A look back at the Royal Wedding and Why Meghan Markle is the feminist we never knew we truly needed

*the Duke and Dutchess of Sussex have arrived*  Harry and Meghan were married inside Windsor Castle’s St George’s Chapel in front of 600 guests. The Royals were seated across from Meghan’s family (including mother Doria Ragland, and stylist BFF Jessica Mulroney, along with other relatives and close friends)  Notably absent was Meghan’s father who did not attend his daughter’s wedding due to the fact that he was having heart surgery.

MEGHAN’S WALK DOWN THE AISLE WAS A POWERFUL FEMINIST STATEMENT: Meghan had opted to walk herself down the aisle, and then was met by father-in-law Charles, Prince of Wales who walked her the rest of the way.

video by: @ET

The walk alone was powerful, it didn’t need words or an explanation. Because, what Meghan did was show that she is a strong, independent woman, much like her mother Doria. That was her goal from the very beginning. Yes it was non-traditional, but she wanted to defy tradition. And so, she did.

A MODERN-DAY CINDERELLA: Channeling her inner ‘Cinderalla’ Meghan wore a classic custom-made boatneck style Givenchy gown designed by British Designer, Clare Waight Keller. As told by Kensington Palace on Twitter, Clare is the “first female Artistic Director of Givenchy”. Meghan wore a 16-and-a-half-foot silk tulle veil. The floral detailing on the veil was specifically made to represent all of the 53 U.K. Commonwealth countries.

THE BRIDAL BOUQUET x A NOD TO PRINCESS DIANA: The Bridal Bouquet that Meghan is holding, was filled with beautiful ‘Forget Me Not’ flowers that Harry had picked out to be put into the bouquet, because it was his mother’s favorite flower!

VEIL DETAILING: According to  Royal.UK,  “Each flower was worked flat, in three dimensions to create a unique and delicate design. The workers spent hundreds of hours meticulously sewing and washing their hands every thirty minutes to keep the tulle and threads pristine.”

THE PRINCESS-STYLE TIARA: For the big day, the bride wore Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau tiara

THE PAGE BOYS & BRIDESMAIDS: As Meghan walked down the aisle she was accompanied by 4 adorable page boys and 6 bridesmaids! Ryan and Remi Litt, Meghan’s Goddaughters, (daughters of close friend Benita Litt), Brian, John and Ivy Mulroney (Jessica Mulroney’s kids), Princess Charlotte and Prince George, (son and daughter to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge), Zalie Warren, (Goddaughter of Prince Harry, daughter of Jake Warren), Florence Van Cutsem, Goddaughter of Prince Harry, (she is the daughter of Alice and Nicholas Van Cutsem), and Jasper Dyer, (Godson of Prince Harry, he is the son of Amanda and Mark Dyer), via CNN.

NOTHING BUT SWEET WORDS FOR HIS BRIDE AT THE ALTAR: It’s safe to say, Harry and Meghan are very much in love, but when Harry saw Meghan walk down the aisle in that beautiful gown, he lost it and started tearing up! ❤️  #CouplesGoals

Also, if you’re wondering what exactly Harry said to Meghan at the altar, COSMO has the scoop from lip-reading expert, James Freeston of 121captions

When Meghan arrived at the altar, he greeted her with a simple, “hi”

Then Harry turned to Meghan who was standing beside him and said, “Are you OK? You look amazing.”

and then bit his lip. *swoon*

He then followed that up with, “I’m so lucky”

Meghan smiled and replied, “Thank you.”

Other lip-readers noticed that they actually said “I love you” to each other

Also Harry had a very ‘cheeky’ moment when he nervously said, “I’m shitting it” to Meghan IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!

THE LIFTING OF THE VEIL: this was actually my favorite part, aside from Harry whispering sweet nothings to his soon-to-be-wife, when Harry lifted Meghan’s veil off of her face, there was an instant glow, she was smiling ear to ear. She looked so in love with him.

video by @BBCNEWS

That brings me to THIS:

THE ADORABLE GLANCES: They were equally smitten with one another, glancing at each other and smiling throughout the ceremony. It was super cute and romantic at the same time! Honestly, I don’t think Harry has ever smiled or lovingly glanced at a woman like that since forever *sorry Chelsy Davy and Cressida Bonas*

*they are smitten and it shows*

BISHOP MICHAEL CURRY’S SOULFUL SPEECH ON LOVE: *the facial expressions coming from the royal family were priceless* a definite cultural difference.

video by @CBSThisMorning

“We must discover the power of love, the redemptive power of love”,  Bishop curry preached. *an MLK quote*

I loved his speech about love, it’s what set this wedding apart from the other “traditional” royal weddings. He was speaking from the heart, but also delivering a speech that speaks volumes. Harry and Meghan were so in awe of his speech, they smiled, laughed and lovingly glanced at each other when the Bishop said, “a new world, a new human family” referencing to Harry and Meghan eventually becoming parents, that was very cute! *Harry and Meghan babies ahhhh can’t wait!*

video by @ABC News (Australia)

 ‘STAND BY ME’:  The Kingdom Choir’s (led by Karen Gibson) beautiful rendition of Ben E. King’s ‘Stand By Me’ had everyone in tears. it was by far the best moment of the entire wedding. The couple were caught smiling at each other, while Harry lovingly caressed Meghan’s hand during the performance, it was very sweet and romantic. 🙂 it also had me in tears because Iv’e never seen a couple so in love with one another as Meghan and Harry are, they were so attentive, supportive, and just beyond amazing to one another throughout the wedding.

THE CELEBRITY GUESTS: Obviously Meghan’s ‘Suits’ Co-Stars were there, Meghan’s on-screen “husband” Patrick J. Adams with PLL Actress wife, Troian Bellisario, Sarah Rafferty, Gabriel Macht with wife Jacinda Barrett, Rick Hoffman,  Gina Torres, and Abigail Spencer. Oprah went as well (surprising!), Idris Elba and his fiance Sabrina Dhowre, George and Amal Clooney, Serena Williams and her husband, Priyanka Chopra, Tom Hardy with wife Charlotte Riley, Sir Elton John and his husband, Victoria and David Beckham, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, Joss Stone, James Corden and wife Julia Carey, and James Blunt.


