Style Evolution: Kylie Jenner

I love the Kardashian/Jenner clan as much as anyone else does, but I also admire their sense of style! The youngest of the bunch is fashionista; Kylie Jenner. Kylie has evolved so much throughout the years, especially her fashion choices. It’s sort of a mix between grunge, vintage & bohemian, which I am obsessed with! She definitely has influenced my style as well. I mean, Kylie is one of the most influential teen fashion icons in Hollywood. Her style is more on the risky side because it’s….so out there! Kylie has that “it” factor that everyone else is striving for. I think everyone can be inspired by someone’s style whether it is a celebrity, family member or friend. It doesn’t really matter, what actually matters is the impact they have on you. it could be anything. For me, I love looking at a celebrity’s style because it helps me to keep tabs on what the new trend is. They can also make my style even better. So my advice to you today is: Find that one person or celebrity that influences your style choices and tell me why or what makes them stylish and comment below! enjoy fashionistas!

(Yes, this is a pic of Kylie)

Till next time….xoxo


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