Since as long as I can remember, I have been a huge Lauren Conrad fan aka ‘LC’ starting with Laguna Beach, then The Hills. I feel like I’ve grown up with her in a way, watching Lauren earn a spot as a fashion intern for  Teen Vogue’s Lisa Love and People’s Revolution  American Fashion Publicist Kelly Cutrone who gave me serious emo girl vibes wearing the all  black ensemble (LOVED IT! #grunge). That was every girls dream, and my dream. From there on she became a fashion sensation in the fashion industry. Sort of a fashion guru. I idolized her and still do. She became my idol, and my favorite fashionista who rocked any outfit Lauren wore, whether it was over-sized sunglasses paired with a low-cut creme colored top and skinny jeans that hugged her curves, maybe some black stilettos too. Or her signature maxi-dress and  boho-inspired braided up-do.

There were so many looks that I really liked, some adored and maybe loved a little too much that I tried to replicated but failed ever so miserably. Lauren is without a doubt, the most stylish woman in the fashion business and I don’t care if anyone disagrees with that statement because it’s the damn truth okay?! Have you seen her out and about in LA? She’s like a modern day Audrey Hepburn. Classy, confident and chic AF. And she now rocks the straight/wavy sophisticated wifey vibes hairdo idk what that is but yeah I made it up. TRANSLATION: ‘grown sexy’. What I absolutely love about Lauren is that she is like the coolest chick ever and never let’s the Hollywood hype get to her head. Even when she was on the hills, it really didn’t bother her, you know being in the limelight like that, all the paparazzi and cameras everywhere. I get why she wanted to leave the show, she was the show obviously, the girl who ended up living her dream in the fashion world and learning from her mistakes. Because not everybody is perfect like Jennifer Aniston (sorry I’m totally name-dropping right now!) . At least that’s what I think lol. But the show definitely opened up my eyes to the fashion industry more and what it actually is about and it’s a lot of hard work, dedication and definitely worth the dream. 

HOW TF did she do it? deal with the publicity from the show while living her fashion dream? Well, I think Lauren would say that it’s all about balance and just embrace what life has given you. But actually it’s hard, really hard. She did it the right way. And I commend her for that. Coming out of that show really gave her the opportunity to start fresh, a new leaf with numerous clothing lines and #1 best selling books. I mean, what can’t this girl do? Lauren also created her own website featuring many of her favorite topics. Fashion, style, lifestyle,food, fitness, a cute little DIY section, and items from her boutique/collection that you can buy and wear. Now that’s serious #WebsiteGoals.

In all honesty, I used to think becoming a fashion designer or fashion writer was impossible or that I could not do it. But having Lauren Conrad as my fashion idol turned the impossible into something that would be possible. She has made me realize that people sometimes are going to take advantage of you and your work, but to never let them take your true talent away. Most importantly Lauren taught me a lot about friendships, love and following your dreams. If it wasn’t for her I probably wouldn’t have pursued a career in fashion in the first place. I would be sitting in an office and doing filing, fixing computers or stapling papers. super boring and not really productive…unless you’re like staple paper happy or whatever and like doing that stuff.

But really it’s all thanks to Lauren for her encouragement, confidence and style that allowed me to follow that dream and become a fashion guru/writer, also a woman with kickass sense of style. I hope to one day follow in the footsteps of Lauren and work for Teen Vogue or any other magazine of my choice. I’m 21, turning 22 this August, I still have a lot to learn from you Lauren but I’m willing to listen, do some soul-searching and just go out there and achieve my goal.

Here’s the link to Lauren’s website: for you all to visit and check out on your own time! go and buy some items from her collection, it’s super chic & very fashionable!

Love you Lauren, you truly inspire me! xx

From one fashionista to another…

wedding, bride, and hair image

the details. Lauren’s Veil is the perfect combination of elegant and princess-y

classy, girly, and inspiration image

style and lauren conrad image

#grungevibes #darklipstick

hair, hairstyle, and blonde image

lauren conrad, silk dress, and black blazer image

blond, celebrity, and fashion image

hair, lauren conrad, and purple image

this image is from Lauren’s website!

lauren conrad image

#Memories #TeenVogue #InternLife

fashion, lauren conrad, and style image

bitch, girl, and quote image


lauren conrad image

flowers, hair, and lauren conrad image

LC #collection

princess tulle skirt goals

flower power!

hair goals 🙂

lauren conrad and style image

fashion, lauren conrad, and pink image

photo courtesy of WHOWHATWEAR

fashion, shoes, and heels image

shoes & books. great combo but also because her ‘style’ book is underneath those gorgeous looking pair of heels.

love, wedding, and kiss image

Her wedding dress was equally feminine and sexy. #lace #wedding #love #williamtell

lauren conrad, fashion, and beautiful image

fashion, bun, and lauren image

fashion, lauren conrad, and style image

lauren conrad, fashion, and floral image

That Chanel bag is perfection!

bag, blazer, and caramelo image

Get Lauren’s style. #Zara #starstyle

bag, blazer, and caramelo image

photography, fashion, and lauren conrad image

lauren conrad, hair, and blackberry image


lauren conrad, outfit, and style image

fashion, girl, and lauren conrad image

blond, hair, and fashion image

fashion image

#inspo #fashion #style #clothes

fashion, dress, and conrad image

blonde bombshell


old-Hollywood glam

a closer look at the back of Lauren’s wedding dress! #LOVE #amazing #beautiful

Mr & Mrs Tell

casual chic



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