*A real-life Cinderella moment*

Royal Kiss💏 How can you not be inspired by these two?😍 Congratulations to Meghan and Harry on setting new wedding trends, making their own traditions, keeping their wedding style simple and so meaningful!👌 Here’s to a new and happy chapter in your life! To a lifetime of adventure, love and happiness with each other! May you always live life to the fullest, laugh often and love eternally…❤️ #royalwedding #meghanandharry #thisislove #gourmetyourlife 📷 @kensingtonroyal . . #royalfamily #harryandmeghan #meghanmarkle #princeharry #wedding #trends #weddingday #beautiful #bride #weddingdress #happymoments #happiness #love #weddingphotography #lovestory #loveislove #lovelife #picoftheday #instadaily #romantic #gourmet #moments #weddingdecor #flowers

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It was like a fairy-tale. Literally. A lip reader said that before they had their magical first kiss as husband and wife, Meghan asked Harry, “do we kiss now?” and Harry replied, “Yeah”. And the crowd cheered!


This gorgeous photo was shot by @bazaaruk‘s  @alexilubomirski

They also shared a romantic *sneaky* second kiss! How lovely!! They took a carriage ride through Windsor to greet the crowds of people, waving at everyone and Meghan was in shock at how many people were there waiting for them to appear. It was very much a magical day for the couple.

Then the carriage ride was finished. But the the wedding festivities continued. The couple attended the queen’s luncheon and then the black-tie reception aka the after-party at Frogmore House.

MEGHAN AND HARRY DANCED THE NIGHT AWAY: It was black-tie, romantic and full of magical moments. Prince Charles hosted the party where Idris Elba served as the DJ for the night playing classic soul music. Some of the guests, (including Serena Williams) indulged in some fun beer pong games. Meghan and Harry had their first dance as Husband and Wife to Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’, and guests feasted on mini “dirty” burgers, yummy bacon and sausage sandwiches, CandyFloss, and funky rum & ginger “When Harry Met Meghan” (a twist on an old movie classic) cocktails.

MEGHAN’S SWEET SPEECH TO HER NEW HUSBAND HARRY: According to Harper’s Bazaar, Meghan declared her undying love for Harry whom she said she “loved with all of her heart” and that she “can’t wait to start their next chapter together” as husband and wife!

Oh and that she knew he was “the one” from the very beginning!

Meghan ended the speech with, “I have found my prince”. *SO DAMN SWEET!*

Meghan also thanked her mother Doria for her unwavering support, and said, “you have always been there for me through everything.” She also thanked her royal in-laws for welcoming her into the family with open arms!

HARRY’S SWEET SPEECH TO HIS NEW WIFE: Harry commended Meghan for handing the “public eye with such grace and dignity” and guests let out a cheer when he called Meghan “his wife”.  So cute! *swoon-worthy*

PRINCE CHARLES EMOTIONAL SPEECH TO SON HARRY: According to @PopSugar, Charles made everyone teary-eyed when he said this, “he was proud of the man his son has grown into” and “pleased to be asked to walk Meghan down the aisle and was happy to help out”

Prince Charles ended the speech with, “My darling old Harry, I’m so happy for you.” and that “he was really happy for both of them”. Guests just lost it when he said, “my darling old Harry” It was the highlight of the evening!

WILLIAM’S BEST MAN SPEECH WAS SO NAUGHTY: William’s speech lightened the mood up quite a bit when he made fun of Harry’s bald patch and said “it would become as bad as his!”  he also played a hilarious prank on Harry, tieing a ladder to the back of the bride and groom’s car! The story was that Harry had taken a tumble off a ladder when changing a light bulb for Meghan! But there were some solemn moments as well when William said that “their mother would have been proud of Harry” and that he was “proud of harry too”

William also said that, “Meghan was the best thing that had ever happened to Harry”

and welcomed her into the family as “the sister he never had”


The dress Meghan wore to the Black-Tie reception is by Stella McCartney,

Heels: Aquazurra

She is wearing Cartier earrings

Something blue: And special tribute to Harry’s mother, Meghan is wearing Princess Diana’s Aquamarine ring.

Harry escorts Meghan to the car, and they drive off to the reception!

The End.

Now I’m not going to get into it all, but I want to show you why Meghan is the feminist we never knew we needed until now:

The royal family has given Meghan her own webpage with all of her Humanitarian efforts. They also discuss her role as the UN Women’s Advocate for Women’s Political Participation and Leadership, and a quote from her International Women’s day speech on Gender Equality that reads, “I am proud to be a woman and a feminist”.  They also include her mission with World Vision where she visited the “slum communities of Mumbai” to help bring awareness to “girls lack of  access to education”. She also paid a visit to the Myna Mahila Foundation, they (a group of  brilliant women) have developed a way for other young women to receive menstrual hygiene products and job opportunities as well, for which Meghan wrote a powerful op-ed for TIMES MAGAZINE called, “How Periods affect potential” on the “stigmatization of menstrual health management and it’s long term hindrance to girls’ education”.


video by @WHATWESEEE

FYI: Meghan was an advocate for women at just 11 years old. When she was in elementary school, as a social studies assignment, Meghan along with classmates had to watch some commercials and tell the class what they thought the message in the commercials were signifying. Meghan apparently did not like the Ivory Dishwashing Liquid commercial because she thought it was extremely sexist! and I agree wholeheartedly.

See Meghan’s reaction to this sexist commercial:


We so desperately need a feminist like her in our world, because she’s so in-tune with what is going on in the world right now. She definitely has a lot of love for women and that’s something that is so rare nowadays, women are always judging one another and not being supportive. With Meghan now as the Duchess of Sussex, she can change all of that. She can teach women to kind to one another, but also teach the royal family about women’s roles in society and what it means to be a woman of color. She is a woman with so much passion for the world and culture, just like Princess Diana. Meghan has so much of Diana in her, I’m so glad that Harry has Meghan in his life not just bc they make a great couple but because Diana WOULD be so proud. She was pro-american, she wore Harvard sweatshirts, she showed her support for Americans all the time.

I’m so happy for Meghan and I hope she continues to change tradition.

you two lovebirds better go make some cute babies now!



