11 Trends We Can’t Believe Are Back!

So there has been a trend of sorts that i have seen in hollywood lately (on red carpets, premiere’s, occasions/parties, events, etc). Such as The Crop Top, gotta love those!  I adore them because they show off a part of the body that many girls or women are afraid of being seen (your stomach). They give women the confidence to go outside and say “Hey, I have lost weight and i’m ready to show off what iv’e got.”  By the way i have like almost 10 or 15 crop tops in my house, yeah i’m kinda obsessed with crop tops as you can see! Also among the 11 trends we go crazy for is the Plaid Flannel, it’s what I wear when I want to be comfy and stay in & watch movies with my family. it’s so convenient and you can wear it with anything as well.  Well I don’t want to talk about all the 11 trends in one paragraph, I guess you all will have to see for yourselves what other trends are in included in the “11 Trends We Can’t Believe Are Back!”

The Crop Top

balenciaga spring 2013 new york fashion week

The Plaid Flannel

The White Eyeliner

The Perm

The White Heel

The Bootcut Jean

The Trucker Hat

The Hair Mousse

The Colored Mascara

The Logo Sweatshirt

The Overalls



5 thoughts on “11 Trends We Can’t Believe Are Back!

  1. rodneyaross

    I love the crop tops, plaid flannel, and white eyeliner! I’m still not comfortable wearing crop tops (I still need to lose some pounds), but I bought several as motivation to hit the gym! Another trend I think is coming back are high waisted shorts/jeans! I work in retail and we’ve gotten so many high waisted shorts and they are adorable!

  2. Haha yeah i know the feeling! don’t worry all women go through it! once you are ready to show off that body of yours, you will become more confident/comfortable about wearing crop tops 🙂

  3. Finally… overalls! I adored them when I was younger and found a gorge pair in a vintage shop in dublin recently. You’ve inspired me to go out and buy them 🙂 And I too am all about the crop tops this year ❤ Great post!

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