Fashion Quote of the Day: life lessons we all learned from watching ‘The Hills’

There was something about ‘The Hills’ that I loved and literally cling to the TV every time that show was on. Even though MTV scripted the F**k out of it, I was obsessed.  The Hills was one of those shows where you couldn’t even put down the remote, because it was that good. Mostly for it’s swoon-worthy moments, relationship drama and the fashion, of course. But it also taught me about the aspect of reality and life, especially in Los Angeles aka ‘LA’.  I learned more about what life is like living in LA. The lifestyle that many LA residents are used to. It’s a totally different atmosphere than living in New York. Yes, there is drama, but nothing like ‘LA drama’. MTV captured every moment on camera including the brawls, friend breakups, the cringe-worthy confrontations between Lauren, Spencer and Heidi as well as the “OMG I want to cry” moments.  The LA lifestyle fascinated me quite a bit, because iv’e never experienced it and I wanted to know more, to see more and MTV achieved that goal for me.

I loved seeing Lauren’s interview with Teen Vogue’s editor Lisa Love. That was an iconic moment for me and inspiring. Because Iv’e always wanted to work in the fashion industry and seeing that on TV made me want to pursue my passion for fashion. I saw how Lauren was so professional and knew what she was doing. In that moment, I realized “I want to be just like Lauren Conrad.”

Whitney Port also applied for the same job at Teen Vogue and….that’s basically how it all began. #BFFs

I would watch Lauren and her glam posy of girlfriends (Whitney Port, Heidi Montag, Audrina Patridge, and occasionally the infamous playboy model Jen bunney would tag along too) enter LA’s trendy hot-spot and nightclub ‘LA Deux’. They sipped on fancy-shmancy cocktails in their most fashionable designer duds while gossiping about their love lives and danced like nobody was watching till 1 in the morning. That might sound boring to some, but to me that was EVERYTHING. But one thing I couldn’t help but notice was that…drama followed them everywhere. Literally.

The infamous scene/episode where Lauren and Heidi are having their fight at the club and Lauren says; “You know what you did!” It was brilliant. But I felt bad for Lauren because she WAS the victim, she didn’t do anything wrong. All Lauren wanted to do was get the truth out of her and Spencer, but they denied, denied, denied. Typical.

There were so many great moments from ‘The Hills’  and things that Iv’e learned from watching the show and it has inspired me in a lot of ways that I really can’t describe…but I think it’s better if I just show you. #BestMoments #LifeChangingQuotes

So my question is this: What were some of your favorite moments from ‘The Hills’ and what kind of affect did they have on you?

*enjoy fashionistas* oh and…Love you Lauren Conrad! 💙 #fashionista #inspiration


#QuoteToLiveBy *preach lauren!*

Haha I love this. #JustinBobby

LOL! true….sometimes.

That isn’t fair Audrina, it totally isn’t. #SheDeservedBetter

That RADAR though. #TheHills

YAY! #singlelife

Kristin. Oh lord have mercy. #INeverLikedHer #PotStirrer  MTV really shouldn’t have let Lauren go but I admire Lauren’s strength and respect her descion to move on from the show.


*FLASHBACK ALERT* #WhitneyAndLauren #TheHills #TeenVogue @TeenVogue

Exactly Audrina.

No expectations, girls! #TheHills

I don’t know if she was talking about her old boyfriend here. But if so, it definitely wasn’t a mistake because Spencer is an idiot and he always will be. #ThatsJustMyOpinion

Now for the fashion….


Casual but chic.

Lauren wrote a book called ‘Style’ among the many others she wrote (Lauren Conrad Beauty, StarStruck, The Fame Game, Sugar & Spice, Sweet Little Lies, and L.A. Candy)

LA trendy

ripped jeans X pink short shorts

Maxim party chic

Lauren at ‘The Hills’ reunion show

street style

CHANEL vibes

all those flashing lights

colorful and cool

nude with diamonds

LA street style

Lauren at the #MTVMovieAwards

shop till ya drop #shopping #fashion #TheHills

Katsuya love #LANights #TheHills

a mini ‘the hills’ reunion. #Audrina #Kristin

lacy in white

totally vintage

Whitney Port’s “sandy from grease” inspired photo-shoot

those leopard print shoes are FAB

LOVE those pants! #chic #vintage #croptop #boho

a little street style never hurt nobody. #handbag #trendy

mirror selfie #straplessdress #brightcolors #fashion #instaselfie

mini-dress mayhem




Jumpsuits X red booties

mix n match

lunching with my handbag type of day

Stephanie Pratt wearing a matching white ensemble

I love lauren’s style, classy and sophisticated all in one.

Kristin out & about in LA

see-through X black

bright in blue

Kristin wearing a black lace mini-dress

Lauren on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine! #fashion #style #fashiondesigner #cosmo



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