Here are a few photos of Meghan Markle’s style *and Harry’s*

Duchess #meghanmarkle #meghanmarklestyle #issamonday 🔥

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gif, royal wedding, and prince harry image

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The featured image for this blog post was shot by @bazaaruk‘s  @alexilubomirski

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(I do not own any of these photos! they are all shot by @alexilubomirski



The fiercest lewks from the Met Gala 2018: Bow down to Queen riri

♫ Like a virgin, touched for the very first time
like a virgin when your heart beats
Next to mine ♫

Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, was the theme for one of the biggest nights in Fashion, the Met Gala. It was hosted by Vogue Editor-In-Chief, Anna Wintour with honorary co-chair Rihanna, co-host Amal Clooney and the always fashionable, Donatella Versace! Rihanna was the best dressed, hands down. Queen riri came to serve when she walked up on the red carpet with a full-on ‘pope’-inspired mini dress, and it was definitely a LEWK:

ALL HAIL POPE RIRI: channeling the theme quite perfectly, with a custom Maison Margiela dreamy white cream-colored beaded mini-dress by John Galliano and completed the lewk with a matching Bishop’s hat.


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stunting AF

the full lewk & makeup:

riri talking with Liza Koshy about her dress and how honored she is to be the “co-chair of the night”

video credit: @VOGUE 

i tilt my invisible hat to you Queen riri, you nailed it.

*pls lets take a moment of silence to bow down to this flawless woman kk thx bye*

let’s move on to the other *heavenly* lewks of the night, shall we?

Gigi and Bella Hadid


hair and makeup are amazing love the dress too it’s theme related

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The theme: Gigi channeled the “saint”, while her sister Bella is the sinner dressed in all black.

 OPTICAL ILLUSIONIST: Gigi wore a custom ‘stained-glass optical illusion’ inspired Versace gown with crystal beading. She accessorized the *lewk* with some beautiful gold earrings. The hair was pinned back straight to give Gigi a more sleek n sexy look.

As for her sister Bella, she opted for a more daring lewk, channeling the “sinner”.

BLACK AS NIGHT: the *Dress*, a custom Chrome Hearts x Gareth Pugh creation, that included a bad-ass latex corset that stuck to her body like glue, a long black skirt that had little Catholic crosses at the bottom.

Bella Hadid 2018 Met Gala’dan. Beğendiniz mi? #hadids #bellahadid

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FYI: dressing this pretty for the Met Gala has consequences, just ask Bella Hadid herself.

*Bella’s lewk caused a bit of a stir on social media, cus it not only looked extremely painful, but it was super heavy because of the long veil attached to her head.*

On her insta story, she said this about her lewk, “If anyone was wondering why I couldn’t move it’s because a legend by the name of @jenatkinhair sewed a whole entire 10 pounds veil to my head.”

10 pounds, Holy fuck!?

And there you have it, Bella outdid her sister’s lewk with just one perfect headpiece!


YOUR ROYAL HIGHNESS AWAITS: Blake aka Serena Vanderwoodsen rocked the red carpet and was totally on trend for the “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” theme, she came to the Met Gala dressed in a custom ruby red & gold Versace gown fit for a Qween *seeing a theme here, VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE* the colors are exquisite, it reminds me of a beautifully made crown.

She’s wearing Lorraine Schwartz jewelz and Christian Louboutin.


VIRGIN MARY IN OFF-WHITE: This year, Kendall opted for an ‘off-white Virgil Abloh’ jumpsuit instead of a dress. It was simple, but chic in the fiercest way possible. The off-the shoulder lewk is not completed just yet, she pairs it with Off-white x Jimmy Choo  “Jane 100” collection heels, and earnings and rings by Tiffany & Co.

#kendalljenner at the met ❤️

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See how Kendall “gets ready” for the Met Gala:

video by @VOGUE


KWEEN ESTER IN THE FLESH: this angel baby channeled Queen Ester, in a custom Coach gown. Her fake tan was overdone, but that’s ok, at least she looks pretty and her dress does too! She customized it with a cross necklace and a Coach clutch with a bible-verse that has been sewn onto it.

Hanna is not the only one

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That beautiful shot is courtesy of  Vogue and Getty Images


ROMANCE IS IN THE AIR: Amal opted for a metalic floral rose-print pantsuit-dress lewk by Designer Richard Quinn, very ROMANTIC indeed.

#Clooneys #AmalClooney #GeorgeClooney #MetGala

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Check out this heavenly video of Amal and her handsome husband George Clooney!



GOTHIC PRINCESS: This gurl did her thang up on the *red carpet* in a floral print  gown fit for a REAL LIFE princess, like Rita..of course! A Gothic beauty with a heart of gold, hm that has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

Look at this train:

o holy god. Literally. bown down to this incredible train!


IN THE ARMS OF THE ANGEL: in gold. Gold Angel Goddess, she is sipped in gold with an overflowing cape in a gold plunging gown by Ralph Lauren. Angelic, pure but also super sexy! The celestial inspired makeup lewk: nude eye-shadow and a dark red lip



Dress: Balmain

Heels: Jimmy Choo

*jlo always slays the Met Gala with her Latin lewks, but this year, she SLAYED THIS LEWK, well honey! Slay jlo, slay.

😍 #JLo #JenniferLopez #MetGala #MetGala2018

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THE PRINCESS BRIDE: Kate went with a more natural makeup look and a very princess-y gold Oscar de La Renta gown that looks reminiscent of the Princess Bride film, Princess Buttercup wore this exquisite gown for her wedding day and it was beautiful! #LongLivePrincessButterCup

The gown is accompanied by a custom vintage pearl-beaded veil.


GOLDEN GIRL: Dress by Marc Jacobs




JANE OF ARC: Chainmail it the f*ck up gurllll, Zendaya legit looked like a GLADIATOR GODDESS last night and i’m here for it!

Zendaya in Met Gala 😘😘😘😘😘 #Zendaya

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Dress: Custom Versace



HER HOLYNESS: Cardi B is wearing A custom-cream-colored-pearl-embroidered Mochino gown


DEFYING THE GODS: Zoe is wearing a Jacob and Co. black lace high-slit dress

photos: Getty Images


Diane Kruger in Prabal Gurung #MetGala #DianeKruger

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Dress by Prabal Gurung

#metgala #metgala2018 #дианакрюгер #дайанкрюгер #dianekruger

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Golden angel🌟 Irina Shayk – @metmuseum – #irinashayk #metgala

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GOLD GODDESS: Irina and Bradley cooper finally made their long-awaited public appearance at last night’s Met Gala!

They looked so adorable together!


