Fashion Quote Of The Day: Gossip Girl Edition

Two words: GOSSIP. GIRL.  I was obsessed with the show gossip girl when I was younger and in middle school at the time it came on TV. I always had this fascination with all of the characters especially Blair Waldorf. She was the Queen B of fashion. So was Serena Vanderwoodsen..but I admired Blair more because of the way she carried herself…even though she was the biggest B***h on the show, she oozed confidence. She would wear the most over-the-top designer clothes (pencil skirts and faux fur coats) and most of all she knew EVERYTHING about fashion…and I mean EVERYTHING. I learned so much about fashion through watching Gossip Girl and of course Ms. Blair Waldorf. That is why today I am making  post dedicated to EVERYTHING gossip girl, the witty comments Blair made and some not so witty, the fashion, maybe some GIFs in there as well! I’m as much of a Gossip Girl fanatic as everyone else, but this show has made me believe that somewhere out there is a chance for me to do something with my passion for fashion and that I can do anything I want.  Iv’e always dreamed of living in the city…maybe not on the upper west side or east side (because it’s literally impossible and insane!) but every area in the city is expensive, who am I kidding?! but a girl can dream, you know! I was so drawn to this show because it showed you what fashion is really about, the true meaning of fashion. It also taught me about love, relationships, sex, basically EVERYTHING..and that is something I will always admire about Gossip Girl.  A lot of the situations in Gossip Girl were very much like what I have experienced…okay not all of it, but some of it was. Bullying, the  scrutiny, cliques, the dances where everyone had someone to dance with but me, the evil-eye stares, the constant “talking behind everyone’s backs” it was like the real-life Gossip Girl show… without all the fancy designer clothes and extravagant parties/luncheons or breakfast in hotels of course. I think every girl has experienced a “Gossip Girl Day” at least once in their life. I men who wouldn’t want an experience like that?!

So comment below fashionistas and tell me some of your favorite moments on Gossip Girl and quotes as well! Enjoy! #WhatWouldBlairWaldorfDo? #GossipGirl

#Agenda #BFFs #SerenaAndBlair

add a caption


Blake Lively aka Serena VanderWoodsen. #Fashion #LoveHer #Fashionista

#TrueLove #BlairAndChuck

#Heartbroken #OMGMoment

#YouSickenMe #QueenB

#Manet #BlairsFakeAccent #NiceTryGirl

YAS. if you love them, set them free.

Serena’s hair is On Point and that shimmery gold/silver jacket is the BOMB

#Serena #IthinkshestalkingtoDan

YES CHUCK SPEAK FROM THE HEART….OR MAYBE THOSE SEXY LIPS OF YOURS….kidding I have a boyfriend already. ok maybe not kidding.

Gossip Girl

#BFFs #ShoppingIsTheBestCureToABrokenHeart

Just the best | via Tumblr

Define “like” that chuck bass always knows what to say and when to say it!

Blair waldorf quote

Oh blair, stop your complaining! #Jealous

#Gucci #Chanel #BlairWaldorf

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that’s right Serena!

The essence of joy | via Tumblr

They are always so stylish! #SAndB #SerenaAndBlair

I wouldn’t know what to wear either Serena!

exactly. You go Blair, tell em’

my fave couple #DanAndSerena


Awww so cute! #GossipGirl

epic moment in the history of Gossip Girl #OMG

oh yeah flaunt it girls!

this is everything. #DanAndSerena

Queen B



LOL. this moment omg

so cute. #love #BlairAndChuck

this is an old photo of Blake & Leighton at the Emmy Awards! #BlairAndSerenaForever

Word Blair. Word.

#Perfect #Serena #GossipGirl

Hahaha, love this!

she’s not. admit it Blair. you’re bored!

King. #GossipGirlMoments

LOL I love Blair and her witty comments!

making bad moments into good ones!

royal wannabe, cute. gossip girl, real cute.

That Gossip Girl is so evil!

#AngelinaJolieAndBradPitt #Couples

oh yeah!

#FashionTalk #Fancy

so true! #loveher


there’s only one thing left to do…..HOT & STEAMY MAKEOUT SESSION

@RachelZoe #Fashion

Fashion crime is the best crime I always say….


Gossip Girl


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