Giorgio Armani Spring 2013 READY-TO-WEAR Collection

My favorite Fashion Designers is Giorgio Armani, he is like totally #AmazeBalls. He creates the most amazing ensembles/collections I have ever seen!  One of my fave Collections that he has created recently is the Spring 2013 READY-TO-WEAR collection, which I thought was beyond fabulous. From a silk blue metallic jumpsuit, a beautiful fluorescent silk blue gown with matching sandals. To a white button-down knit sweater with a lavender purple silk blouse with matching white shorts! I love how every piece in his collection goes together, he is so brilliant, in the way his mind works when creating a collection like this one. It’s something that I really admire about him.

So Please check out his collection & also give me some feedback as well, tell me what you like about his collection or what you dont like!



Enjoy Fashionistas!


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