So gorgeous 😍💓 #irinashayk #bradleycooper #MetGala2018

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WOW… #IrinaShayk #BradleyCooper 😉

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DRAGON QUEEN: Emilia is channeling her ‘Games of Thrones’ character, Daenerys Targaryen aka Khaleesi with this heavenly strapless gown by Dolce & Gabbana



gown by Tommy Hilfiger

Met Gala 2018 🌸 #haileybaldwin

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Hailey not only decided to grace us with her beautiful presence, but also bring her * * *James Dean lookalike* boyfriend Shawn Mendes as her Met Gala date! *so f*cking cute*


@VOGUE ‘s Liza Koshy has the deets on Hailey’s lewk, and “who looks better, Hailey or Shawn?”

check it out here:



Gown by Prabal Gurung

Heels: Jimmy Choo

May 7: Hailee at the 2018 Met Gala in NYC #MetGala2018 #MetGala #HaileeSteinfeld

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woow i love them 😍

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my featured image of rihanna turning her head around in that pope get-up is from Getty Images!



Channel ur inner Beyonce with these wild AF Coachella looks

One word: * BEYChella* ohh yeah u got that right, Beyonce ruled Weekend 1 of Coachella and she did it well, honey! She made sure to keep it EXTRA fierce, Sasha-fierce of course! But, not without a little help from her sisters aka DESTINY’S CHILD. (idgaf about Solange or jay-z comin up on stage, just give me some Destiny’s child and I’m good)

 📷 by @beyfann

// Getty Images

There were also some swoon-worthy performances by The Weeknd who got quite emotional singing his new song ‘Call out my name’. FYI: the song is allegedly about his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Exhibit A:

“I almost cut a piece of myself for your life (he “allegedly” was going to give Selena his Kidney)
Guess I was just another pit stop
‘Til you made up your mind
You just wasted my time”

Check out his video for ‘Call out my name’ here:

Also, Eminem blew the roof of Coachella…not literally though. He did his thang with a little help from Dr. Dre, 50 cent, Bebe Rexha and Skylar Grey.

and  fly AF Cardi B!! I mean can u not??? why wouldn’t you attend coachella, it’s goals AF! I know the reason why I can’t…bc i live in ny…sad face emoji AF

But enough about the music, let’s get to the good part, the fashion! Coachella Fashion is a mix of vintage boho/hippie/indie looks, such as: floral vintage-y maxi dresses with booties, a mesh body suit and a pair of cutoff shorts, or a bra top with some ripped skinny jeans or maybe if you wanna go wild (do leather chaps), or go with a lace + leather combo. or How about a classic black leather mini,  combat boots and a crochet crop top? or maybe do a nude crop top and a pair of your fave flared denim jeans for that perfect vintage look:

festival, coachella valley, and coachella 2018 image

coachella, fashion, and festival image

coachella, fashion, and beauty image

coachella, fashion, and style image

coachella, fashion, and girl image

coachella, moda, and fashion image

coachella, moda, and fashion image

coachella, model, and Victoria's Secret image

taylor hill, coachella, and style image

coachella, fashion, and model image

fashion, coachella, and girl image


coachella image

rihanna, fashion, and coachella image

coachella and gigi hadid image

coachella, lele pons, and friends image

alessandra ambrosio, coachella, and model image

girl, coachella, and fashion image

alessandra ambrosio and coachella image

coachella and shay mitchell image

Victoria's Secret, coachella 2018, and coahella image

kendall jenner, emily ratajkowski, and coachella image

#RevolveFestival @Revolve

kendall jenner, coachella, and 2018 image

model, coachella, and romee strijd image

coachella, festival, and girl image

best friends, coachella, and 2018 image

coachella, fashion, and elsa hosk image

beach, bikini, and hair image

olivia culpo and negin mirsalehi image

coachella, fashion, and girls image

olivia culpo image

coachella, fashion, and girl image

hailey baldwin, model, and coachella image

coachella image

coachella, fashion, and california image

coachella and fashion image

elsa hosk, model, and fashion image

elsa hosk, model, and coachella image

Yeezy girl #kourtneykardashian #yeezy

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coachella, fashion, and festival image

coachella and fashion image

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coachella, fashion, and festival image

girls image

alba, calle, and poche image

coachella, fashion, and festival image

fashion image

coachella, vanessa hudgens, and fashion image

danielle peazer image

coachella image

rihanna, coachella, and beauty image

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coachella, fashion, and festival image

coachella image

accessories, beauty, and coachella image

📷’s by @weheartit

& Tumblr

// Getty Images

If you want to dress like a coachella gurl, Revolve has some rly cute vintage boho looks. #Revolvefestival

And check out Revolve’s cool  video here: https://vimeo.com/209484394



A look back at Carrie Bradshaw’s effortlessly chic style

How many woman would say Carrie Bradshaw is their favorite fashion icon? Well, ladies she happens to be one of the most iconic and stylish women in history since the show first aired in 1998.

Sex and the City is centered on Carrie’s Manhattan lifestyle and her effortlessly chic looks. Carrie, a columnist, style guru, and published author who eventually becomes a freelance writer for Vogue. She is portrayed by the talented and oh-so fabulous Sarah Jessica Parker who is also a MAJOR fashionista in RL. Carrie and her besties Miranda, Charlotte, and the very outspoken Samantha would get together to gab about their erotic rendezvous with handsome suitors while sipping on cosmos, and wearing designer clothes.

It’s quite scandalous, don’t you think? but it’s more than just a show about sex. It’s about the friendship between these 4 women that made not just myself, but many other women fall in love with the show. And that’s not the only reason women loved the show, but because of Carrie, she was fashionable, funny and relatable AF.

Carrie was a struggling writer who also had a passion for fashion. Sound familiar?  She also had some questionable dating habits as well…but we won’t go into that lol.

Most popular tags for this image include: sex and the city, quotes, guy, carrie and Carrie Bradshaw

📷 by @weheartit

Yeah, sure Carrie..whatever you say.

