So I just wanna start off by saying, how much I appreciate all of my Fashion friends & followers, not just on WordPress but on twitter as well.. because I have been getting a lot of positive feedback about my blogs. It really means a lot to me! Thank you so much for all your support & comments as well. Now that I have addressed that issue, let’s focus on something more important like the new Jean Paul Gaultier Spring/Summer 2014 Collection! He is one my favorite designers, because he never seizes to amaze people..literally. Jean Paul Gaultier is that BRILLIANT. Especially his collections. They are just amazing, I can go on and on about it but it’s true!  I love this particular collection because it’s different than the others, it has a kind of Rock N Roll feel to it, which makes it even more EPIC. Those models…OMG their so gorgeous & they definitely know how to rock a Fashion show! I think this is one of his best collections he has ever least that’s what I think haha 🙂 Enjoy Fashionistas! Some advice for my fashion friends…Never be afraid to try new things especially in Fashion. I think if you wear something that is totally not you or you aren’t used to wearing.. is great, because it allows you to go outside the box a bit. Also if you are afraid to wear something that is revealing, don’t worry about how you look , just go out there and rock it! Anything that shows of your curves is extremely sexy! I love wearing an outfit that shows off my physique because it helps to build my confidence. xx



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