Paul Fredrick 2014 Summer Collection

It’s safe to say women’s wearΒ  has dominated the fashion industry with it’s chic, cool & comfortable ensembles, high-wasted skirts, floor-length dresses and stiletto heels…but men’s wear has been giving women a run for their money. Take it from Paul Fredrick and his amazing new summer 2014 collection with some very “handsome” (no pun intended) dress shirts, funky ties and bold colors.Β  i really love the idea of combining a men’s shirt with a cool-colored tie, and the different layers of the suit together. This collection is perfect for summer and maybe even a night out on the town with your buddies? or a romantic date night with your fiance or girlfriend! I think men’s wear has really improved from a few years ago where it was just a black tie and a white button down shirt. it’s needs that pop of color and that “boldness” and that’s just what Paul Fredrick does in his Summer 2014 collection!You want to walk down the street feeling like a million bucks and get noticed by a beautiful woman and have her say “wow look at that good-looking man in that suit!” I hope all you good-looking men out there go out and buy Paul Fredrick’s summer 2014 collection!

By the way, there is nothing sexier than a man in a suit and i’m sure the ladies would agree! You can check out their summer collections and array of dress shirts on the website!;clearance=No;

menswear, fashion

menswear, fashion, grey pinstripe suit, pink tie

menswear, fashion, pastel suit

menswear, fashion, red suit


dress shirt, menswear, floral tie

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 3.56.31 PM14S_3W3X_1

Love this collection! and I want everyone to check it out! xoxo









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