BREAKING NEWS: Nina Dobrev rocks a mini-dress while doing the ‘spilts’ on conan and it’s too EPIC not to watch! Plus my thoughts on Nina’s #TVD departure & that gorgeous SELF Magazine June 2015 issue

Nina Dobrev and her oh-so flexible self rocked a mini dress on Conan. She also decided to do some splits! Quite spectacular I must say! The whole world is fangirling right now & I am too.  I have never seen anything this EPIC in my life, she legit made my night. And that my friends is the power of Nina Dobrev.  I can see the fans right now “IM DYING. DEAD. I DIED. CAN YOU NOT NINA.” I mean can you please tell me how in the hell is that possible to do? Well with those gorgeous long legs of hers I can see how it is indeed POSSIBLE. #LegGoals #LegsForDays

Speaking of long legs..did you guys see Nina’s #SelfMagazine cover yet?! It’s absolutely amazing. She looks so serene & in the moment.  Her flawless skin…OMG. And guys she was wearing minimal makeup and she still looked so freaking hot. I thought for second…maybe she has some kind of secret powers to make her look so damn PERFECT all the time.  Oh & just FYI: her makeup was done by Jake Bailey, he used lancome to get that “flawless” complexion, her hair was done by Adir Abergel and her NAILS were done by the fabulous Holly Falcone and she used  Chanel Le Vernis for her pretty little nails. ( I mean who doesn’t LOVE Chanel, you have to be crazy not to)

Just Gawgeous. You can find Nina’s interview with #SelfMagazine on their website, here is the link:

OK enough fangirling over Nina Dobrev’s beauty, let’s move on to another topic: her Vampire Diaries Departure.  Fans everywhere were crying when they found out their favorite lead actress & my favorite fashionista was leaving the show. *Cue the crying emoji’s* I firmly believe it was the best decision for her to make. She decided this a long time ago and stuck with her gut. I know she will be just fine…after all she’s Nina freaking Dobrev, she could do anything (even splits!).

So fandom don’t worry. Be happy for her as she moves on & continues that journey. And right now she’s actually on a cross-country road trip with 5 of her friends, how awesome is that?! #Gypsy5OnARide Nina will be moving to Los Angeles (her last stop on her road trip) to pursue & continue her acting career.

You can check out the video of Nina doing the ‘splits’ on Conan above. Her #SelfMagazine issue will be out on May 26th.

Good luck Nina! And I hope everyone reads her issue when it comes out! I’m really looking forward to seeing what she does next!

For a little flashback, here are some photos of Nina Dobrev’s  most fashionable moments.

Enjoy fashionistas!



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