True love: does it exist?

Today’s post is all about love. strong, deep passionate, stand on a balcony and confess your undying love for one another while happy tears fall down the sides of your cheeks TRUE LOVE. In all honesty, I was just watching the movie ‘Letters to Juliet’ with Amanda Seyfried (Sophie, a fact-checker/aspiring writer for The New Yorker) who goes to Italy with her fiance Victor on a little honeymoon before she gets married and later dumps him because she no longer is in love with him, because he spends all his time cooking, and talking about old stinky wine and cheeses. Long story short she comes across this wall of letters to the one & only Juliet Capulet. Sophie finds a letter hidden inside the wall writtenΒ  in 1975 by Claire Smith looking for her one, ‘true love’ Lorenzo Bartolinis whom she loved since the age of 15 years old. Sophie goes on a journey with Claire and her douche-bag of a grandson Charlie (he lost his parents, and his grandmother is now the caretaker) . In the beginning he was mean, difficult and basically a prick.

But his soft side comes out when Charlie starts developing a kinship with Sophie that eventually leads to him falling deeply in love with her. Sophie brings Lorenzo and Claire together once and for all after searching all over Italy for her long-lost lover. Lorenzo is introduced to her while getting back from a horse ride, he gets off his horse, slowly walks up to Claire (as does she), their eyes meet, they remember their lost love now found.

All thanks to one girl and an old letter. At the end, Lorenzo introduces Claire to his extended family and closest friends. Sophie goes off to New York, dumps Victor her fiance who probably didn’t really give two shits about where she was or who she was with or what she was doing. He did not care at all about her dreams, aspirations or her love. She finds out Lorenzo and Claire are to marry in Italy. She goes back and is all dolled up for the event and sees Charlie. Sophie has fallen in love with him, deeply. Passionately. Lorenzo and Claire marry with Sophie at Claire’s side. Claire reads the letter that Sophie wrote to her in response to Claire’s own letter (I failed to mention that in the beginning, Sophie finds this group of women who are called ‘Juliet’s Secretaries’ who write letters to all the women writing letters to Juliet). It’s quite complicated, but she writes a letter to Claire about finding her true love Lorenzo. In turn she meets her and the 3 of them bond while trying to find him.

What was I saying before? oh right. Claire reads Sophie’s letter out loud at the wedding. Sophie with tears in her eyes knows the truth. She loves Charlie with all her heart, but is still hurting from dumping her boyfriend. But sees that Charlie really is THE ONE for her. Claire thanks Sophie for all that she done for her. Sophie is emotional but thankful to have met Claire. She runsΒ  away from the wedding. Charlie runs after her. He yells her name, she goes out onto the balcony, looks down and sees him standing there. Sophie realizes shes Juliet. He’s her Romeo. And their love is real. He professes his love for her and she too. With a surprising twist Charlie falls off the branch and onto the ground when trying to kiss her. She runs down and crouches her body onto his, tears in her eyes as she grabs his face and kisses him but knows that Lorenzo and Claire are nearby. They saw the whole thing go down.

It’s a complete love fest. or should I say true love? So the question is here, does true love really exist or is it all just a bunch of bologna? From experience, since I do have a boyfriend and we have been together for a year now. I think yes it does exist if you meet the right person and they treat you with respect, care for you, will kiss and hug you every night/ morning, telling you how beautiful you are and smile bright when you do something cute or embarrassing such as sing like a canary . There’s nothing a man won’t do for you because they know how to treat a woman, and that’s something so rare, so special. Some guys cheat on you and don’t have the balls to tell you. they lie, try to cover it up or say things like ” I’ll never do it again” or “it was a one time thing, people make mistakes.” Bullshit. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

Find that one man who can make you feel like a princess, a beautiful human being even though you look like shit and don’t like yourself that much. and say “you’re beautiful to me and only me. remember that.”Β  He’ll give you all the love in the world, make you breakfast when you don’t want him to. See the world with you. Most importantly MAKE TIME FOR YOU. Support YOU and everything YOU do. Make you happy. Give you a gift even though you said “no I don’t want you buying me anything!” Trust me, he’ll buy you it. Sit down and tell you what’s on his mind at that very moment, be honest, trustworthy and loyal to you. Sees the good in you, allows you to speak your mind, gives you time, love and patience. Gives you space when you need it. Those qualities are what make any man great.

It’s what you bring to the table that makes your man appreciate you and your love, the relationship as well. Remember it takes two! They can give you deep, passionate, love until the end like Romeo did with Juliet. That’s true love. A princess and a prince giving their hearts to one another until death. It’s real, true love and they loved each other unconditionally, and fought for their love, for each other LITERALLY.

I’m not saying you have to be like them and fight to the death in your relationship or with a man or woman. My advice to you ladies out there is to just go out and find your one true love, because love is everywhere, men are there trying to find love just like women are. Find your prince, and be the Juliet to your Romeo. Search. Search. Search for love in all the wrong places, high and low. Give your heart something to beat fast about. Make your move and don’t regret it ladies and gentlemen. Love is out there. It most certainly is.

But don’t let love just float away because you just might miss the chance in getting to know someone great. Someone worth fighting for and loving. I don’t want women to feel like what I’m saying is not true or just something you only see in romantic movies like the Notebook. But it isn’t. Just look at me, I found my one true love but there are times where we bicker and fight (if you don’t fight, then maybe that relationship isn’t real at all)Β  but we still love each other deeply. It’s not always butterflies and rainbows but our love is still there and won’t ever die. I feel like we could be together forever because our love isn’t superficial or fake. It’s meant to be. Let me be honest with you guys, It wasn’t love at first sight. But I got to know him as a person after hanging out with him for so long and fell in love with him, every flaw, dirty joke, sweet like chocolate candy smile, word, cute chuckle, dimples, dreamy green eyes, deep passion for adventure, life, me and of course his ability to make me feel so special. It made me realize he was the one. You know you are in love when you don’t know how to love without someone. And I can’t.

I couldn’t because if I did I would be so unhappy. He pushes me to push myself, to be better, to be confident in all that I do and all that I am. Inside and out.That to me… TRUE FUCKING LOVE. Love is supposed to be sincere, kind, ever-lasting & amazing. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. When you find someone as great as you then you will know that it is ‘True Love’.

So ladies if you love someone, don’t give up on that person. love them unconditionally and if it’s meant to be, it will be as they say. Love has it’s flaws but if it’s real then that’s all that matters.

But I want to hear your thoughts. Does love truly exist??

Sophie’s letter in response to Claire’s letter from the movie.



Blaire & Chuck forever

romeo & juliet #everlastinglove

Love story by Taylor Swift was inspired by Romeo & Juliet and the song was played in the movie/for ‘Letters To Juliet’



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that look.

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that’s how you know.

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Alexis Ren & Jay Alvarez

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If you have any questions about true love, relationships, marriage, etc don’t hesitate to ask me & comment below.


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