HOW TO: Gentlemen’s guide for surviving a bad breakup

Here’s a thought: What if men were more like women…but  without the whiny bitch fit mixed with a hint of evil-eyed glares and a side of “woe is me”.

Fact: women it’s not always about you. Men have feelings too.

According to Elizabeth Aura McClinton who received her Ph.D. while studying at Stanford in a variety of topics; mating selection, gender, sexuality and of course, dating. She says men have a deep need for a relationship more than the average woman.  As for the breakup…yeah you don’t really want to mess with a man when he’s had his heart broken by his *cough gold-digger cough man-eating, holy-roller of a woman*. Why must you ask? Well, Elizabeth will tell you.

Men are more likely to develop suicidal thoughts after breaking up with their significant other. In other words, the man may feel so burned from his EX that he can no longer think straight, ultimately leading up to an unfortunate outcome.


Sometimes breakups will make go to extreme lengths but that doesn’t mean you can’t overcome your break up blues. Obviously a grown a** man is not going to sit at home writing sad sad breakup songs like a lame lame loser.  YEAH IM TALKING TO YOU TAYLOR SWIFT WITH YOUR PERFECTLY ICY BLONDE BOB WITH LEGS FOR DAYS.  *sings lyrics* “We are never ever ever getting back together, We are never ever ever getting back together…blah blah blah I DON’T CARE.” Can’t a man just weep in piece?? Guess not. But here’s what a man COULD DO to wipe away those manly man tears of his.

                                                 TIPS for mending that broken heart of yours

Courtesy of Julie Gerstein and your not-so typical breakup advice website:

  2. Don’t wallow (aka a lame lame loser)
  3. Keep your social media game tight
  4. Don’t try to be a “nice guy”(it won’t work)
  5. Remember: you can’t control her, you can only control yourself
  6. Also remember: just because your ex did you wrong doesn’t mean ALL women do you wrong (there’s someone out there waiting for you to be their man)
  7. Consider therapy
  8. Sex won’t buy you love
  9. Use this as a point of reflection
  10. Feeling crappy is part of the process, but it will end.



Men are creatures of the WILD and therefore do not know what their bodies or minds are capable of. In other words, their eyes wander at the sight of a beautiful blonde, leggy thing that we call a ‘lady’ or one tall glass of red, red wine with a twist of turnt up and ready to come back to your place because they can’t take the sexual tension anymore but then ditsy with a dark side comes along and breaks your gosh darn heart.

Don’t Even Think About It

 “5 Dumbest things a guy can do during a breakup” by Slash Coleman, the ‘master in disguise’ of education.

  1. Don’t call your manly man friends, call HER
  2. Don’t “hook-up” Immediately *yes men, we women do know what hooking up means. We’re NOT STUPID. Unless, perhaps there was some magical machine that erased our mind-gaming thoughts and our feminist views on what we think SEX really is…then your answer should be NO.
  3. Rebound hard and fast
  4. Definitely don’t use the “it’s not you, it’s me” catch-phrase. (such a man thing to do)
  5. And DO NOT declare your breakup on Facebook.

A little known fact: “If a male has no option, because the woman has broken up with him, the way he adapts to the situation is to move on,” Ivankovich says. “Men are not relationship analyzers, so the next relationship is seen as a do-over.” From Men Are Wired to Handle Breakups Differently than Women (and May Lack a Solid Support System Postsplit) the article is written by Jenna Birch found in Yahoo’s health section. This is a new study about “men and breakups” that came from Binghamton University and University College London last summer.

Also a fact (from the same Yahoo website and article): “Men NEVER fully get over their breakups”

“Since men historically have had to compete for the attention of women, it may take them longer to realize what they’ve lost, that they aren’t finding a woman who compares to their ex, and that she’s perhaps irreplaceable”- Jenna says.

            Well, well, well it seems as though we have some trifling, up to no good women messing with our men.

         I think it’s time to teach the women on what not to do during a breakup……..YEAH RIGHT.

Women of the world, read this and weep.


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Girl’s take note.

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EXACTLY. #truth #WhatSheSaid

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#Maketheirworldbeautiful #TrueLove

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Men, Love.

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Not all of them are SANDY! #Grease #Men

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Real men.




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