Fashion Quote of the day and my favorite looks on Alexa Chung!

“Never say never in fashion, because you’ll be wearing ‘never’ in two years’ time.” – Alexa Chung

I just love Alexa Chung and of course her effortlessly chic style! #fashionista

Here are some of my favorite looks on Alexa Chung. Enjoy, comment below & tell me some of your fave Alexa Chung looks (it could be from the red carpet, out & about or fashion-related events)


Alexa Chung at Shrimp’s spring/summer 2015 launch @ Somerset House

Sleek X Chic #slickedbackhair

denim & booties

white & black #sacredmonster

Alexa Chung at a photo-shoot by Tom Craig for Glamour

I really love this denim theme going on here! I mean who doesn’t love wearing denim?!

I love her coat. #obsessed


She’s just so effing chic & she don’t careeee #allaboutthatdenim

Alexa Chung wearing one of her own creations. #ACForAG2015

Floral prints X sneakers #punkmeetssummerchic

She’s cool like that. #converse #classicleatherjacket #Denimoveralls

plain Jane.


Polka dots & high-wasted skirts

airport casual

white long dress. #WLD

“thumbs up dude.”


Vest pants-suit


pretty in pink

romantic red. #vneck

daring in a blue-buttoned mini dress

faux fur & a little LBD

red & white

lady in black. #longchamp2015shoot


those denim shorts though. #denim #daisydukes

casual & comfy

rocker chic

smoky eyes & bold black jumpsuits

old fashioned

chic hair braids & plaid pants

“street casual”

little red dress.

she loves that navy blue sweater she has around her neck all the time! #loveit #keepsake #trends

All natural.

a little side leg in pink plaid

vintage baby.

VOGUE. #nuffsaid #allinwhite

golden girl X boots

pink-tails X prints X Chanel

so unique. #lovethis #unusual #daring #bold

it’s all about the faux fur baby

rugid X vintage


classy X Sassy #thoseheelsarethesh*t

runway fashun

turtlenecks X long black skirts

i love her all-natural look, it’s so pretty!

model pose.

super cool.

lace top X matching suit vibes @ “the Chanel Paris Salzburg 2014/2015 Metiers d’Art Collection.” #oolala #fancy

black N’ white

this is one of my faves! #TakeRisks


alexa chung it


Go check out Alexa Chung’s Collection AC for AG 2015!



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