Fashion Quote of the day: Finding your inner ‘woman’

adore, beautiful, and dress image

“She passes with the light into another dimension of femininity.” – Elie Saab

We as women, have our very own womanliness or feminine aura and use it to our advantage, whether it may involve dressing up in a princess-inspired pink gown or wearing a sensual perfume that brings out your very own womanly scent.

One of the many important things for women should and MUST know, is that you are strong. You are brave. You are courageous. And you are beautiful in every shape, size or form.

Never let anyone take away your strength or power that belongs to you, because if you do you’ll become less strong. Don’t ever let a man force you to give that up. I for one know what it’s like, but I won’t go into detail.

However, I will say this: NEVER LET A MAN FORCE YOU TO GIVE UP YOUR WOMANLY BEING. Go out there and find your ‘inner woman’ and do all the things a woman should do.

You don’t have to dress the part to be a woman, just know your worth and believe that you can overcome any obstacle or situation that comes your way.

Here are some photos of inspirational women. Enjoy!



Jenni from the block aka #JLO

Nina Dobrev because she inspires me to keep on going. #staypositive

Β body, fashion, and girl image

Queen Bey #Beyonce because she’s fierce, cool and has great style! And Bey is confident as f*ck.

selena gomez, Elle, and selena image

The courageous & talented Selena Gomez. Photo Courtesy of Elle Magazine #CoverGirl she has been though so much these past few years dealing her Lupus diagnosis and breakups. Selena came out strong!

rihanna image

Rihanna. Her style is crazy but so unique in it’s own way, she’s the perfect definition of a WOMAN.

girl, fashion, and style image

Chrissy Teigen = PERFECTION, she’s just the most down-to-earth woman in Hollywood. She cooks (very well I must say!), She is a model who has rocked every cover fiercely and withΒ  a whole lot of poise.

How gorgeous does Demi Lovato look here?!Β  #Inspirational #Stylish #Fashionista

Ms. Zendaya. Love her and that outfit! #YouGoGirl #RockThatOutfit

Kesha. For obvious reasons she is the definition of INSPIRING.Β  I am totally in awe of her and how she is able to bounce back from such a terrible experience. #Inspire #InspirationToGirls

LADY FUCKING GAGA. so important for everyone to know ^ She’s just amazing. And I think people should start being more aware of their surroundings more because they don’t know what actually is happening in our world right now. It’s truly sad that some of them don’t even care or are willing to know about Sexual Assualt/violence against women.

Please go do some research to read up on it if you can!

Shailene Woodley. Passionate, beautiful and lovely. Photo courtesy of @InStyle

These are my top 12 inspiring women.

Who inspires you?



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