Quote of the day: Skinny-shaming

I have a beef with skinny shamers. I am a skinny woman myself so I do obviously take a offense to people who constantly have to criticize someone who is skinny.

Listen up shamers, I AM SUPER CONFIDENT IN MY SKIN AND THEREFORE I DON’T SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH IT. People automatically think just because we are skinny, we don’t eat or have an eating disorder.

LIES. I have been told numerous times that I was too skinny by many of my friends and guys who I had crushes on in the past. Especially in middle school. *story telling time* where this one guy I really liked (his name was Danny, past tense because it happened like…..many years ago, i don’t know the exact year or how many years but whatever okay #sorrynotsorry)  and he obviously found out I had this huge crush on him because some of my classmates ratted me out (SO NOT COOL!)…I wasn’t obsessed with him or anything FYI….I just really really wanted to go out with the guy, he was a player and had gone out with a lot of the girls in my grade. But…anyways Danny came up to me one day at school when I was having lunch with my friend and he said “hey brittany, i just wanted to tell you, I know you like me.” “But you’re really skinny, if you gained weight than I would go out with you.”

BAM. That made me feel like crap honestly. I probably weighed like around 90 something at the time, but I certainly didn’t think i was TOO FUCKING SKINNY TO GO OUT WITH A GUY!

Man that hurt so bad. I definitely remember crying to my friend after that but her response was “I’m sorry that happened to you, but he’s a player, that’s what he does”….or something like that. I don’t remember but, this is the reason why I hate when young women like myself become the target of skinny-shaming.

Look at Victoria Secret Models, for instance. They always get skinny-shamed because people jump to conclusions and say “they must not eat anything at all to be that skinny” or “why are they on that runway, they don’t have any curves, they look like sticks”


Miranda Kerr during her Victoria’s secret days

Model pose

Skinny jeans obsessed #SkinnyisInAndYourOut


Skinny shamers  do this to not just a rise out of them, but to shame them in every way possible. but it’s not just models they do it to. Celebrities as well and use social media as a way to spew that hatred towards them.

“Everyone has a different beauty and different qualities and I think that women need to learn to love their qualities and be comfortable in the fact that everyone is different.” -Miranda Kerr

Everyone is different, they different body shapes, some women have curves, some women don’t but to me that’s beautiful. Being skinny isn’t a bad thing, it’s natural. it’s the same exact thing as having curves. Curvy women also deserve respect, because they are equally beautiful.

Skinny-shaming is wrong and shouldn’t be tolerated by any woman. As a skinny woman I say BE WHO YOU ARE AND DON’T CHANGE YOUR BODY OR THE WAY YOU LOOK JUST BECAUSE PEOPLE WANT YOU TO OR ARE JUST SUPER JEALOUS OF THE BODY GOD GAVE YOU.

So, please don’t give in to the shaming, ignore the haters and you’ll be fine. You’re all beautiful creatures.

Here are some pics of a few gorgeous models and celebs with killer bodies! #SkinnyIsBeautiful

oh and one more thing, I don’t gain weight because i have fast metabolism and I eat everyday, cheeseburgers, pasta, pizza, french fries, the occasional veggies (to keep me healthy, cake, ice cream, etc).

A woman should be able to indulge once in a while too! Don’t judge. Keep on hating because that’s what gives us motivation to be great.

Kendall Jenner is one of the top models right now along with BFF’s Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin. #Gorgeous she always gets criticized for her thin body!

Hailey Baldwin at the @marieclaire red carpet event for her new issue in the mag!

Gigi Hadid

#beauty #Runway #SlickedBackhair


Love this girl’s hair! #Highlights She has a hot body and those blue eyes are mesmerizing!


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florhalmist: F L O R H A L M I S T

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