*cough cough Carrie & Aiden forever* tbh, i think every woman in America (including me) wanted her life. I mean could you blame us? It was everything a girl could want. An expensive, but super chic West Village apartment with a huge ass walk-in closet that gave me all the fashion closet feels in the world.

closet, clothes, and sex and the city image

📷 by @weheartit

photos don’t lie. #dreamcloset

Now to the more interesting part


Whether it is her iconic white tulle tutu skirt and baby pink tank top that she wore in the opening credits of Sex and the City

or Carrie’s Parisian-style Cinderella princess gown (in the series finale, when she ran off to Paris to be with that dreadful Mikhail Baryshnikov character and he stood her up…’cest la vie’ tho) , she nails it to the T.

dress, sex and the city, and Carrie Bradshaw image

📷 by @weheartit

Carrie’s Sex and The City signature style was a combination of, “uptown girl with the latest designer fashions with the downtown, younger scene” (quote by Harper’s Bazaar) and created by costume designer Patricia Field. Patricia wanted Carrie’s style to mirror the NYC scene.

and it worked quite well.

see below for pics

pls share, like & comment!



📷’s by @tumblr

Carrie Bradshaw, fashion, and sarah jessica parker image

actress, sarah jessica parker, and Carrie Bradshaw image

actress, sarah jessica parker, and Carrie Bradshaw image

sex and the city, carrie, and Carrie Bradshaw image

blonde, pretty, and satc image

Carrie Bradshaw and sex and the city image

sarah jessica parker, Carrie Bradshaw, and fashion image

Carrie Bradshaw, fashion, and icon image

Carrie Bradshaw and sex and the city image

Carrie Bradshaw, sarah jessica parker, and pretty image

Carrie Bradshaw, fashion, and green image

sex and the city, Carrie Bradshaw, and sarah jessica parker image

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sarah jessica parker, sex and the city, and Carrie Bradshaw image

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Carrie Bradshaw and sex and the city image

Carrie Bradshaw, sarah jessica parker, and sex and the city image

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Carrie Bradshaw and sex and the city image

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SJP style

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 My featured image of Carrie Bradshaw sitting on the steps with her faux fur coat on and Christian Dior bag next to her is from tumblr, I do not own that image! ❤️❤️

‘This is Us’ teaches us about self-love, family, and the struggles we face every single day

‘This is us’ is one of those shows that you just can’t seem to stop watching, even if it makes you cry like a little baby…(literally). The show stars Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling K. Brown, Susan Kelechi Watson, Chrissy Metz, Chris Sullivan and Justin Hartley.

Fun Fact: my history professor in college had the same last name as Milo, and tbh, I could never pronounce it right. However, I saw my history professor a year later (after graduating obviously) at my favorite Italian restaurant in Westbury, Long Island, as me and my family were leaving to go home, we passed by him and his wife who were in the middle of having dinner, he said, “hey Brittany! do you still not know how to pronounce my last name?” my cheeks turned bright red because I was completely embarrassed, I looked at him, and said, “yeah of course, I do!” “it’s Ven-tih-MEE-lee-uh” and he was in utter shock, I had pronounced it perfectly.  I was thinking to myself, “FUCK YES! I FINALLY PROVED THIS MAN WRONG AND I DIDN’T LOOK LIKE A TOTAL IDIOT!”

That moment made my life. And I’m sure his too lol

Anyways. This is Us definitely can teach you a few things, not just how to pronounce Milo Ventimiglia’s last name, but also the importance of self-love, family and the struggles of every day life.

In Season 1, episode 4 titled, ‘The Pool’,  Kate Pearson struggles with body-image issues as a young girl and as an adult.  In a flashback scene, the family decides to spend a hot summer day at the pool, fun right? But unfortunately not for Kate, three girls from her school happen to be there. Kate, wearing an adorable Care Bears bikini (Kate’s mother Rebecca, played by Mandy Moore, initially didn’t want her to wear the bathing suit bc she was worried that other kids would make fun of her for it) makes a brave attempt to go up and ask if she can play with them. Sadly, they shoot her down.

Moments later, Kate receives a note from the girls that says, “We don’t want you to play with us anymore. You embarrass us.” along with a drawing of what looks like a pigs face. It’s not only cruel, but really messed up. (to be continued)

In present day, Kate and Toby are having lunch at a restaurant, while also bonding over their hatred for Kale (Kale looks nasty, but it actually does taste good). After paying the bill, Toby excuses himself to go to the bathroom, on his way there he bumps into his ex-wife. Kate notices them talking, she becomes jealous and sizes her up. Toby comes back, and Kate asks him, “who was that?” Toby replies, “My Ex-Wife” she starts laughing and is all like, “are you serious?” and he goes, “yeah, I told you I was married before” and Kate replies, “not to that”.

Meanwhile, Jack and Rebecca eventually see the note that the girls wrote Kate, Like any father, Jack becomes protective of his little girl. Kate sitting with her towel tightly wrapped around her, all alone and upset, he notices it, and sits next to her. “you cold?” He asks. Kate shrugs her shoulders, “want a T-shirt?” she replies, “I didn’t bring one.” Jack says, “well I brought a T-shirt” and pulls out a T-shirt of his own, with a Florida logo on it, the one T-shirt of his that Rebecca hates. “you know where I got this shirt?”  He says. Kate replies, “I heard mommy say it was from a drugged out drifter” He says, “listen mommy doesn’t know the whole truth, so this is gonna have to stay between us, ok?”

Jack: “I got it in Florida, a magical land called, Daytona Beach”

Kate being the cutest little girl ever, she asks her daddy, “Can we go there?”

Jack: “No no you may never go Daytona Beach”

Jack: “Say it out loud, Daddy I will never go to Daytona Beach”

Kate promises him she will never go to Daytona Beach, like ever.

Jack then tells her the story about how he got the T-shirt, he says, “when I was walking back to my hotel, I came across a traveler wearing ragged clothing and he had a strange way of talking,” He says.”these 3 young jerks were bothering him…they were trying to take away his bag of groceries.” And what did Jack do?  He said, “And after a few vitamin drinks (*cough cough* a few bottles of liquor) I chased them off”  like the true bad-ass that he was (and still is)

Jack: “the traveler was so grateful that he wanted to repay me” He says, [the traveler] didn’t have much…so he reached inside his little satchel and he pulls out this shirt”

The traveler told Jack that it was a “magic T-shirt” and that “your enemies will see you exactly as you want to be seen…and only that way.” He continued, “whether it is a warrior or a princess..whatever you want!”

Kate asks,  “Does it work?”

Jack: “You tell me!” He says, “I was wearing this shirt the night I met your mom and she thought I was the handsomest man in the world.”

Kate: “You?”

