Motivational Quote of the Day: Why all women should be proud of their flaws


We as women need to strive to better ourselves, to be kinder with our words, to never judge anyone for the way that they look. Being PERFECT all the time is so NOT realistic. We have flaws, and those flaws are what makes us beautiful. (no this isn’t the lyrics from ‘ what makes you beautiful’ by ‘ONE DIRECTION’) It’s the truth. Who wants to sit around all day wearing tons and tons of makeup on their face? UH NOT ME! And FYI my boyfriend tells me i’m beautiful without makeup all the time and I love that.

So, listen up GALS. PERFECTION is a bunch of bullshit. You have to learn to accept those flaws and wear them happily instead of caking on makeup that will make you look like Nicki Minaj’s twin sister….no offense, Nicki! Love you though ♡♡

But, I see women walking around the streets of New York with Botox on their faces and lips plumped up…..i’m thinking to myself “WHY DO THAT TO YOUR PRECIOUS FACE FOR? DO YOU WANT TO LOOK LIKE A BARBIE BECAUSE HONEY THAT LOOK ISN’T DOING IT FOR YOU!” I want to know why women think it’s okay to get plastic surgery to make their faces look better.

If you want to look like a plastic barbie doll, then go ahead be my guest. But you’re not fooling anyone! Because, i mean obviously you’re going to deny you even had anything done on your face. Here’s some advice: Beauty should not be painful, it’s something that is totally natural. When I say natural, i’m talking about no makeup, hair up, t-shirt and sweats kind of natural. Also guys dig a girl who wears no makeup because they look even better without it….(take a cue from me, you might learn something!)  Trust me it’s an instant turn-on ladies.

Look at Jennifer Lawrence for instance, now she is the perfect  example of a woman who does not give a f*ck about what people have to say about her or the way she looks. She oozes confidence and carries it pretty damn well. Women like her inspire me everyday to be the best that I can be. I want to teach other girls that having flaws is okay.

No matter what you wear or what you look like (scars, bruises and all) you’re still beautiful the way you are. There is no need to hide behind all that makeup either, unless you actually really need it…like if you’re going to prom or a club. Then that would be okay. But not if you’re just going out for breakfast with your friends or your parents. That’s a little bit over the top. Like, who cares if you have a few zits on your face, be proud of it! It’s your face.

Oh and btw, makeup does ruin your skin and can make you break out a ton, so be careful with whatever makeup you are using, I mainly use Sephora. It does wonders!

So please women, be kind to one another and your skin.

stay flawed.

*enjoy a few photos of Jennifer Lawrence and some flawed photos/quotes about flaws*

not too much makeup here, but she looks gorgeous either way!

minimum makeup

All-natural and stylish as hell

Just a little eyeliner and lipstick will do the trick.





Classic White dress

beauty marks and all

I just love this woman


Comfortably casual

that smile, that look





She’s so pretty


YAS, Jennifer

haha I love how super nerdy she is….i’m a nerd too, I admit it!

Don’t worry about them bitches, J-law cause i’ll come fight them with you!

Love you, J-law.


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