Motivational Saturday: tips and tricks for staying motivated and energized

Today’s blog post is all about motivation.  I have seen many celebrities that post really good motivational quotes, so I wanted to share them with you all! The key to motivation is keeping positive, not letting all your worries or frustrations get to you. I know a lot of people struggle to stay motivated, especially women because you are so wrapped up with whatever is going on your lives (relationships, dating, friend breakups, drama, kids, etc) that you can’t even sit down and have some time to yourself!

Make time, make use of it. And don’t worry about situations you can’t handle either, it’s all apart of life. Just living your best life to the fullest. Working out is definitely a source of motivating the body, the mind and soul (working it to it’s core). Even when….your too lazy to get your butt up and do it! DO THE DAMN THING. you have legs, use them.

Make the day a good one. Keep yourself energized and healthy by eating right. Here are some of the ‘top 10 healthy food trends for 2016’ courtesy of Sara Angle, she is an associate editor for Shape Magazine.

1. Avocado Oil


“Its healthy fats can help your body absorb more nutrients from fruits and veggies, according to research in The Journal of Nutrition” sara says.

You can also use it as a dressing in a salad of your choice, or to “saute veggies” to give it a little something extra.

2. purifying your own booze

A little bit of Gin won’t hurt anybody! You can create your own ‘Homemade Gin Kit’. Want to know how? Sara says to just click this link here:

3. DIY infused Olive Oils

“Wash herbs and let dry overnight, crush slightly to release their flavor, and submerge in olive oil. Cover in a tightly sealed container and infuse for about a week. The infusion should keep for up to a month.” – says Sara

Sounds quite interesting to me!

4. Combine sweet & Salty



Yum! I think popcorn is a great way to infuse those two flavors together Sara! Cranberries or raisins, perhaps?

5. Pour over coffee

Coffee will help you stay really energized and feeling like you can accomplish anything. I’m not really a coffee drinker, but a good cup of coffee does seem to do the trick of getting you going!

6. Bento Boxes

Bento boxes help you to control your portions. (a sandwich with turkey, tomato and American cheese with side of creamed corn and a delicious fruit salad sounds like a great combo!)

7. Gourmet Heritage Cuisine

 transform a traditional fattening dish into a healthy one that your family will love. In this case, I am Jewish so we tend to not be so healthy when it comes to eating those kinds of meals. So skip the butter, and don’t use a frying pan.

8. Homebrews

Home-brewing is just a fancy new way of making your own drinks. But doing it the healthy way! Sara provided a website for you Gluten-free drinkers out there, so you don’t have to worry about going to a restaurant that does not have gluten-free drinks! Here is the link: 12 Gluten-Free Beers That Really Do Taste Great

9. Beertails

An chic twist on a new kind of drink. “Combine a light beer with lemonade” (or cranberry juice, whatever juice of your liking)  Sara says: “The combo will cut down on some of the carbs that can make beer feel heavy in your stomach” Ladies try it! #beertails #beer

10. Veggie Swaps

Veggies keep the calories away. I think substituting fatty meals for more healthy ones is a great idea because a lot of women don’t eat tons and tons of vegetables every day, they like to indulge once in a while. But you can use vegetables in any dish to make it more healthier. Instead of having chicken cutlets with spaghetti and tomato sauce, go with grilled chicken and a big helping of your favorite vegetables (I prefer eggplant and green beans, but you can do any veggie that you want)

You can also do a veggie, no-meat lasagna too!

But whatever works best for you is fine. Thank you Sara & Shape Magazine for your delicious food tips for staying healthy!

link to Sara’s ‘top 10 healthy food trends for 2016’ and other tips:

Here is my motivation playlist for you ladies out there:

I usually listen to my playlist while i’m going to school or working at home on my articles. It keeps me not only focused, but motivated to actually do work! So feel free to listen to it and get busy!

*I put a few quotes and some photos that will help motivate you even more*

enjoy, fashionistas!

photo from nordstrom’s website.

food, fruit, and healthy image

Fruit-tastic & healthy! #fruit #healthyfood

food, healthy, and avocado image

‘His & Her’s’ food spreads from my favorite app ‘Weheartit’. link here:

stop, start, and quote image



nike, fitness, and sport image

Must-have workout gear. #Nike #pink #workout

fruit, food, and drink image

Pineapple Juice tastes really good and makes you feel energized and ready to go! You can also chop some pineapple’s up and make a very vibrant pineapple salad as well. #pineapplejuice #stayhealthy

proud, quote, and motivation image

do yourself a favor & make yourself PROUD.

clothes, eat, and eating image

the sweet stuff with a little bit of nutrition #kiwi #raspberries #theperfectbreakfast

 fitness and yoga image

DO some YOGA! #workit #WorkHardPlayharder

drink, food, and summer image

fruit juices = a lot of energy.

couple, night, and city image

Go out shopping at one of your favorite stores with your boyfriend or girlfriend! #dosomething

bet, run, and flower image

Run a little.

friends, city, and night image

walk around the city for a while. #citylife #citygirl

beach, blue, and sea image

Go to the beach, swim and most importantly have fun! #fun #swimming

desk image

keep busy by being productive and doing some work! #study #beproductive #workharder

drinks, food, and healthy image

Have a meal with friends. It’s better than being at home and watching TV all day!

fitness, fit, and beach image

Workout on the beach! #FitFunAndFabulous #BeachWorkout

fruit, drink, and water image

Keep hydrated with some yummy fruit infused water! #fruit #water #keephydrated

art, beautiful, and girl image

Listen to music while painting something amazing! #Paint #Music #busy #life

always, family, and busy image

And most importantly spend some time with your loved ones, that will take away all your stress! #FamilyAndrelationships


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