Today should be called woman crushย  Model Muse Tuesday because Cindy Crawford duh. But in all seriousness, I love Cindy, she is one of the most beautiful models I have ever seen laid eyes on. Growing up I had a lot of insecurities, I was super thin (still am), nerdy and wore braces through most of my middle school and high school days. Long story short…I WAS A HOT MESS.ย  I thought I looked completely unattractive and had no confidence whatsoever. *Cue the depressed emo girl emojis*. And bullying from other girls didn’t help either, it only made my confidence and self-esteem less visible and non-existent. Guys couldn’t bear to look my way, always calling me anorexic or weird.

I wasn’t. I was just me. I would go home and cry, yell, do anything to let my emotions out. But the cure to happiness wasn’t a huge tub of vanilla ice cream and an ice cold beverage or sulking on the bathroom floor or in a bathtub while listening to sad girl music from the 2000’s. Nor was it to feel sorry for myself and look for pity from my family or elsewhere. It was looking at Cindy Crawford’s gorgeous face on the cover of an old ripped up 1986 vogue magazine at a Barnes and nobles bookstore. (They had this cool fashion magazine section that I loved and would sit there oohing and awing at what was inside the magazines, I was a real magazine fanatic!)ย  Her sense of style, her grace, poise made me want to be as confident as she was. Fashion was my muse, my everything so Iย  decided that she would be my fashion icon or model icon if you will. Cindy had this aura about her, I don’t know what but she made me believe that I was pretty, that I could be a model one day, I mean if this whole ‘fashionista faZe‘ would die down or whatever.

ย There is something about her that I just adore, maybe it is the way she dresses, carries herself, or her authentic personality. She is so down-to earth, charismatic, a real girl’s girl, you know? someone who gets you. Cindy isn’t just a pretty face, she’s everything.ย  Many people in the fashion industry probably thought that at first because Cindy has this American-girl next door figure and beauty. But I think it’s because she comes from a good home and treats everyone with such respect. Especially women.Sometimes supermodels have this kind of ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude. Self-righteousness. Entitled to do certain things. (Yes I am giving you a definition lesson here, maybe you’ll learn something) In other words, they think they’re the shit. When in reality these women are just stone-cold bitches who laugh in your face every time you fail at something. Sort of like what I had to deal with when I was younger.

Trust me, that attitude gets you no where in life. But Cindy Crawford is not like that.ย  She is just not. Okay?! No but for reals, she’s the and so is her mini-me lookalike daughter Kaia Gerber. OMGG Kaia looks just like Cindy, if you look at old pictures of her from when she was a teen. THEY COULD BE SISTERS. But yeah Kaia is BEYOND gorgeous and her fashion sense is even better. Like WAYYYY BETTER. Even following in her mother’s footsteps by modeling for many magazines, photo-shoots and fashion campaigns, such as LOVE magazine, Cindy did her makeup (#makeupgoals) while model & friend of the family Kendall Jenner photographed Kaia.

And might I say that it was extremely classy, elegant and beautiful. I loved the fact that Cindy was able to bond with Kaia during the shoot and give her some modeling advice. #MotherDaughterGoals But also to lend a hand, a hand of support and to help her daughter in any way she can. The roles were basically reversed, Cindy wasn’t the model this time. but i think whatever job she has, it will always be great and be something fun, less fancy and not feeling the pressure of being in front of the camera. I mean it is a tough job to do because you’re always concerned about looking good or trying too hard to fit in with other models.

The pressure is what makes everything seem so less glamorous and more about being the perfect model. Cindy taught me to not base everything on looks and just be yourself, be you, be who you want and always be the best you can be, and not listen to the critics. The nay-Sayers. Because nobody is PERFECT. Nobody can be. It’s about seeing flaws within you and accepting them, accepting them for what they are. Whether you are a makeup artist, a secret photographer, an aspiring supermodel, a fashion blogger or a nerd who loves reading comic books. You can be anything you want. Don’t let people discredit your work, or what you do because they are just trying to make themselves feel better. Don’t give up, live, learn and accept yourself for who you are, not what you can’t be.

