LISTEN UP BODY-SHAMING HATERS! Selena Gomez is PROUD of her body and isn’t afraid to show it off to the whole world…No pun intended

I think everyone can agree Selena Gomez is pretty damn Gorgeous, am I right? Well according to some people…eh not so much. The scuffle went down via instagram on April 30th where one commenter slammed the Latina beauty for her weight. “You need to work out!” “Please stop eating junk food” in the words of Michelle Tanner….HOW RUDE! You know my girl Selena had something to say about that…she wrote:”You’re disgusting. IM IN the business and I could care less about what ‘they’ or you say I should look like,” “I don’t need to do anything other than love myself, take care of my work, fans, family and friends.” Then added “And I do work out. It’s not your place to tell anyone what they should or should not do.” Let’s be real here for a quick second, Selena does not have one ounce of fat on her body. A young woman such as herself should not have to go on social media to prove a point. Selena advocates for young girls to empower each other and not use social media as a way of hurting others. We all remember when Kim Kardashian was pregnant with North West aka “Nori” at the time…and boy those magazines did a number on her. It was like mean girls…except it was actually happening in REAL LIFE. The public expects us women to have big butts and huge boobs….and walk around half naked all the time, how is that realistic? I applaud these ladies for having the courage to speak out on what they believe is true.
Women shouldn’t have to hide their flaws just because paparazzi occasionally take a really bad photo of them with no makeup on and a huge zit on their face. As Damian from mean girls would say “You go Glen Coco!” *cue the praising emoji’s*
And I’m pretty sure every guy including her infamous ex Justin Bieber were swooning at the sight of that very revealing bikini selfie she put up on her instagram page…. come on, it’s SELENA GOMEZ for Pete’s sake! She’s like the most influential 22 year old in Hollywood right now and people hate on her for gaining a little bit of weight. I smell some jealousy going on here! A little advice to those instagram haters: If you want to hate on a celebrity do it where no one can see it…like Facebook or Tumblr perhaps? But most of all stay classy. *peace sign emoji*
Feast your eyes on this; a fan took a screenshot of the attack on instagram for EVERYONE to see. Just brilliant….this fan should receive an award. #SpreadLoveNotHate
Selena Gomez happens to be one of the most sweetest & caring young celebs in Hollywood & I think she deserves some respect. Don’t you agree Selenators?!
I put together some photos of Selena to show you all what BEAUTY REALLY IS!
Enjoy everyone! & remember please be very careful with what you say on social media, it can hurt people’s feelings. Don’t bully others just because you are insecure with your own flaws or bodies. #StayPositive #Grow #Learn #Accept
Love you Selena! #Fashionista #LatinaBeauty
There’s too much perfection in one photo! ah! #LOVE #Acceptance #Beauty
Selena’s newest photo on Instagram! #Selfie
#MakeupGoals #Style #Fashion #Patterns #FashionWeek
She looks even more stylish & beautiful in just sweats and a jean jacket! #Style #CasualChic
All black ensemble. #BlackOnBlack #LoveIt
#LBD #LittleBlackDress
Selena & Miranda Kerr. #Vintage #HerHairlooksSoGood #ThoseBootiesAreInsane
#HighWaistedjeans #Trends #Beauty #Fashionista
This is BEAUTIFUL. How can people be so cruel & hate on her body?! She looks amazing. Her curves are unbelievable!! #DoYourThangSelena #RockYourBody #BeYou 🙂
I’m obsessed with this dress.
That dress is BEYOND. #Icon

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