Jack replies, “Yeah….me”

Jack gives her the Magic T-shirt, as she puts it on, Kate says, “I’m gonna go with Princess”

Jack smiles and says, “I want you to know…daddy already sees you that way without the shirt, you don’t need it.”

Kate: “thanks daddy, but, I’m going to wear it anyway!”

Jack puts a pair of sunglasses on her head in replace of an actual princess crown. So sweet!

Whether it is struggling to fit in with the ‘in-crowd’, dealing with the death of a loved one, not having enough money to pay for food, electricity or heat, body image, insecurity, not feeling good enough, self-doubt, guilt, alcoholism + drug addiction, finding a job or finding the RIGHT job for you, getting into the right college,  breaking up with your girlfriend or boyfriend, wife, or husband, money problems, trying to support your family, peer-pressure, racism, losing your job (unemployment), miscarriages, finding yourself (who you really are) neglection, isolation, etc.

We all have struggled with some of those issues. I have. This is us became my safe haven in a way it gave me hope. It gave me a reason to keep on believing in myself and in my dream…to one day become a professional writer/fashion editor (whatever you want to call it lol) I had given up hope a few times when it came to my career, but I no longer feel that way, all because of this beautiful show. Of course there’s rejection, and the ‘you are not good enough-type of crap from my peers or kids in school. That’s why I relate more to Kate, because of what she went through with the bullying from other girls.

Let’s be honest, girls are cruel. I know first-hand. they tortured me throughout middle school and high school calling me ugly, nerdy, anorexic, white trash, etc. Yes, I was called anorexic, because of how thin I was. I think I weighed about 80 or 85 pounds. I was not anorexic, I did not have an eating disorder. I ate a lot, but didn’t gain any weight. The reason for that is because I was born premature, like super small, 1 pound to be exact, my brother Justin who is my twin, he weighed 2 pounds. Both of us had to stay in an incubator the whole time at the hospital after we were born because we could have died.

But of course,  I couldn’t tell those girls that because they would say I was “making it up” for attention. Truth? I made up stories when I was a kid because I was a good story-teller. And a pretty damn good liar. My weight didn’t bother me as much, but when I looked in the mirror sometimes, I would feel insecure about who I was and about my body. I wanted to gain weight because it would make me “feel better about myself”. I gained some weight in the beginning of 8th grade by drinking these special chocolate flavored ‘boost’ drinks (fyi they tasted like shit) that my mom bought me. It helped a little bit..but I honestly didn’t care if it did or not. I was still getting trashed at school for being thin, and not having the ‘ideal body-type’ like some of the other girls in my classes. They were curvy, sassy, and they definitely had the looks, and I just didn’t have the courage to stand up to them.

Guys drooled over them, I was the girl who guys didn’t want anything to do with. I have told this story many times, this boy who I had crush on came over to me at lunch time and said, “I would go out with you if you gained some weight.” I felt so embarrassed, ashamed, and pathetic. But then I thought to myself, this guy is a schmuck. Like, why am I feeling this way about some boy who doesn’t even give a shit about me? Why should I waist my time?

tbh, I shouldn’t have cared about what that boy said to me. However, I decided from then on that I would not give anyone the satisfaction. I wouldn’t give them a damn thing.  but for real, I think about Kate and what she would have done…she probably would have used her dad’s advice and wear that magic t-shirt like nobody’s business. What about Rebecca? She would probably tell that dude off with like some kind of powerful statement about how it’s important to love yourself no matter what, no matter what a person says or does to you and just hold your head up high.

Some people have told me that I was never going to be good enough for the fashion industry (whatever profession I chose in that area), even in high school. I took a fashion designing/sketching class. My teacher told me (in front of the whole damn class) to “never become a fashion designer because you are not talented enough” my response: “okay” (but I was actually thinking, WTF LADY?!) truth? I didn’t know what I was saying ok to.  Ok to not becoming a fashion designer? or Ok to not doing fashion at all? wtf? wtf? wtf? I basically was in shock. my classmates were all like: “don’t listen to her, you’re so talented!”  my response: “okay”. shock. complete shock. After that I changed my career path..kind of. Writing about fashion, feminism, women empowerment, sexism, beauty, etc. But I was actually writing way before, at 13 years old. I was writing poetry, fairy-tale stories, short stories, love stories, etc.

my 1st poem went a little something like this:

My soul is like a beating heart;

It’s like an angel from the sky.

It’s gleaming with happiness:

If you run, you will fly.

Your soul will be seen like a butterfly, flying with its wings.

it’s like a hurricane, with lava gushing up into the air.

It splashes: Boom! Boom!

Your soul is there.

And that poem was actually called ‘Soul of Heaven’

 I guess at 13 I was apparently fascinated with heaven and angels. Heavy stuff. But my teachers knew I was a good writer, I was always coming up with these super detailed, ridiculously unique lengthy lines of poetry that would leave everyone feeling what I felt while writing them. That’s why I wanted to write and that’s what This is Us does for me. It makes me feel what the characters are feeling in each scene. If a show doesn’t make you feel a certain way (whether it is remorse, happiness, sadness, etc), then whatever show you’re watching isn’t doing anything for you. It’s only making you feel one emotion or nothing at all, which is kind of boring, don’t you think?

As a young adult, you’re faced with so much pressure and so much fear that it eats you up. You become paranoid, develop anxiety, stress. I had social anxiety since I was a kid. I honestly did not know how to talk to other kids because I was so scared of what they would think of me. Would they call me names? would they think I was weird? would they think I was too thin? I used to think I wasn’t normal because kids would look at me funny. I sat alone at the lunch table because I wouldn’t talk to anyone. I was too afraid to open my mouth and use my voice. I wasn’t mute. I was capable of using “my words” as my grandmother would say. “Use your words” “speak up” “you have a mouth, so use it!”

Oh yeah, I used it alright. I told my ex-best friend who I had befriended in high school that she was no longer going to make fun of me because I am Jewish, (she threw pennies at me and told me to pick them bc jews are known to be “all about the money” and that’s such bullshit, if you ask me)  I told her she could no longer use me as one of her mediators to keep the peace between her and other girls, I told her that she could no longer make fun of me for wearing crop tops in summer when it was 90 degrees out, I told her she could no longer call me a C*nt on Halloween for no reason at all, I told her she could no longer try to pressure me into smoking hookah when I told her that I didn’t want to. I told her that I would no longer be forced to pick up her dirty laundry and wash her dishes for her (that her mother TOLD HER to do) while she’s in the next room painting her damn nails, I told her that I would not be bullied by her no longer. I finally told her that I could no longer be friends with someone who does that to another human being.