To Cindy Crawford, you are my fashion muse. You mean everything to me and I truly adore you. Keep on rocking it! Because you’re one of a kind girl! #womancrush #modelmuse

Here are some photos of Cindy and her lovely daughter Kaia Gerber! Enjoy. xx

P.S. do me a favor and leave a comment below, tell me some of your fave iconic Cindy Crawford fashion moments in fashion history!

cindy crawford, model, and fashion image

cindy crawford image

woman in red

model, cindy crawford, and style image

red, vogue, and cindy crawford image

model, fashion, and cindy crawford image

Cindy X Linda Evangelista

cindy crawford image

rocker chick

cindy crawford and 90's image

black and white, beach, and cindy crawford image

cindy crawford, Pepsi, and model image

pepsi ah i loved this commercial!

cindy crawford image

chanel, model, and 1994 image

OMGG i love this outfit on her, but her hair tho. #rockerhairdochick

1993, beautiful, and dress image

cindy crawford and model image

hippy and cindy crawford image

vintage denim

cindy crawford, shoes, and dress image


cindy crawford and stevengomillion image

bambi, cindy crawford, and fashion image

haha love this. #cindcrawford

90's, babe, and brunette image

cindy crawford image

model image

cindy crawford, linda evangelista, and and naomi campbell image

beauty queen, cindy crawford, and damn image

mhm you better listen to my girl Cindy!

cindy crawford, icon, and legend image

dress, red carpet, and cindy crawford image

she still is rocking it on the carpet!

beauty, makeup, and cindy crawford image

ย model and cindy crawford image

cindy crawford image

cindy crawford image

cindy crawford image

1990s, 90s, and black dress image

love this photo, I think she looks absolutely fabulous here. #Runway

cindy crawford and bailmain image


cindy crawford, model, and 90's image

cindy crawford image

cindy crawford, models, and Naomi Campbell image

Cindy X Naomi Campbell

cindy crawford image

beautiful, dress, and cindy crawford image

cindy crawford and model image

cindy crawford and model image

1989, Taylor Swift, and decorations image

Cindy wrote a book called BECOMING. #amazing #notmytable

kendall jenner, met gala, and cindy crawford image

She looks so pretty here with Kendall. #StillGotIt

love magazine and kaia gerber image

Kaia for LOVE magazine photographed by Kendall Jenner

model image


cindy crawford, kaia gerber, and model image

Like mother, like daughter. #goals #voguemagazine @Voguemagazine

kaia gerber, model, and Moschino image


model, kaia gerber, and gold image


kaia gerber image

so photogenic like Cindy! #genes #Kaia #lovely #sopretty

kaia gerber and fashion image

bts for Miu Miu Campaign!

kaia gerber image

kaia gerber image

Kaia for @TeenVogue

kaia gerber image


kaia gerber and model image

her eyes. Gorgeous.

kaia gerber image\

Kaia getting ready for a photo shoot!

kaia gerber image

kaia gerber image

beach, coachella, and girl image

Coachella chic

kaia gerber and model image

kaia gerber image

trench coat grunge

alexander wang, fashion, and model image

she’s too cute! #AlexanderWang

model and kaia gerber image

miu miu, kaia gerber, and campaign 2016 image

Kaia for Miu Miu

kaia gerber image

kaia gerber, beautiful, and girl image


kaia gerber, girl, and model image

fashion, girl, and coffee image

Sunglasses X Starbucks X Vintage X Leather

kaia gerber and model image

brent, gerber, and kaia image

I love Kaia’s pink choker and that nude-beige-y tank, so grunge! #instafashion pics from @weheartit

gerber, kaia, and img model image

kaia gerber image

cindy crawford, fashion, and mode image


fashion, made, and mode image

Kaia and her brother Presely

2016, model, and style image

LOVE. #grunge #allblack

fashion, dress, and style image

Kaia’s Balmain dress is the!

outfits, style, and beautiful image

like two peas in a pod ๐Ÿ™‚ #motherlylove #fashion #women

beautiful, cindy crawford, and fashion image

kaia gerber instagram image

kaia gerber hot image

denim gurl

kaia gerber hot image






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