A note to my boyfriend

I don’t usually write a lot about my personal life or even mention it on here that much but I thought, why do I f*cking care what people think? I’m not famous…….yet. I’m not just a fashion blogger and this is not just a website ABOUT FASHION. It’s an array of things. Things that I love to write about. Today I wanted to do something special for someone who I love so much and i’m sure he already knows that, but that’s what I feel like doing right now.

Here’s a note to my boyfriend (Matt). We first met through a friend of ours   *I will not tell you who that is because I don’t know if he wants to be known*  this all went down in a little area in queens called FOREST HILLS. Before you ask, yes I went to forest hills high school and so did my boyfriend. But, did not meet in school or even see each other. Kinda odd, I know! I was thinking the same thing when I asked why we never met in high school.

My boyfriend told me: “there were a billion kids in the school”. That was his answer, I was like okay and? that’s not a good excuse lol. But…back to the story. Both of us, including our other friends from high school became this nerd, video game loving, old-school cartoon obsessed posse. Mind you, I was the only girl in the group. For a while, but my friend had joined in here and there. Anyways…there were a few times where our friends (annoying and evil) would make fun of Matt and I for constantly being all touchy-feely towards each other…but it wasn’t our fault that we had this obvious attraction and feelings for one another. OKAY OKAY it was, i couldn’t help it and neither could he.

We were friends for a while (4 years to be exact) and have always wanted to be something more, but both us hesitated. He was immature and so was I. In all honesty, Matt and I did have something going on during our first semester as college freshman (and in the summer before starting school). I think as I started to mature more and he did as well. We both realized that everything happens for a reason. On May 21st, 2015 (summer, obviously) we decided to turn the once “friend-zoned  kind-of-platonic relationship”into a real, authentic relationship. We have been dating for 8 months, going on 9 months on January 21st. And  will be a year in May. The day I first met my boyfriend changed everything. I always thought there would be a chance for us to actually be in a relationship. Although I think it was my sixth sense telling me that! Not kidding.

I love everything about Matt and he does have flaws (like myself) but those flaws are what made me love him in the first place. This is actually the first time I have written about anyone, let alone a boyfriend. He’s someone who gives me so much joy, happiness and really makes me laugh, when I’m in a shitty mood. Sometimes we do bicker, but that’s quite normal. But I love him for who he is and who he wants to be. He has made my life so much better and I used to think nobody would love me as much as he does. We don’t go a day without talking to one another, but if we do, it’s for school purposes or work.

We make as much time for each other as we can and that’s what works for us. He has made me realize that anything is possible if you just think positive. Yes, we have thought about our future together blah blah blah living together, etc. Because that’s how much I love him (the blah blah part is me trying to not get all cheesy about this)

I think what I love about him the most is that he never seems to give up. He motivates me, challenges and  is honestly the most incredible boyfriend and is quite a catch, if you know what I mean! He deserves an award. I’m not joking. Matt is the best. I have told him this so many times, but I DON’T F*cking care, okay?!

Iv’e never met anyone as brave, spontaneous, weird (he knows he is!) or kind as Matt is. I know he will continue to do great things and work hard for what he wants. Because if I can get a job or be able to support him and our life together, I know he will too.

Sometimes he does doubt himself and so do I, but we both make each other happy and try to turn that doubt into a positive thing. He’s one of my most favorite people in the world and Matt truly does have a great heart. That quality is hard to find nowadays because people can be deceiving. But he’s nothing like that. His respect and confidence have made me a better person and has shaped me.

So Matt, this note/cheesy blog post is for you. I love you so so so so so so so so MUCH.

Okay you can all make fun of me now for professing my love for him. No but seriously i’m such a dork it’s not even funny. But I think you already know that.

Love you Matt.

sincerely yours,


*Below are just some quotes about relationships and all that cheesy, mushy shit.*

*I apologize in advance for cursing.*

CATWOMAN & BATMAN. nuff said. #iconic

Cheesy, I know.  * don’t judge me* But i’m doing this for you readers right now.


Aladdin & Jasmine. #DisneyDays

Lol. I thought this was funny.

Yes. cheesy, but true.

DeadPool & Harley Quinn. #bestcombo

I mean, we do both LOVE pizza. 🙂

Elena and stefan from Vampire Diaries

Lol I love this one. #TheSimpsons

EW. jk jk. #ryangoslingandemmastone

The fault in our stars


Yup, i’m going there. the NOTEBOOK. #CheesyMovieButSoGood

*when you see your crush*

The olden days.

SO true. #ForRealThough

lol yes.

Chuck & Blair from Gossip Girl #iconicmoment

#iconiccouple Sandy and Danny

A little advice for my readers today.

Love someone as much as you love yourself. Don’t give up on love, feel it, fight for it, and find it.

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