It’s been 3 years. She has not called, nor attempted to contact me through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I used my voice for good. I finally was able to use it and not just say “okay” anymore, if I did, I knew that if  I did, I would be back to square 1.

This is us is so much more than a show, it’s compelling, it’s inspiring, it’s empowering, it’s everything.

So thank you to  Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling K. Brown, Susan Kelechi Watson, Chrissy Metz, Chris Sullivan and Justin Hartley for making This is Us so damn good and making me cry every. single. time.

And I’m so excited to watch the Season 2 finale tonight!

❤️ 💛 💚 💙 💜



Here are some photos from the show and special moments.

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photo by @weheartit

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Photo by CTV.com, @weheartit

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favorite Jack & Kate moment!

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Demi Moore, gif, and love image

nyfw: POWER TO THE PUSSY, a feminist take on fashion

NYFW has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean I can’t talk about it, right?! Well, this year NYFW was all about ‘Pussy Power’. That’s right ladies, you heard me. Prominent Fashion Designer Prabal Gurung had the models rocking ‘pussy power’ micro bags on the runway and for the finale, all of the models walked together side by side while holding white roses in honor of the #TimesUp movement.

But, it was more than just a political statement, it was a powerful nod to women.

South Korean-born fashion designer, Kaimin who has styled celebrities such as; Lady Gaga and Bjork, sparked a ‘pussy revolution’ by creating very unique, but slightly unusual punk-inspired-Mohawk-Vagina wigs for each model to wear down the runway.

 Not many of you know the history behind the fabulous Vagina wigs, which date all the way back to 1450, when vagina wigs were most commonly known as the ‘Merkin’.  In an article written by Dan Hoffman in 2011 for the ‘Thought Catalog’, he says, that they were originally used for, “health and sanitary reasons (such as, crabs or pubic lice), because without the marvels of modern medicine, sometimes little could be done other than a full-on shave.” Dan also says that prostitutes had to wear them to cover up any vaginal afflictions due to various sexually transmitted diseases.

On why Kaimin chose to use the Vagina Wigs for her runway show, It’s quite simple:

“Kaimin chose to represent diversity, uniqueness, and acceptance of individuality with the life-giving human vagina — which was alluded to in the artistic videos projected during the show and was emphasized by the Mohawk on the runway,” Kaimin says in a press release. (quoted by Buzzfeed)

They were also created to, “assist irregular silhouettes” and “bridge the gap between soft versus hard”. (Quoted by nypost)

I have to say this year, NYFW was very artistically creative, and full of passion.

I also want to note that showing love to your lovely lady parts, is not a crime. It’s the most natural thing a woman could do. So before you start going into a raging garbage fire frenzy, like “that’s disgusting” or “it’s creepy AF” no it’s not creepy honey. it’s called art ever heard of that? well, look it up in the god damn dictionary and maybe you will learn something for once. Fashion is supposed to be about expression and choice. As I said in previous blog posts. (I know, I know, it’s repetitive, but it’s good to learn about these things, especially about the body)

your lady parts are part of what make you who you are, a woman. Also if you want to learn more about the Vagina, there’s this beautiful new thing out there called Pussypedia

It is a free, online Bilingual (in both English and Spanish) encyclopedia of the Vagina. ‘Pussypedia’ is still in development, but you can check out their bad-ass online store: pussypedia.net


It was created by my talented friend, writer Zoe Mendelson, and her two collaborators, María Conejo, a visual artist in Mexico City (where the idea first came about) who did all of the illustrations and visual aids for the website and Jackie Jahn, a PhD student who studies public health at Harvard University, helped gather all of the scientific info. You can follow Zoe on twitter: @youngzokeziah

and Pussypedia is on twitter as well @pwordpedia

and FB @PwordPedia

*plus they have some really cool pussy merch*

FYI: Pussypedia has been featured in many magazine/news publications such as:

Men’s Health

Eter Magazine

Hello Giggles




Now This Her

India Business Times

Mas por Mas

Glitty Japan

Metro UK

And  Time Out México


No automatic alt text available.

Image may contain: ring

No automatic alt text available.Photos are from the Pussypedia FB page

Here’s an awesome video by ‘NowThisHer‘ to show you what Pussypedia will look like when it becomes live on the web and what it’s all about! 🙂

On a personal note: I’m so proud of you Zoe and I hope that people will enjoy reading and visiting your website! YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN AND YOU FUCKING DID IT girllll!

Pls support my girl Zoe, and her incredible Pussypedia team, Maria and Jackie!

Like, share, comment, etc.

Ok, so back to fashion, here are some of my favorite collections from NYFW, including Kaimin!

KAIMIN fall/winter 2018



Oh hello, #nyfw! 👀 #vaginamohawk #kaimin #newyorkfashionweek

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Glamour punk at #kaimin #lfw

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COACH 1941 Fall 2018 RTW

photo by @stylebythemodels

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Photo by @jeeez-louise

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Photo by  @jeeez-louise

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Photo by @so-fucking-famous

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Selena Gomez wearing the collection (bc she’s the face of coach, of course!)

Photo by @jeeez-louise

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Photo by @amandalaubenstein

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Photo By @thesaintlaurent
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COACH 1941 SS18

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Photo by @stylebythemodels

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Photo by @stylebythemodels

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(my featured image of  Gigi & Bella is from tumblr + Getty Images)

5 Valentine’s Day Date Night ideas that will have you falling in love with your BAE all over again

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and you’re probably wondering “WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE GOING TO DO??!” or you probably haven’t even planned anything yet. Well, I’m here to help you lovebirds out today! The objective, is to have your BAE aka your man/woman fall in love with you all over again…and perhaps you’ll get some extra lovin from your significant other…if you know what I mean. 😉

As you know Valentine’s day is all about showing your bf/gf/wife/fiance/husband that you care, what better way to show it, by organizing a very romantic and super sexy date night for the two of you?! A little advice: be spontaneous and not so original when it comes to organizing a Valentines day date night, otherwise they may think it’s really fucking boring and will end up complaining to you about it all night. And might lead to them breaking up with your boring ass.

