grande, vmas, and aly raisman image

Ari & the amazing girls! #Olympians #AlyRaisman #SimoneBiles #LaurieHernandez #MadisonKocian

aly raisman, simone biles, and laurie hernandez image

#SquadGoals #girls #ruletheworld #women #talented #Olympians

model, blonde, and vmas image

Stella Maxwell #boho #vintage #hippie

beyoncé, lemonade, and mtv image

SQUAD #WinnieHarlow

winnie harlow image


art, winnie harlow, and chantelle winnie image

Somebody did this drawing of Winnie, so I wanted to post it on here cause it’s so pretty! #WinnieHarlow #Model #Photography #confident #beautiful

boyfriend, dating, and girlfriend image

vmas, mtv, and beyoncé image

dance, vmas 2016, and gif image

beyoncé, 2016, and mtv vma image

bey’s hair details

2016, b&w, and beautiful image

#beyscloseup #queen

black women, Drake, and gif image

black women, Drake, and gif image

#yougogirl #riri #navy #fierce #fire

rihanna and vmas image

Princess Rihanna

rihanna and vmas image

beyoncé and vmas 2016 image

holland roden, teen wolf, and vma image

close-up of Hollen

red carpet and vmas image

beyoncé, mtv, and vmas image

rihanna, vanguard, and vmas image

rihanna, vmas, and pink image



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