Tumblr Monday: Street Style

              So I wanted to do a post dedicated to my favorite street style looks. I really love looking at the different street styles on Tumblr. Especially in NYC, Los Angeles, Milan, Paris, etc. I am obsessed with Tumblr and I know everyone else is as well! I mean it’s so fucking (excuse my language) addicting! But anyways…fashion on tumblr is always amazing. It’s like this secret place for fashionistas (including me) to go and take photos of fashion and put them onto your blogs. It’s something that iv’e always loved doing. To make a website like that is pretty awesome.That’s the great thing about the internet these days. I am so glad I created my tumblr. To be honest, without it I wouldn’t even use Tumblr! I put together some street styles for you guys, I hope you like them!

And all you fashionistas out there go follow me on tumblr!

Here is the link: understatedfashun.tumblr.com




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