You don’t want that, do you? NOBODY FUCKING DOES.

So here are my 4 Valentine’s day date night ideas:

Or if you really wanted, you could take it outside for a nice picnic by the water or even in your back garden. The beauty of this idea is how cost effective it is and simple ways in which you could make it special, personal and fun. Imagine the fun you could have trying to assemble this together 😬😬. Additionally, if you have a projector why not screen your favourite film or the first film you watched together. Alternatively you could play some date night or couples’ games. On a clear night you could just daze into each other’s eyes whilst lying under the stars. More of these fun and romantic ideas in ‘Lovers Gift Box’ available to preorder now and on the website from the 1st February’. . #whatagirlwants #love #couplesdatenight #datenightin #lights #loveandlights #loveandlight #buildyourownfort #diydatenight #dyidatenight #justmeandyou #nightunderthestars #picnicdate #movienight #movienightathome

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1. An evening under the stars: Take your gf/bf/husband/wife/fiance on a romantic, adventurous camping trip for the night. grab some wine, a box of delicious gourmet chocolates, some of his/her fave comfort food, a burger with fries from five guys or in & out whatever you prefer. You can also do some cute little turkey and cheese sandwiches too, then pack it up into a little picnic basket and you’re good to go! You also would need to bring a blanket to sit on obviously! Some throw pillows (to make it extra comfy and cozy!) and maybe a portable speaker so you and your beau can listen to while enjoying each other’s company!

 Kygo’s ‘stargazing’ ft Justin Jesso is absolutely perfect for setting the mood.

 Also to make it even more romantic, you can put up a little tent for you and her, and hook up some bright white lights and get that fire going to keep you two warm. You’ll be kissing under the stars, and away from the chaos at home (kids, parents, in-laws, friend drama, etc).

                                                         Photo by: eastwoodupdates

2. A ‘country-side’ date at the family Lake House: if you remember in ‘The Longest Ride’, Scott Eastwood’s character ‘Luke’ takes Britt Robertson’s character ‘Sophia’ on a very romantic country-side date in the Mountains (the movies filmed in North Carolina, just FYI), just breathtaking! And there’s also a beautiful lake to accompany the view as well. Instead of cooking a meal, they eat some good, old BBQ from ‘Smokin Amy’s’. it’s not only super romantic,  but also he doesn’t try so hard to impress her, which is great. I love that idea and you can do that as well. You can have date night at your family lake house, outdoors or inside (whatever you prefer) for a more intimate setting! Then, afterwards you can go skinny-dipping with your bae and engage in a hot, steamy makeout sesh in the lake.

photo by: h-a-l-l-o-w-s

you can thank Luke and Sophia for that!

stranger things, netflix, and series imagenetflix, pizza, and bed image

neels visser, couple, and cindy kimberly image

             Photos by @weheartit

3. Netflix n Chill: No don’t take her/him to a movie theater to eat buttered popcorn while watching the new Fifty Shades Freed movie. Not romantic at all. I would do a movie date night at home, like get a mini dinner table and spruce it up with  paper plates and napkins, sip on some of that champagne bubbly and eat some spaghetti n meatballs-lady & the tramp style…or PIZZA. Then after dinner, snuggle up on the couch with your man/woman and watch your fave Rom Com! PERFECTO! Sounds like a great date night to me. It’s real casual, but also even more special because you’re at home. Because you know what they say, “there’s no place like home”.

light, tree, and garden image

Georgia, hotel, and inn image

bed, holiday, and airbnb image


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4. B & B: the B&B aka Breakfast & Bed inns/hotels, I think are the most romantic, 2nd to an evening under the stars. A B&B is like you’re home away from home (in the country-side or someplace warm like California), basically. An inn is like where someone opens up their home to you (it’s exclusive and small) and they cook for you and other guests. They also have entertainment, like little shows and music at night! A hotel is similar to that, but it’s much more inclusive, has A LOT of people staying there, more activities, etc. But I think why couples would like the B&B inns so much more is because it’s totally laid-back and not so in your face and crazy! And definitely not super expensive! You can also try an Airbnb, if you want a bigger house to stay in. A lot of celebs have done this actually so it’s quite the hot thing rn! If you want the full B&B Inn experience, go to: bedandbreakfast.com

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5. Cook for your bae, + pull off the most romantic, fairy-tale movie proposal yet: There’s nothing more romantic than someone you love cooking a meal for you and then getting down on one knee to propose to you. What woman wouldn’t want that?? I mean, come on? have you seen A Walk To Remember, or Pride & Prejudice, or the Runaway Bride, or Love Actually, When Harry met Sally, or Sweet Home Alabama? Yeah if you haven’t, you should binge watch all of those movies and take notes, bud STAT! tbh, I would take a home-cooked meal over five guys or any kind of fast food meal any fucking day, bro.

This one takes the cake. and it’s certainly the most traditional, but really spontaneous! (BTW you can also take her/him to your favorite places in the world and propose to them there, like…on “top” of the empire state building perhaps?) Yeah, do the whole ‘Sleepless & Seattle’ thing. that would be really rad.  or somewhere in the mountains!

It doesn’t matter where you take them, as long as you show them you love them!

oh and also money doesn’t buy love. it’s the simple things that make love so much more special!

Happy early Valentine’s Day loves!



(below are some photos of couples in RL, and from all your favorite romance movies! also some love songs from YouTube, that will give you ‘Valentines Day Fever’)

‘The Rest of our lives’ by Tim McGraw ft Faith Hill

‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift

‘Hold my Hand’ by Hootie & the Blowfish (my favorite song, just fyi)

‘iris’ by the Goo Goo Dolls

‘You were meant for me’ by Jewel

‘Always be my Baby’ by Mariah Carey

‘Only Hope’ sung by Mandy Moore in ‘A Walk To Remember’

Proposal scene from ‘Pride & Prejudice’

The proposal scene from ‘A Walk To Remember’ :)))

Proposal + wedding scene from ‘Runaway Bride’

Proposal scene from ‘Love Actually’

Love scene from ‘When Harry met Sally’

Proposal/rain kiss scene from ‘Sweet Home Alabama’

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love, couple, and wedding image

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kiss, love, and couple image

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movie ‘date night’ 🙂

Meg Ryan, tom hanks, and sleepless in seattle image

‘Sleepless in Seattle’ iconic scene on top of the empire state building

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