There must have been something in the LA air last night when Kim K attacked Tay Tay swift on TWITTER and SNAPCHAT for no reason saying that Taylor “lied” about the “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex” infamous song lyric. Their feud  with the country singer-songwriter-turned pop songstress  was even showcased also on the new KUWTK episode. Kim stooped to the lowest of levels by calling her a snake on social media causing outrage from several fans of Taylor Swift, including Swift’s BFF Selena Gomez who defended her.

Selena is the coolest woman ever. so brave. Absolutely what every woman should do, speak out and have your voice heard.

you go girl! Then all hell broke loose. Chloe Grace Moretz also tweeted about the feud causing Khloe K to clap back with a rather rude reply followed by Ruby Rose giving Khloe a piece of her mind.


And here is my HONEST opinion. WHY? why is everyone fighting? pop stars vs pop stars vs actresses vs two stupid reality TV stars who have obviously zero respect for other young women and like to cause drama Vs Taylor swift who did nothing to deserve all this hatred. I do not condone any type of bullying, name-calling or ‘dragging’. I used to listen to Taylor Swift’s songs and albums all the time. I still do, but not as much as I used to. I still think she is one of the greatest artists out there. I love her confidence, voice and all that she stands for. I don’t for one second believe she would do anything maliciously to hurt anyone.  I do admire her as a person and most importantly someone who can make a difference in this world of violence and again hatred. Nobody should be pinning anyone against each other, why is everyone fighting for? what’s the point really? To cause more hatred and more drama? Women should respect, value and love each other for who they are, not because they are famous or unfit or not as stylish or talented enough.

Why is it always women vs women? It should not be a competition over who’s the best singer or who has sold more albums. Stop this nonsense. Stop the bullying. stop the name-calling. stop trying to be the BEST. Nobody is. Nobody will be. Selena is right, there are more important things out there to be dealt with or to talk about than some silly feud between women in Hollywood or some stupid song. Why are women fighting with one another? why can’t we all just get along and reminisce about the good times rather than the bad times. Why can’t women embrace one another without talking shit behind each others backs as a way to make them feel good about themselves?

Why tweet about it? Why Facebook about it? Why. Why. Why. does it always have to be a fight? Khloe, you are fighting with a 19 year old girl who has probably more talent than you do. Why are you fighting with a teen? She’s obviously a lot smarter than you. Sending a nasty tweet attached with a private photo of a young woman, that was supposed to remain PRIVATE, is not only petty. But it’s disgusting, rude and exploitative. How would you like it if someone did that to you on social media? would you laugh then? would you say “OMG THAT’S NOT FAIR, I’M SUING THEM FOR SLANDER AND VIOLATION OF PRIVACY!”

Honey-pie, think again. Because that is exactly what you are doing to Chloe. You are violating her rights as a woman and exploiting her for your own satisfaction. Quite frankly it’s pathetic and WRONG. I used to think you were so smart,  but now you’re just a mean Regina George with hatred in your little heart.

And you’re just sitting there on your high-horse, all mighty thinking you did nothing wrong like:


 Khloe K,  you dug your own hole by sending out that tweet. And Khloe? You are the a-hole. not her. I don’t care if it was your sister Kim, Kourtney or Kylie. You disrespected a young girl who didn’t deserve to be treated like that. I understand Kim is your sister. But you do not go attacking somebody else on social media because you are mad AF and don’t care anymore. Think before you speak..or should I say tweet? #byefelicia

I love that Selena went ahead and voiced her opinion on this matter. She’s a beautiful woman and has a kind soul. I’m not taking sides. But I do agree with you Selena very much so. You are one bright young lady. TBH: I thought with all the mean tweets you are getting that you would cave and give up on social media all together or delete your tweets. You deleted one of them, but that’s okay because I don’t think that fan’s question had anything to do with what was going on in the first place. You carried yourself with so much grace, bravery and honesty that I almost cried. Literally. You were great. You did great. It was really the most honest I have ever seen you Selena. And for that I will admire you forever.

Kim, Kim, Kim. Oh lord. I have sooo much to say to you miss thang. You have done enough when you proved to be the cattiest of all the women living in LA.

