Global Street Style 2013

So I love seeing all different kinds of style when it comes to fashion, whether it’s in china, Paris, Los Angeles, New York City, all over.  Fashion has a way of getting people to embrace certain sides of themselves, like going outside of  the Box. Because fashion is about expressing yourself through what you wear, that’s what I love about’s amazing to see all different cultures wearing things you that never thought exsisted. I love going to different places and seeing how people dress, it really is incredible. You never know what to expect in fashion, it’s a whole different world almost. it’s like all these people from different countries coming together to create something so beautiful! Here are some Global Street Style ensembles that I know you all will love! Enjoy my Lovely Fashionista Friends! &  a little advice…Never be afraid to be different, i know i always say this, but everyone has there own sense of style, it’s okay to once in a while step out of your comfort zone & be different. Not everyone will agree with what i’m saying or like it,  but it does help, trust me!  To all my followers, thank u for listening to my advice! I appreciate it more than you know!  Stay Fashionable Ladies! XOXO











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