Tumblr Sunday: Romantic Reds

Β Red is not just a color, it is a pallet. to me red symbolizes a sexiness and has that sort of romantic vibe.Β  Women want to wear an outfit that expresses those qualities, especially if they are going out on a date with their boyfriend or significant other.Β  A romantic red outfit does the trick! Whether it is a short (but classy) red body-con dress with lace detailing on the back, or a classic jumpsuit (in red of course, duh!), you can never do no wrong with a little red!

Romantic Red exudes power, strength & a whole lot of poise.Β  I want all my fellow bloggers and fashionistas to know that you should be comfortable in your own skin (& whatever you wear). the color red means confidence. it allows you to feel and look amazing. A romantic red goddess.

Women go out there and find YOUR inner “romantic red goddess”.

& I hope everyone enjoys this post! till next time….

(ruby red rhinestones, love it!)

( a little romantic red love)

paint the town “romantic red” πŸ™‚

(the back of that dress is gorgeous, don’t you think?!)

(Valentino, my fave designer!)

(a closer look at miley cyrus’s red dress!)



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