You are a mother of two. I wonder when/if North & Saint west see your tweets, what will they think? How will they react to this? Because the TRUTH is, you are attacking Taylor Swift for your own benefit & attention. To prove something. When there is nothing to prove. You are demeaning someone’s character. You are damaging someone’s hard work, career and life by putting all this shit out there. You are the reason why women are fighting, attacking each other right now. Kim sit your pretty little, balmain-wearing ass down. You had no right to release that information to the public, even though you already did, one SNAPCHAT AFTER ANOTHER. You think releasing information that  was supposed to again remain private on social media is going to get you an award? Think again Mrs, break the internet Kardashian-West. It is illegal to record someone without them knowing. What you did is ILLEGAL. You need to learn the consequences of your actions and accept the fact that Taylor Swift is and will always be Queen Tay Tay.

You are the culprit of all the drama going down on social media, you will never learn because you honestly don’t give a f*ck about anyone other than yourself or your famous friends. Go do something important for a change, like I don’t know, maybe…donate money to a charity for a good cause. Go to Africa and visit the sick kids, see how they live, feel for them not because you’re doing it for money or a reality TV show. Do it because you want to help others, show the world YOU REALLY CARE. Not for hype. Don’t sit in your fancy house, and wear your fancy designer clothes and talk shit about other people online and on TV. You complain about having been bullied/trashed online by people just sitting behind a computer who have no idea what you do behind closed doors. And that everyone needs to stop the hate, attacking YOU.

Kim, you are doing the same thing to Taylor Swift. Maybe you didn’t know how much damage was done, maybe you didn’t think when you were tweeting it. But you did. Nobody else did it for you. Nobody controlled YOU. You did it all on your own Kimberly. And It’s called CYBERBULLYING. Ever heard of that? If you haven’t,  maybe you should look it up. Bullying another woman because you want to get some sort of revenge on them or prove they are lying is not the answer. Be a woman and own up to your mistake. Don’t start a war and cry ‘woe is me’. It’s not going to work this time. Like my grandfather always says: “you made your bed, now lie in it.”

You’ll be fancying yourself a drink after what I just said Kim.TRUST me on this.  And I think you should since you have tweeted so much about Taylor Swift in the past week, you need a long break. Because what you did was disgusting and just plain mean. Save your tears for someone who cares girl.

Taylor, your instagram caption read:”That moment when Kanye West secretly records your phone call, then Kim posts it on the Internet” SLAY TAYLOR, SLAY GIRL. #proud. Taylor Swift’s response to all this is very much needed and dare I say AMAZING. With grace, dignity and confidence she spoke her peace. Taylor has my vote. I never thought I would say this. Because I don’t really listen to her music much now but I also think it’s because I grew out of the pop music stage of my life lol. At first I didn’t know who to believe or what to think. I thought picking sides was incredibly immature and stupid to be totally honest with you Taylor . I really love how you  have held your composure through all of this. It’s tough. I have been in your place. Bullied to the point of not wanting to come forward and voice my opinion or how I really feel and not wanting to face those ‘bullies’ head on. But got the courage to do it because I felt it was the right thing to do for me, myself and I. For my own sanity. For everything that i hoped to be and become. Your sweet soul has now become something that I have embraced. I see now that you are not just coming forward with your response because you just want this war to end or to shut people up once and for all. But for you. and only you. To stand up against your bullies. To fix what has been damaged.

And I just want to finish off this letter by saying BRAVO Taylor. You made me a fan again. I’ll even start listening to your music again MORE. You made me believe in you again. You made me want to confront my bullies again. You surprised me. You are not a victim, you are a survivor, a helping hand, an innocent. You showed Kim you are not going to let her bully you without standing up for yourself, as a woman with a heart of gold and voice like an angel. You are teaching young girls to come forward and tell their stories, to be confident, to reach for their goals. You are making me more of a woman. Teaching ME not to be afraid of other women who are more strong, more developed, more smart or even more prettier than me. You taught me that life is what you make it, you taught me to get up and take charge. Most of all, you are my ROLE MODEL.

To all you young women in LA, maybe it’s time to stop fighting and embracing one another for who each other is. Stop talking shit, calling each other ‘bitches’ and ‘hoes’ just because you see the other woman going on a date with other famous men or good looking men. Don’t beat around the bush, tell each other how you feel, realize that you are all beautiful, *one in the same* and stop apologizing for what you did wrong,  and be proud of what you did right.

P.S. Taylor, Shake the bullies off. And stay true to you.

selena gomez, demi lovato, and delena image

Selena + Demi = Long time friends. #workitout #sitdownandtalk #nodrama #embrace

Forgive, forget and love one another


#women #singers #talented #equal

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remember the good times.

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demi/selena & taylor = friendship.

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Love Brittany.

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