Sensational Shoe Saturday

Every woman loves shoes, am I right? Well I created a little thing called “Sensational Shoe day” so all you shoe-loving fashionistas will have have a chance to check out some really chic shoes! kinda rhymes..doesn’t it? I LOVE shoes, especially ones that are funky and unique. FYI your “sensational shoe” doesn’t have to be heels or some fancy looking pair of shoes. I wanted to make a day dedicated to everything “shoes”. Whether it’s flats, heels, booties, or even a kick ass pair of yeezy’s, it doesn’t matter. Fashion is all about variety and choices. But the tough thing is to choose a shoe you like. Here’s a little advice…don’t go with a shoe that is so over-the-top because it’s tacky and unattractive. Choose a shoe that fits your personality or one that compliments your outfit. So what I want to know is..what do you look for in a shoe? What entices you about a shoe? Is it the look, cool colors, etc. What is your “sensational shoe”?. Till next time…

(Um….holy shit. these are epic!)



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