A dedication to Giuliana Rancic: An Anchor, Fashionista, Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur, Designer, Author, & Hard Hitting Journalist

As you all know today will be Guiliana Rancic’s last day on E! News. I wanted to dedicate this blog post to her because she has inspired so many young women, including me…to go out into the world and follow our dreams. She has worked as an anchor on E! news for 14 years and that is a HUGE accomplishment, especially in Hollywood. Rest assured fashionistas Guiliana will continue to host Fashion Police and E!’s Red Carpet.Β  She will be moving to Chicago with her husband Bill Rancic and their adorable son Duke! I’m so sad to see her go, I have been watching Guiliana on E! News my entire life covering all the juicy gossip on celebs, breaking news and fashion.

I admire her bravery, courage, & professionalism. I truly believe Giuliana will go on to do even greater things with her career and become even stronger!Β  I honestly don’t understand why anyone would hate on the fabulous Giuliana because she is so sweet, so talented, so incredibly good at what she does. She’s like the most influential woman in Hollywood right now…well at least I think so. πŸ™‚

She certainly is a remarkable woman who has changed the lives of many fans.Β  I know she will continue doing so. There is so much to say, but so little room to write it. I want Giuliana to know that this isn’t the end,Β  it will NEVER be. She will always be remembered as the Anchor who stole America’s hearts with her inner beauty, witty remarks and grace.Β  I am totally in awe of Giuliana and how much she has accomplished over the past 14 years working on E! News. She has given me the confidence to go out and be myself, to enjoy life and everything it has to offer. I want to thank her for being such a positive role-model to those who aspire to be journalists just like her! πŸ’—

And finally, here are some photos of my favorite E news! anchor Giuliana Rancic!

love Giuliana’s outfit in this photo! #ChicForsummer

Β Khloe Kardashian & Giuliana behind the scenes of @enewsΒ  for the #Oscars! #RavishingInRed #RomanticReds

Giuliana on the Grammy’s Red Carpet. #fab

Giuliana on @fashionpolice! #fashion #style #DosAndDonts #LA #beauty #stylish #fashionsta

Giuliana posing on the red carpet at the 66th Annual Emmy Awards! #RedGoddess #Blondie #ThatGlow #TrueBeauty

Black on Black #mesh #classy #chic


YAS. this moment is everything! #GoGirl #DoYourThangGiuliana #Class #Elegance #BBMA’s #eredcarpet

Ellen fixing Giuliana’s hair. I want Ellen DeGeneres to fix my hair for me. #eredcarpet

Giuliana with Trey Songz & her co-host Terrence J #SquadGoals

How cute is this photo?! #Duke #HandsOnMom #BeautifulMoment #Fashionista

Another red dress. πŸ™‚ #Fabulous #AmazeBalls

Giuliana & Gigi Hadid #faves @FashionPolice


I absolutely love this dress on G! #sexybutwithsass #HighSlit #Gorge #Regal

Another ICONIC moment! #GiulianaAndAngie

All Nude everything.

What a good looking couple! #love #GAndBill

#FauxFur #WorkItGirl @Eredcarpet

Floral prints! #SimpleButChic


#NaturalBeauty #ThoseShoesThough #Amaze

So so so cute! Love seeing her as a mother! #Sweet

Micro-mini dress

Lovely in Leather

Grecian Goddess


The couple that stays together, slays the red carpet!

#WhiteOnWhite #BadgleyMischka

*Love you Guiliana, I hope you read this and it brings tears of joy to your eyes*



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